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The Eight Pillar Generals are the pinnacles of Yamato's military might, appointed by the word of the Mikado himself. In principle, they are united in defense of the realm, but as they serve as the Mikado's whim, appointments may be made for reasons other than merit, and rivalries do exist among them. Following the loss of the Mikado and onset of the Yamatan Civil War, they emerged as the preeminent powers in the empire, but found themselves divided between the two dominant sides in pursuit of reunification.


  1. Munechika
  2. Itak
  3. Nosuri
  4. Atuy
  5. Ozen


  1. Dekopompo (Deceased)
  2. Vurai (Deceased)
  3. Raiko (Deceased)
  4. Soyankekur (Replaced, moved to Minister of the Left)
  5. Genho (Discharged, moved to Minister of the Right)
  6. Woshis (Deceased)
  7. Tokifusa (Deceased)


  • Oshtor and Mikazuchi are not counted among the Eight Pillar Generals. They are considered the Imperial Generals of the Right and Left respectively, and collectively the Twin Shields of Yamato.
    • After the conclusion of the civil war ended, Oshtor was promoted to High Commander, with the Eight Pillar Generals acting as his supports.
  • Following the events of the Yamatan Civil War, half of the then-serving Eight Pillars were dead, and large number of the seats passed to new candidates who had supported the victorious Ennakamuy faction in the course of the fighting.
  • Of the Eight Pillar Generals, only Munechika and Ozen retained their position, with Soyankekur serving as Anju's Minister of the Left and the rest of the generals deceased.