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Atuy (アトゥイ) is a princess of Shyahoro and daughter of Soyankekur, one of the Eight Pillar Generals.


Atuy is a young woman with orange eyes and short black hair that has ornaments on the ends. She has bat-like ears and a small tail. She wears a primarily orange and white leotard with several pieces. Her outfit also has metal parts. Atuy's boots match her outfit, and her legs are bare. On her head she often wears what looks like a light-blue cap, but is actually her floating pet jellyfish named Kurarin.


Atuy has a strange duality to her personality. She appears to not give much stock to her position as princess of Shyahoro, instead preferring to run around and attempt to find the man of her dreams. Indeed, Atuy is primarily concerned with finding love, and is a massive romantic. However, she's very picky about her type. Atuy comes off as having a silly and cutesy demeanor, but she cares for her friends. She has a massive dislike of bugs.

On the battlefield is a completely different story. Known as a berserker throughout Yamato, Atuy loves war and bloodshed, finding it fun.


Atuy runs away from her duties and into Haku.


Haku - They first met by coincidence to which Atuy forced Haku to show her around Yamato. In each place they visited that was deemed romantic, Atuy became flustered and blushed heavily around Haku. She even says that she and Haku always stay up night talking and drinking out a lot, sharing secrets and all. She says that Haku is special to her and calls him Onii-san and eventually realizes she is in love with him.

Rulutieh - Her fellow princess and friend. They enjoy hanging out and shopping together, even if Atuy knows Rulutieh loves stories about men falling in love with one another.

Soyankekur - Her father and one of the Eight Pillar Generals. Her father cares for her very much and is overprotective of her at times, especially with Haku around.