Dekopompo (デコポンポ) is a member of the Eight Pillar Generals.

Profile Edit

Dekopompo attained the position as Pillar General by right of succession only, and he himself possesses no talent or notable skills. An obese little man who lives his life surrounded by opulence and beautiful women, Dekopompo is an arrogant man with bad taste. He loathes Oshtor, who has found glory and popularity despite his comparatively low birth.

When Nosuri found out that he was hiding contraband, he was thrown into imprisonment. However, he escaped with help from his right-hand man Bokoinante, and managed to destroy all evidence of his crimes. On the battlefield, he is reckless to the point of ignoring his tactician's strategies, and often makes catastrophically unwise decisions that place his allies in danger.

When he appears in Ennakamuy to defeat Oshtor on behalf of the Imperial Court, he demonstrates his recklessness once again, and upon being cornered by Oshtor, he releases a Gaunji onto the battlefield in an attempt to recover from his catastrophic failure. However, his plan backfired almost immediately--the gaunji turned on him instead, and devoured him.

Gamble Ship Edit

Dekopompo owns a gamble ship to operate a gambling ring based on forcing massive carnivorous bugs to fight; a practice forbidden in Yamato. The bugs aboard the ship went wild and the ship went down in flames, now consigned to the watery depths. Ukon and Haku slipped onto the ship and gathered evidence against Dekopompo, bringing his illegal pursuits to light.