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Haku (ハク) is the main protagonist of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, and one of the known few human/onvitaikayan survivors. He begins his role in the story as an amnesiac man who serves as Kuon's travelling partner and later couple. He lacks physical abilities compared to any normal person but excels in intelligence and insight.

He was the leader of the Ennakamuy faction during the Yamatan Civil War. After the war he becomes the high commander of Yamato now leading the new Pillar Generals. After his death, he becomes the new Onkami Uitsualnemetia, a wandering deity who help the people, known by the name of Mashiro. It is hinted that he is restoring humankind now that he has full control of Uitsualnemetia's power. Kuon is searching for him.


Haku in Mask of Deception

Mask of Deception[]

Haku is a young man, with black hair that reaches his shoulder and dark eyes. At first he wears hospital patient looking clothes.

After meeting Kuon he then wears a light kimono with a brown cloak. He also wears the same pants that Oboro once wore. Despite having an average body, he appears to be weak because he shows extreme laziness and struggles during manual labor. However he is capable of taking care of himself.

Mask of Truth[]

Haku as Oshtor

As Haku wears the Akuruka, he completely resembles the fallen General of the Right as he adopted the name of Oshtor. He completely takes his appearance by changing his hairstyle and voice to Oshtor's. He adopted Oshtor's armament and clothing as well.

He wears both blue kimono with black border on the arms, blue pants, a red belt, a white light coat that cover the upper body, the Akuruka mask became fused to him once he wields it.

His eyes turn golden for a brief moment, this might be due to the Akuruka effect on him since it been infused to him for some time now, this is due to the fact he didn't take off the mask after his battle with Mikazuchi in Ennakamuy.

Onkami Haku design.jpg

After his death and resurrection, he now wears white kimono with blue borders and a golden strings tied on both sides of the kimono with black diamond-like sigil the goes down from his shoulders to his sleeves, dark belt, black pants and brown boots. He wears Uitsualnemetia's mask, now infused (maybe the mask it's the only thing that keeps him alive or his incarnation as the new Onkami Uitsualnemetia). His eyes changed from dark brown to golden after his incarnation into the onkami. During his battle against the Dark God his eyes are still brown, this is may be because he doesn't use the full extent of his powers.


Haku is a lazy, somewhat diligent and soft-hearted person. He doesn't like to do much work and is often scolded by Kuon when he is unmotivated or slacking off. He desires to rest and eat after a hard work or battle. He is quick witted, intelligent and has good leadership skills, making him a good strategist and resulting from his high charisma where everybody is willing to follow him anywhere. He is very blunt and to the point often at the expense of others feelings. He is sharp, but has a bad habit of avoiding things he doesn't want to see. According to Oshtor, Haku is described as sloppy and arrogant. When Kuon, Rulutieh, and Nekone gave him their love letters, he didn't quite understand what they meant to him.

When Vurai the Vanguard destroyed the city of Maruruha with his Akuruka, Haku was shocked and in a deep grief by the death of the villagers in town. He couldn't stand with seeing such a massacre upon innocent people. Even after the event he still doesn't accept the death of the villagers and got traumatized about it as a result. He didn't agree the idea of invading Kuon's homeland neither.

When the emperor revealed to him that he is a "human being" he was shown multiple flashbacks of his past life, and was shocked once he was told that the Emperor of Yamato is in fact his older brother now old.

Haku as the General of the Right

By the time Oshtor dies, Haku chooses to protect Anju (since she is the last of his family alive) by taking the identity of the General of the Right so he can put an end to the Civil War on Yamato. He deeply regrets on lying to Kuon, even more when she leaves. Haku knew that once Oshtor entrusted him the mask, there was no turning back. He proclaimed Haku to be dead and that his path was now one of war, fully embracing the name of Oshtor. However he wants to be with Kuon as he holds the Iron fan.

As Oshtor, Haku adapts a noble personality, he usually shows formalities, while in battle or making tactics he shows focused, never less he is still kind to those he cares for. Even in the most uncomfortable situations he keeps a noble character in order to not make a bad picture of himself. He tried to leave the character of Oshtor as the war ended and finished his promise but the Akuruka is now fused to him, he can't leave his identity as Oshtor.

Onkami Haku - Lord Mashiro.

By the time Hakuowlo warned him about taking his place as the Onkami Uitsualnemetia, Haku was kind enough to turn back Hakuowlo into a mere human thus he was also full interested to it since he would have a easy lifesyle for just resting and eating due to his lazy personality.

After his revival as the Onkami, Haku is focused on saving Kuon as he loves her. And after he disappears once again as he became a greater existence beyond understanding; is it known by the people as a deity by the name of Mashiro since he was helping those in need.

Despite of his time at the Imperial City and all of his duties as Oshtor, Haku does indeed have feelings for Kuon that even he didn't realize until he spent some time with her in Tuskur. His feeling for her are finally confirmed as they stand on the same chamber where Kuon first found him. He even admitted it as he was about to return to the Realm of the Living.

He kept an eye on Kuon ever since she was searching for him after the final battle. He talks to her in both her dream and reality. He tells her to not to worry about him and takes back Tessen as a reward for clearing the forest from any foes or vile creatures so she and anyone could enter the forest without any worries.


