Episode 01: Curse
UtaItsu EP1 Title
Episode Information
Kanji タタリ
Rōmaji Tatari
Broadcast Date October 4, 2015
Next Episode Episode 02: The Righteous Man
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A man awakens in the snow with no memory of who he is or

where he came from. He is soon after attacked by a large red centipede creature and is chased down a mountain. Just before it catches him, the man falls into a hole where a giant red slime creature resides. When the creature tries to follow him, it is swallowed whole by the red slime. A woman with cat ears and a cat tail throws a flash grenade into the cave and rescues the man from the red slime. She introduces herself as Kuon and takes the man to a nearby village where she is going to deliver medicine. As the man cannot give his name, Kuon names him Haku, mentioning that the name has a long history.

Haku helps Kuon with jobs in the village, and is sent to work a broken grindmill. Rather then waste effort grinding grain manually, he fixes the broken water wheel so he can sleep. A man named Ukon discovers he has fixed the grindmill, but Haku asks him not to tell anyone so he won’t be requested to do more repair work. Later that night, a group of villagers that have left the village are attacked and killed by an unknown entity.



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  • When Kuon mentioned that "Haku" has a long history, she may be referring to Hakuoro.
  • Haku grabbing Kuon's tail is a similar event to Hakuoro's curiosity in Eruruu's tail.
  • Ukon calling Haku as "An-chan" is the same nickname as how Teoro calls Hakuoro.
  • Kuon met Haku when she rescued him while in the game, she was taking care of him beforehand.