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Genjimaru (ゲンジマル) is an Evenkuruga in service to Kunnekamun and its ruler Kuuya Amrulineulka. He has served Kunnekamun his entire life, even before Kuuya became sovereign.



Like any Evenkuruga, Genjimaru is loyal to the person he is aligned with. But unlike Touka, he is willing to make his own choices and not let his duties and honor cloud over him, even if it meant rescinding his pact with Dii or asking for aide from Hakuowlo to save Kuuya.


During Genjimaru's younger days in service to Kunnekamun, the country's previous sovereign made a pact with Uitsualnemetia, the darker half to be exact, in exchange for power to subdue the other countries that had weaken them. This power was in the form of the Abh-Kamu. Genjimaru was one of many witnesses to this event.

One day, Genjimaru came to the village where a young Jachdwalt attempted to take Genjimaru's blade many times yet failed. Then, when Genjimaru left his village, he left his sword in Jachdwalt's care, having been impressed by his determination. This was the first and only time they met as Jachwaldt never heard from Genjimaru ever again.


Kuuya - Genjimaru was ever loyal to Kuuya, even as she declared war among all nations to unify the country. Even then, Genjimaru thought of Kuuya first and foremost and would do anything to save her whether it be aligning with Tuskur or attacking Dii head on, resulting in his death which scarred Kuuya for life.

Hakuowlo - Genjimaru found Hakuowlo to be friendly and trustworthy, even as he knew that he was Uitsualnemetia's good half. In his final moments, Genjimaru would leave everything, including Kuuya, to Hakuowlo.

Dii - It is suggested that Genjimaru enjoyed serving Dii as he recalled that they were such nostalgic and happy days of his life. He was also aware that Dii was Uitsualnemetia and was not afraid to turn his blade against him, even if it meant his death.

Hien - His grandson. He pleaded with his grandson to not align with Dii along with Hauenkua but due to his pride, Hien would not comply.

Sakuya - His granddaughter.

Touka - Genjimaru has known Touka since she was a child as revealed she is the daughter of Unkei, someone Genjimaru knew. After Genjimaru's death, Touka raised a glass to him in sadness.