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The Abh-kamu are biomechanical suits built by the Onvitaikayan. In the past, they were deployed in a multitude of roles including heavy machinery, hazardous materials protection, and mechanized infantry for the Onvitaikayan. The kingdom of Kunnekamun was granted the use of Abh-kamu, employing them as war machines. Though few in number, each one displays power equal to an entire army.

They were a vital tool in the Gaiaremediation project - the efforts made to restore the Earth's surface to a livable state. Their name is an abbreviation of their make and model, "Abel Heavy Industries Kamul Type-3."

They can be piloted internally within a gel-like substance, or controlled remotely via control panel.


The Abh-kamu resemble giant armored humanoids. Officially, they stand at 5 meters tall. They are covered in bulky metal armor, equipped with helmets that obscure their faces save for a pair of blue glowing eyes. Beneath the armor, their bodies and limbs are maroon-colored.



Kunnekamun used the Abh-kamu to destroy the aggressor nation of Noseshechika and their tributary state, Elemui. Following the defeat of Elemui, the Happurapu and Numbani nations attacked Kunnekamun in unison, but were similarly annihilated by Abh-kamu units. Fearing further attacks from hostile countries, Kunnekamun began a war of conquest against its remaining neighbors. With the power of the Abh-kamu, they sought to dominate and unify all the countries of the continent.

The Abh-kamu were deployed against Tuskur, but were ultimately defeated by Hakuowlo. Afterwards, the nation of Tuskur sealed the Abh-kamu underground in Onvitaikayan ruins, chaining them to walls for fear of them acting autonomously and wreaking havoc.

In Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, Kuon reactivates the sealed Abh-kamu and commands them against Woshis's army of Noroi and Rhana-Ahfman.