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Anju (アンジュ) is the young princess of Yamato, the successor to the previous emperor, the Mikado. She was created from the genetic template and in the image of his real human daughter, named Chii.


Anju (Futari no Hakuoro).jpg

She is a young girl with a long black hair braided into two twin tails, a long pair at the back side and a short pair at the front, resting on her shoulders. Her eyes are yellow, and her ears and tail bear resemblance to a snow leopard. She usually wears a white dress with red and black pattern, adorned with a yellow and pink belt, and a white coat with red pattern.

In Mask of Truth, Anju removes her coat as she prepares for combat. Her battle attire consists of a white dress covering her chest, and her coat is strung around her waist.

Despise her appearance, her monstrous strength far surpasses most of the normal characters of the series, rivaled only by Kuon and a select few others.


While performing her duties as the princess of Yamato, she appears serious and wise. However, among those she is close to, the princess is cheerful, kind, but very childish.

She is very curious about visiting the capital outside the Royal palace, as she feels as though she is a bird in a cage. However, she is careless and unaware about the trouble her antics brings to others, thinking she is above the commoners. For example: eating Kuon's desserts without asking first, or causing a messes in the Hakurokaku inn. This in turn causes her guardian, Munechika, to find and discipline her for her impudence.

She has a very obvious affinity and admiration for Oshtor, since he was the one who showed her much of the outside world.

Despite being taunted and called unworthy to rule Yamato by the then Princess of Tuskur, Kuon, she obtained an unbreakable will and conviction to stand up and fight. From that point, Anju was willing to be on the front line of battle to aid her people without much worry, while alongside Oshtor/Haku and the others.

Her rage occasionally gets the better of her, such as the events at the battle of Rumoy Pass, having witnessed the many deceased soldiers littering the floor.

After the war she comes to a close, she decides to wander the country to aid people in need alongside Munechika, Mikazuchi, and Kiwru. While she's out and about her land, Shinonon acts as her decoy, with Jachwaldt and Ougi by her side the ensure that suspicion is not riled among the princess' retainers.


Anju recovering in Ennakamuy's castle

After the death of the emperor, Anju is brought tea by Oshtor to calm her senses. After one sip, she collapses, as the tea had been poisoned, later revealing to have not only weakened her physically, but left her throat in tatters. Under suspicion of assassination, Oshtor is placed under arrest. She is eventually rescued by Kuon and Jachdwalt while Haku and his group set to break Oshtor out, and taken to safety to Ennakamuy, instructed by Honoka to take care of her in her stead.

In the safety of En-nakamui's borders, Anju is under the care of Oshtor. However, she is blissfully unaware that the Haku is playing as her General of the Right, for the real Oshtor had perished before arriving at Ennakamuy in his battle against Vurai.

Fake Princess[]

Oshtor and his group come to the castle to check on the princess, as suggested by Kiwru, who had just arrived back in his home. Anju welcomes Kiwru as he bows, who proceeds to relay grim news he heard as he was assembling the Elites at the Capital. The people riot as the news of the princess' disappearance spread, however, Raiko shows up with the "Princess of Yamato" now calming down the riot. Oshtor suspects that one of the Pillar General orchestrated this from the moment the Mikado was killed. He promises to Anju that the traitor will be brought to justice after he restores her position at the throne of Yamato. At his office, Oshtor discusses the matter with the others. Now that Yamato is now the enemy since is under the rule of an impostor, everyone assures their loyalty to Anju and resolves to aid her in the wars to come.

Raiko and the fake princess

Later, Oshtor visits Anju, who gazes with a distant expression, pondering on the recent events that happened at the Capital. Sitting next to her, Oshtor tries to cheer her up with food prepared by Rulutieh. As he leaves, Anju grabs at his sleeve, who responds by patting her head, saying that he will always remain by her side. After some time passes, he gives her some medicine, telling her to rest and save her strength so that she may recover faster.

During these events, news comes from the Capital that the impostor was named the new Mikado of Yamato suspiciously quickly, shocking everyone, especially the real princess herself.

