Genho (ゲンホ) is the father of Nosuri and Ougi, and former member of the Eight Pillar Generals.

Genho Sprite
Kanji ゲンホ
Rōmaji Genho
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Nation Yamato
Affiliation Yamato, Evenkuruga (former)
Relatives Nosuri (Daughter) Ougi (Son)
Video Game Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Ookawa Tooru

Appearance Edit

Genho, like his son and daughter, has red hair and feathered ears. He wears a green cloak, and a military uniform similar to that of Ougi's. Also like Ougi, he is rarely seen with his eyes open.

Personality Edit

Genho initially appeared as a gruff but laid-back older man who has retired from war. He enjoys idle hobbies like drinking, fishing, and painting at home. He likes to tease Nosuri about getting married and having kids, but is supportive of her military career. However casually he speaks, his demeanor turns stern and imposing when discussions turn serious.

Biography Edit

Genho was a former member of the Eight Pillar Generals presiding over the nation of Izuruha. Due to the underhanded actions of Tokifusa, he was discharged from his post and supplanted with Tokifusa himself. He went into exile, and lost faith in the military institutions he once held as sacred. He decided to live a peaceful life, and despite the shame of having been made to fail in his duties as a Pillar General, he is still renowned as a hero.

When Nosuri and Oshtor's company find him in exile, he passes his legacy onto Nosuri, who eventually takes his place as a Pillar General. However, after seeing the loyalty his clansmen still had towards him and his family as leaders, Genho gathers his clan and commands them in the battle of Omuchakko Plains, while Nosuri and Ougi continue to assist Oshtor's advance to the capital. Once the capital was seized and Anju reclaimed the throne, Genho was appointed the title of Minister of the Right of the Imperial Capital.

Relationships Edit

Nosuri Edit

Genho is Nosuri's true father, and when she reaches him in exile he gives her his blessing as the head of the clan. Nosuri has always looked up to him and her vigilante actions reflect her desire to see justice for heroes like him who have been done wrong.

Ougi Edit

Genho is Ougi's true father, and while they are never seen talking for very long, they seem to have mutual admiration for each other.

Trivia Edit