Episode 01: The Uninvited
Uta EP1 Title
Episode Information
Kanji 招かれざるもの
Rōmaji Manekarezarumono
Broadcast Date April 3, 2006
Next Episode Episode 02: Ruler of the Wild Forest
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Hakuoro is having a dream about a monster while grunting about the heat and his body. He slowly wakes up and saw a young lady, Eruruu, who informs him that he is currently being treated from his injuries when he was in a forest. Unable to identify his identity, his memories nor take off his mask, Tusukuru advices that there must be a reason behind it and he should focus on getting back his strength. Later that day, he wore the clothes gave by Tusukuru, the resemblance reminded Eruruu and Aruruu the of their deceased father. He asked where they might be but Eruruu informed him that they were already deceased. Having Eruruu support him, Hakuoro takes a stroll outside and looks at Eruruu's tail in curiosity which he carefully caress it moments after. In surprise, Eruruu pushed him away causing Hakuoro to fall down, remarking that country women are really strong. Suddenly, an old man gave him a hand to get back into his feet and informs him about the the peacefulness of the village. At the village, Nuwangi and some other soldiers were collecting taxes from the villages. Eruruu asks him why he would do such thing, Nuwangi grabbed Eruruu stating that he promised he would take her. She refuse as she doesn't need such luxury life offered by him, Nuwangi insisted so but Hakuoro intervened. After a quarrel, Nuwangi attempted to punch him but Hakuoro easily grabbed his fist, stating that she's his family. Later that afternoon, Nuwangi vent off his anger on Mutikapa's shrine, ruining it in process. The villagers had a meeting about the culprit of the ruined shrine and how to solve its anger, Tusuku informs Hakuoro about the guardian who protects their village. Suggestions were thrown around like immediately fix the shrine but Hakuoro suggested that the guardian wouldn't be so angry over such small matter. Tusukuru ends the meeting, advising the villagers to not go outside during the night and they'll fix the shrine once the rain stops. Back in Eruruu's house, Hakuoro tells Eruruu why he suggested such thing and he's making others uneasy. Having a vision of a teeth, Eruruu calms his panicked self, saying that his memories will come back once he recovers. During that night, Mutikapa can be seen advancing and roaring in the distant.



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  • Nuwangi is seems to be unaware about the purpose of the altar even though he's from the village.