Medicine for Anju[]

Later on the same day, a merchant hailing from Tuskur named Chikinaro arrived in the castle, selling food, medicines and supplies the war. He mentions that he brought a medicine from Kuon herself, which Oshtor decides that he would pay any price to have, including selling himself off to Chikinaro. After a brief back-and forth of Chikinaro playing a bit of a game with Oshtor for the medicine, the high price of the received resources was paid after failing to haggle it. The medicine for Anju was immediately taken to her by The General of the Right, with its effects kicking in a few days after, much to everyone's relief.

Preparing for War[]

Two days later, as Oshtor and the rest were checking on the nation's defense, Anju now recovered rushed into his office demanding to see Haku since he never visit her; Giving the same story that he had told everyone else, she learns that Haku had perished. She believed none of what he said, pointing out that Saraana and Uruuru are here, to which the twins reply that they are serving Oshtor under Haku's last wish. This causes much great grief for Anju, asking why she wasn't told about it before. Oshtor explains that if she was told while still sick, it would more than likely worsen her health and make it harder for her to recover. In an attempt to turn the situation around, he cheers her up by telling her that Haku was concerned for her sake. Anju, making an effort to seem as though she's not in grief, announces once more to the everyone in Oshtor's office that she is the true heir to Yamato. However, he reported to her that the impostor, now the Mikado, has restored order, and that most of the people believe that this Mikado to be the real one. Due to this, most of the military power is in favor of the impostor. As if the previous news of Haku wasn't enough, Anju is left discouraged and dejected, feeling that she lost everything, Oshtor, paying his respect to her by kneeling to her, reminds Anju that he is and always will be loyal to her alone, even if he must shower in the blood of many. The rest of the group follows suit with him, sharing his sentiments. Anju, with her resolve recovered, prepared for war.

Oshtor preparing to engage the enemy

Yamato Civil war[]

They sent news to the neighboring territories across the Empire, revealing that the real princess is recovering in Ennakamuy. Confusion and distrust spread about the land, with most countries stayed neutral during the initial announcement.

Anju is asked by Oshtor to become the living banner to Ennakamuy to inspire the men in battle, however, advises her that she must be aware of her undertaking when accepting this important role. When she speaks to the army she, must do it with knowledge that they will murder many in her name, including her own people. She must become their symbol of hope. Despite his warnings, she accepts the responsibility.

The army assembles with the men lacking confidence and resolve since, as they are about to face one of the Pillar Generals. Oshtor presents Anju before the the men, and in spite of her uneasiness before speaking, in the she eventually manages to give an inspiring speech to the army, spurring them for the forthcoming battle.

Mikazuchi's Arrival in Ennakamuy[]

Battle of Ennakamuy

The Yamatan army arrives under the command of the Pillar General Dekopompo with the intention of using Anju as his key ascension to power. After taunting the Pillar general, Ennakamuy manages to wipe out the invading entire army under Oshtor's command, the enemy soldiers burning alive on the battlefield. In the end, Dekopompo and Bokonante are devoured by a Gaunji beast intended to be used as a last resort weapon against Ennakamuy.

Mikazuchi, the Royal General of the Left, arrived not long after the first kerfuffle. Oshoturo leaves to confront him head-on, but Anju comes out to quell any further violence between two. Anju asks Mikazuchi his reasons fight even if he is aware that the impostor is ruling the Empire. Mikazuchi states that he fights to keep innocent blood from spilling throughout the land. That is his duty as a Royal General, bestowed upon him by the late Great Emperor of Yamato.

As Mikazuchi and Oshtor made their first clash, the Royal General of the Left immediately noticed something off with his right half. Having sparred with Oshtor numerous times, he could tell that the one who stood in front of him was not the man he once knew. This Oshtor, dazed from the sheer strength of the blow he blocked from Mikazuchi, staggered a bit. As Mikazuchi questioned why this other man, Haku, is standing in Oshtor's place, Nekone made an attempt to defend her dear brother from further harm. Behind her, the wounded man states his resolve. As he does so, the Akuruka on his face reacts, as though finally accepting Haku as its new user, and he transforms. Though completely bewildered by this, Mikazuchi responds in kind by activating his own Akuruka, and they share blows briefly in their enhanced states.

