Mito (ミト) is the emperor of Yamato. His name is only known as the "The Emperor" by its citizens but his real name is Mito. He is actually a human scientist that survived Witsuarunemitea's attack and lived on through experimentation on himself.

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He appears to be a elderly man confined to a wheelchair that his assistant Honoka pushes him with.

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The emperor of Yamato is actually a human scientist who survived Witsarunemitea's attack on mankind and lived all this time through experiments he had conducted on himself which extended his lifespan. He created not just the country of Yamato but also its people through using the data his brother Haku had stolen from the Iceman project via hacking. His wife and daughter were turned to Curses before his eyes, and his ultimate goal is to restore the old race of man. Honoka and Anju are copies of his wife and daughter made with their genetic material. When he reveals his true identity to Haku he also reveals that he is dying, and wants Haku to take after him and restore mankind. His invasion of Tuskuru is to gain access to the ruins under Onkamiyamukai, but he is assassinated via poison before this can be accomplished and the invasion fails.

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Haku - In their youth before the disaster, the two brothers were close and often communicated to one another since they were in different facilities. Given that Mito's wife and daughter lived with his brother, he trusted him to their care. Centuries later, Mito met and found his brother again, revealing his memories and explaining everything that happened over the last years.

Anju - The Emperor's daughter and princess of Yamato. She was created by the DNA of Mito's human daughter.

Honoka - She was created by the DNA of Mito's human wife and acts as his personal servant.

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