Gaunji (Uta 3)

Gaunji (ガウンジ) are large beasts that live in the deeper parts of Uzurusha.

Background Edit

Gaunji usually act alone or in a pair of a male and a female, rarely forming larger groups. They are carnivorous, and known for their ferocity. Apart from the stomach area, their body is mostly covered in a hard shell plating, and they have a characteristically large set of tusks growing from their cheeks. They use these tusks when attacking prey to gore them. Once their prey is weakened, they use their powerful jaws to crush them whole, bones and all, and usually soon devour their prey.

When hunger drives them to intrude on settled regions or places of civilization, it often leads to disaster. They are extremely difficult beasts to slay, but their tusks and shell plating are prized as high-quality material for armor and accessories, fetching high prices at market.