Benawi (ベナウィ) is the Samurai General of Tuskuru. Once the enemy of Hakuoro in service to Kenashikourpe, he surrenders and decides to become the Samurai General of Tuskuru's armies alongside Kurou.


Benawi wears a red cloak with white double trimming. Underneath his cloak are loose fitting red matching pants that also have white trimming that fall right below his knees. He wears large grey/white shields on his shoulder and a very large navy blue collar. He wears brown fingerless gloves as well as brown bandeges covering his legs. His shoes are grey armoured boots. He carries around a large Voulge (pole arm).


Benawi has a strong sense of responsibility to his country that compels him to defend it at all costs. After all, he is a warrior of Tuskuru. He has a calm and logical personality, but gets irritated when Hakuoro ignores his duties as a ruler. Benawi is able to stay calm in tough situations and is highly skilled in combat


Benawi was once a mononofu of Kenashikourupe. When Hakuoro's rebellion overtakes Kenashikourupe, Benawi realizes defeat and kills the emperor, Inkara, to spare him from possible torture and humiliation. Benawi then attempts suicide, but Hakuoro stops him, convincing Benawi to join him. Benawi's main weapon of choice is a polearm much like a voulge, which he uses most effectively while riding. In the conclusion of the game and anime, Oboro passes the title of Emperor to him before leaving to see the world. The two promise to meet again sometime.

In Itsuwari no Kamen he has become the samurai general of Tuskuru with Oboro as its emperor, and easily defends it from the Yamato invasion even when Munechika uses her mask's powers against him.


Kurou - His right-hand man and fellow general that have fought together since before the establishment of Tuskuru.

Hakuoro - Enemy turned emperor, Benawi held much respect for Hakuoro during the rebellion and came to serve him when he became emperor. Whenever Hakuoro takes a break, Benawi gets irritated.

Oboro - Bitter rivals and fellow generals. They were once enemies with Oboro ever being a match for him. When Oboro becomes emperor, Benawi becomes the Samurai General.


  • His strength in battle is greater than that of Munechika's.
  • Benawi is a distant relative of the legitimate royal lineage (Oboro’s family) This is the main reason he thinks Oboro should inherit the country in the game ending. He noticed Oboro’s lineage when they first meet and which is why he let Oboro flee alive.[1]



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