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Camyu (カミュ) was a princess of Onkamiyamukai and the younger sister of Ulthury. She was best friends with Aruruu and Yuzuha.


Camyu wore a brown dress with dark blue puffy sleeves with white cuffs and red trimming. Her brown dress was accompanied by two pieces of white cloth with red trimming tied on to the dress by a light blue belt. She wore brown boots that went up right below her knees, with white edges. Her silver hair flowed down to right below her ears. She also had black wings (unusual for her usually white-winged race). Camyu's eyes were a rich deep blue.


Camyu was very playful and sweet. One could easily consider her a hyperactive teenager due to how energetic and outgoing she is, but could also be found playing games or doing activities that do not require much energy, proving that she minded less what she was doing than that she did it with her friends. The past was a sensitive subject to Camyu, as everyone back home either treated her like a monster due to her having black wings as opposed to white ones or was overly respectful due to her status, as a of which she had no friends before she came to Tuskur. She also showed signs of being scared about becoming Mutsumi.


Camyu was the second princess of Onkamiyamukai, a theocracy of peace-keepers dominated by the angel-like thaumaturges of the Onkamiyaryu. Ulthury was her older sister. During the rise of Tuskur, she befriended Aruruu, Yuzuha, and Mukkuru and was often seen playing with them.

Shortly before the Yamatan Civil War, Camyu visited the Imperial Capital with Aruruu, not only to establish friendship between Yamato and Tuskur but also to find Kuon. She made another appearance when Yamato invaded Tuskur, during which Camyu distracted the bulk of incoming supplies and sent them back to the harbor while Aruruu, with Mukkuru, led the supplies carried by Haku, Kuon, Rulutieh, Atuy, Saraana & Uruuru, and Cocopo from Yamato over to their camp.

After Kuon is set free from Uitsualnemitea's darker half, Camyu works with her sister Ulthury, along with Saraana & Uruuru, to permanently seal away the god forever. Camyu, speaking in unison with Mutsumi within her, apologizes to her father for what she must do but relays that what the god was doing cannot be allowed as he doesn't belong in the mortal world. She thus wishes her father a good night sleep before completing the seal.


Ulthury - Her eldest sibling. She is sometimes scolded by her for her mischievous behavior but loves her very much.

Aruruu - Aruruu was, due to her personality, initially frightened of Camyu and often ran away. However, after Hakuowlo showed Camyu to use honey to domesticate his adoptive daughter, Camyu became good friends with both her and Yuzuha.

Yuzuha - One of her best friends alongside Aruruu.

Kuon - Her younger "sister" that she raised. According to Kuon, Camyu and Aruruu are the two most overprotective members of her family.


  • Camyu is her generation's reincarnation of Mutsumi, whose spirit lived inside of Camyu before being released by Dii.