During all this, Anju could only watch alongside Nekone. Shortly thereafter, Mikazuchi reverts to his normal self, seemingly satisfied with the turnout, and leaves, telling the princess to stay in this peaceful kingdom and leave her destiny behind. Oshtor, not taking it as easily as Mikazuchi, fell unconscious within minutes of their bout. Anju and Nekone rushed to his side as he collapsed.

Meeting the Mikoto of Tuskuru[]

Anju wields the giant sword and strikes.

For some time after Chikinaro arrived, Ennakamuy had been receiving aid from Tuskuru. Another shipment was on its way, but was packing something a bit extra, namely, Kurou, Benawi, and the Princess of Tuskuru herself, Kuon. She doesn't properly reveal her identity to her friends until later, and keeps herself in her royal attire. After arriving in the castle and settling in, she reveals that she was giving them these supplies to dissuade Anju from taking back the throne. She also reveals that, akin to Anju, she is also a Divine Scion. The young princess of Yamato, very angered by the words coming from Kuon, decides to try and put her in her place, but is swiftly defeated multiple times in a row. After being encouraged by Oshtor, however, she was able to stand against the foreign princess and with a giant sword that fell from the sky, the same sword once wielded by Karulau. After the two hash it out for a bit, Oshtor stops the fight. Kuon takes her leave with Kurou and Benawi, but informs them that they will be back if the tides of war turns against them.

After the confrontation, Rulutieh attends Anju's wounds from the battle. Kuon reappears soon after, and is greeted by her old friends with open arms.

Hot Bath Request

On a particularly easygoing night in Ennakamuy, Anju appears along with everyone brought by Shinonon when she went to see Oshtor, who was caught off guard by her suddenly showing up and asking for some dried fruits. She reject his formalities, stating she only wanted to join with everyone else, and because Kuon invited her. During the proceeding conversations, he asks if there is some special treatment that the women find necessary. Kuon, being Kuon, suggests a that massive hot bath, much like the one found at the Hakurokaku Inn, would suitable for them. Anju agrees with her, albeit after some sly goading to get the princess on her side. Unfortunately, the amount of water for such an undertaking would be too great for such a luxury at the moment. Nosuri chimes in, informing them of a huge lake that she happened across while exploring in the in the middle of the mountain range that surrounds the land. Nekone, however, shoots down the idea, stating that the Obaro Lake cannot be used, as the road is treacherous.


On another day while Oshtor was in his office, Anju rushed in to tell him that today's bath was splendid. The cause was some soap that was left in the bath, which Kuon reveals that she made it. Anju, while surprised, expresses her approval for such a wonderful soap and asks what else she made. Kuon replies, saying that she's made medicine, bug repellent, and many other useful little things, leaving Anju and Rulutieh surprised by her capability to make such things. As the conversation amongst the girls proceed, Oshtor smiled beside himself, glad that the three of them made such good friends.

Battle of Rumoy Pass - Princess Warrior[]

Anju prepares for battle.jpg

Anju joins the expedition to retake the fort of Rumoy pass, she comes from to back line even if Rulutieh or Oshtor insist on stay behind, Anju tells them that she rather fight along than standing behind and watch her people fight her own battles, this causes a commotion among the soldiers and bow for her. Kuon tells him that he cannot be able to stop her, so he asks her to promise that she must not act on her own. And so they march into the abandoned fort.

As she gaze upon the the massacred soldiers, Anju comes in rage as the Gauji beats comes out. She takes of her royal coat and ties it as a belt as she prepares for battle wileding the giant blade.

They were about to fall back as a second beast comes but Munechika arrives as she was protecting a coming envoy from Tuskuru. With her aid battle was won.

Fumirul revealed

After the battle, a overjoyed Anju clings to Munechika after some time since Yamato's invasion to Tuskuru. Munechika explains that she was treated well after her captured in Tuskuru as then was tasked as a bodyguard for lady Fumirul. After introductions they come along back to Ennakamuy. There Anju wished for the celebration and glad to see Munechika return, they put the banquet as a gesture to thank the caravan by making possible her return.

