The Eight Pillar Generals are generals in the country of Yamato chosen by the Emperor of Yamato himself. They are rivals to one another and sometimes do not get along well. By the time of the civil war, they have taken charge to rule the country after the emperor's assassination. However, each of them have begun plotting for power in secret in order to rule Yamato.

List Edit

  1. Munechika
  2. Itaku
  3. Nosuri
  4. Atui
  5. Oozen

Former Edit

  1. Dekonpopo (Deceased)
  2. Vurai (Deceased)
  3. Raikou (Deceased)
  4. Soyankekuru (Replaced, Moved to Minister of the Left)
  5. Genho (Discharged, Moved to Minister of the Right)
  6. Woshisu (Deceased)
  7. Tokifusa (Deceased)

Trivia Edit

  • Oshutoru and Mikazuchi are not considered one of the Eight Pillar Generals but rather the Royal Generals.
    • After the civil war had ended, "Oshutoru" was promoted to High Commander, with the Eight Pillar Generals acting as his supports.
  • Half of the Generals are considered antagonists in the game/anime with the exception of Munechika, Soyankekuru, and Oozen.
  • By the time to story advances in Futari no Hakuoro, half of the current Eight Generals are killed and a large number of the seats are later given to new candidates. The only surviving members are those who are not antagonistic towards the main party.