Fumirul (フミルイル) is one of the main characters in Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro.

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Benevolent woman from Tuskur known for her radiant beauty and generous bosom. She serves Kuon, and understands her well. To Kuon, she is something like a childhood friend, being very close in age.

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Utawarerumono Edit

Fumiruiru was first shown as an orphan baby under Ulthury's motherly care. When her parents were found, Ulthury resented giving her away and nearly had a fight with Karura before hearing Fumirul's crying. Ulthury, much to her sadness, gave the baby away to her real parents.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Edit

During the battle for Rumoy Pass, she appeared before Oshtor and friends alongside Munechika, and begins accompanying the group as Kuon's friend. She has a very gentle personality, and there is an ethereal grace to her. Her attractive figure tends to draw the attention of men, though she remains oblivious... which often leads to chaos erupting in her wake. She is very caring, and on most days, she can be found accompanying Shinonon.

On the battlefield she uses powerful spells and shikigami, and contributes in many ways by hindering her enemies or healing her allies. This is in part due to the talents she was born with, as well as her studies under Ulthury's tutelage.

Once the chaos in Yamato had been resolved, and peace was established between Yamato and Tuskur, she took up a new political role as Tuskur's goodwill ambassador to other nations.

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  • Fumirul is named after a beautiful flower found throughout Tuskur. It blooms at night, and glows faintly in moonlight. Apart from its natural places in the wild, it can also be found planted by roads. The people fondly know the flower as a guide for weary travelers.
  • Kuon notes that Fumiruiru's beauty can makes countries wage war for her.