Gathering the Allies[]

Oshtor tends to Shis's wounds

Anju came along with Oshtor in expedition to gather the nation for the war. She presented herself in Kujyuri before lord Ozen to form the alliance. Regardless that Shis, elder sister to Rulutieh was the obstacle for this to procced. Anju helped Oshtor in his confrontation with Shis who blamed him for Rulutieh's decision to stay with her friends. Shis realized the truth that she cant be with her sister or making decision for her.

Shyahoro and Nakoku[]

Nakoku map.jpg

Countless reports and letter from around the land that to Oshtor struggles, with Kujyuri and Izuhura supporting them, they now have solid foundation for the army and even the smaller nations have also come to join the war. Oshtor already set motions on Nakoku to gain their support as well so they can gain direst access to the Imperial Capital but grave news just arrived: Yamato has invaded Nakoku and it's capital Naara has fallen. This setback his plans.

Suddenly report arrives that Soyankekur of Shyahoro and an envoy of Nakoku, Itak prince of Nakoku, bows before Anju and comes with this urgent request for military support to take his homeland.

As Anju was about to give her support to Itak, Oshtor intervenes asking to hold her answer so he could view the situation and assure all possibilities for victory. By next day Oshtor accepts Itak's request.

Expedition to Nakoku[]

Nakoku expedition 1.jpg

The group finally set course to Nakoku with a small expedition force, on the journey, they kill some time or take a break since it will be 5 days before reaching land. Anju is amazed to see the ocean for the first time regardless Munechika keeping an eye on her.


The Emperor of Yamato - He is Anju's father. She loved him dearly and grieved for him when he passed away.

Haku - They first met when he found her in a store eating some snacks. She didn't know the fact to "pay", so Haku bought the food for her. He was shocked to learn that Anju was in fact the princess of Yamato. At the time when she asked him advice to "seduce" Oshtor, Haku came up with the idea of a fake kidnapping to lure Oshtor to come to her rescue. Following Oshtor's fatal confrontation with Vurai on the cliffs en route to Ennakamuy, the story of Haku's death was kept from Anju until she recovered from her poisoning. She grieved deeply when she learned of it, but grew close to Oshtor in the aftermath. He looked after her and cheered her up in dire situations, inspiring her to begin to become the kind of person who could inherit Yamato. Thanks to her strength of will and her strength as a Scion, she grew adaptable enough to confront any crisis, even the Scion of Uitsualnemetia. When Haku was revealed as he was dying, Anju still considered him as Oshtor and her Uncle (now remembering her memories of her past self). She was glad to have Haku back, if still a little concerned about his disappearance. As she wandered the country with Munechika and Mikazuchi, aiding the people and righting wrongs where she found them, she looked forward to seeing her uncle again.

Kuon - At their first meeting, Anju ate all the desserts that Kuon had just made. Kuon tried to "punish her", even the mess the headquarters at the inn. When Anju was caught by Kuon, she shows Anju her "scary" side, of which Anju got scared at. They are on good terms.

Skills and Equipment[]

Despite her appearance, Anju possesses a supernatural strength that surpasses Karulau and rivals even Kuon's. One punch of her can make the wind blow. And also she is fast and flexible enough to be able to do acrobatics.

Giant sword[]


She wields the same sword once used by Karulau without effort, she received it once she was able to stand against the princess of Tuskur and strike her on the face. The sword came falling from the sky, secretly passed by Karulau. With this, she became a formidable warrior, and continued to wield it as her weapon of choice.


  • When the Emperor of Yamato revealed Haku is his younger brother, it's revealed that Anju is Haku's niece.
  • She was cloned from the emperor's late human daughter.
  • She is one of the title characters in the Japanese title for Mask of Truth, which translates literally as The Two White Lords. The title appears to refer to the two White Lords Hakuowlo and Mashiro, but also refers to the two princesses and who become benevolent rulers. The other princess is Kuon.