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Gundhurua (グンドゥルア) is the king of Uzurusha.


Gundhurua dominated and controlled more than a hundred nomadic tribes, and unified them into a formidable military power. In accordance with his treating the entire nation as an army, Gundhurua pillaged and absorbed smaller nations around Uzurusha, and used the momentum to try to invade Yamato.

He is rude, barbaric, and cruel. If his wrath is incurred, he will not hesitate even to kill a mere messenger from another nation. In battle, he only approves of frontal assault with a massive force, and favors slaughtering his enemies with his own hands. He is a cold-hearted warlord who does not hesitate to force captured foreign citizens to fight for his army as nakwan.

Against Yamato, his forces briefly appeared superior, but were eventually defeated by the power of Oshtor and the Eight Pillar Generals. By the time of the Yamato Civil War, Gundhurua was believed to be dead, having succumbed to his own madness.