Haku, known at the time as Hiroshi, was originally human computer hacker who worked alongside his brother, Mito, who was studying genetics. His niece and sister-in-law would consistently visit him to clean up for him. Through his hacking, Hiroshi was able to uncover data from the classified Iceman Project. From this Hiroshi gave all the data he could gather from his hacking to his brother. Mito utilized this data to build his True Human Project. Through this, the human body could greatly enhance it's physical capabilities and be able to return to the Earth's surface. Hiroshi decided to be the first volunteer for this project and was put into cryogenic sleep by Mito so the medication could take effect. During his sleep Hakuowlo activated his curse on humanity in which all humans turned into Tatari. The True Human Project was a success. Not only did it allow Hiroshi and Mito to travel to the surface but it also changed their genetics enough to avoid Hakuowlo's curse. Mito states that Haku is humanity's last hope and that he has to find a way to break the curse put upon them.


The False Mask (偽りの仮面) "Mask of Deception"[]

Haku found himself inside a shelter after waking up, being tended by a woman but soon lost consciousness again. He had a dream of a young girl referring someone as "old man", a woman worried about going on the "other side" that person and a man consulting whether he took the drug, stating the moment he wakes up, a new world awaits him. He also mentioned him being the first and last when the scene changed to a girl, making a promise that he'll definitely come.

Haku woke up from the dream, muttering he must go because of the person waiting, leading him to aimlessly wander outside the snow mountains. The cold wind stopped his automated instinct but a boro-gigiri pursued him in a chase. He was saved by a red slime in a cave where the hole he fell leads into, who ate the boro-gigiri. It formed a face, attempting to communicate but was interrupted by a flash grenade and he was rescued out of the cave. He was provided living, clothes, a name and they travelled to a nearby village the next day.

A Person Inside Haku Dream.png

Arriving in the village, he assisted Kuon with transporting bags of grain to the watermill before the sun set, where he demonstrated his good intelligence when the landlady was calculating their reward. Back in their room, Kuon planned to enter the bath first but something changed her mind, insisted that Haku should go first. After his relaxing bath, Kuon treated the sole of his feet but as she asks his condition, his drowsiness was slowly taking hold of him. Before he completely drifted into his sleep, there was a song being sung, which made him feel nostalgic. He had another strange dream of a random person in a hospital gown, who continuously moaned until it underwent a weird transformation and exploded, waking Haku from his slumber.

As his morning continues, he suspected that Kuon would give him another job due to the course of her conversation with the landlady. He was taken to the watermill, where he had to rotate the millstone in order to grind the grain due to the broken water mill. After numerous rotation, he decided to take a break, thinking he finished a bag of grain but there was only little amount of flour from the result of his work. He had an idea of fixing the water wheel so he wouldn't do anymore further more, where he fixed its problem and kept it secret from Kuon in order to not do anymore jobs as mentioned by the landlady, where he received a punishment after she found out later on.

Back in the inn, Kuon decided that they will be heading to the capital city but their peaceful night was interrupted by a villager in a panic. The villager explained that his group were attacked by Gigiri and Haku asked Kuon what it was. Kuon's description reminded him about the monster that attacked him from before. The next morning, Ukon planned to exterminate the gigiri, which puzzled him how they can handle such dangerous monster. Due to Kuon's condition for accepting Ukon's proposal of joining them, he had no choice but to tag along on their expedition.

Death of a Hero[]

"Haku is dead" — Oshtor announces Haku's death.

Oshtor passes his mask to Haku

On their way to Ennakamuy, Haku, Nekone and Kamunagi of Chains find Oshtor resting on a rock, only to find out that his body is disappearing, Oshtor passes his mask to Haku in order to protect Anju and asks Nekone to help him. To this point Haku made a hard choice that changed his life; by pretending to be someone else in order to protect Yamato and his niece, he becomes Oshtor.

Haku, now as Oshtor, rallies his people

As Haku (now disguised as Oshtor) tells everyone that "Haku is dead" Atuy, Rulutieh, Nosuri, Kiwru come into deep grief, especially to Kuon which left her heartbroken and caused her return to Tuskur at once. As he stands before the people of Ennakamuy he announces that the emperor was murdered and the same plotters tried to kill the Princess as well. He asks the people of Ennakamuy to rise under the banner of the Princess in order to reunify Yamato. And thus begins Yamato's Civil War.

Futari no Hakuowlo "Mask of truth" []


"I...am Oshtor. I am the Imperial Guard of the Right, steadfast retainer to the throne of Yamato. The man named Haku is dead. He no longer exists. Haku died outside of Ennakamuy and Oshtor survived" — Haku embracing his role as the General of the Right.

Anju recovering in Ennakamuy's castle

Haku, now as Oshtor, recall the events that have driven him to become the General of the Right, now fully embracing the name of the fallen general he now is masquerading, He comes to an audience with Lord Iwaraji, the ruler of Ennakamuy. Both Oshtor and Nekone who stated that his ordeal has been "rattled" by his fight against Vurai causing his memory to be fragmented (to avoid suspicion). At the meeting Iwaraji resolves to aid protection the princess now recovering and the people of the nation from an upcoming attack from Yamato, now that war has come. Oshtor is entrusted of the emergency control of the country's government and army. Iwaraji allows Oshtor and his companions to live at the castle for the duration. Nekone gives him a tour on Ennakamuy. Later, they come to Nekone's House to visit Torikori (Oshtor and Nekone's mother), just before getting inside they both decide to not speak the truth to their mother since she is sickly, although Haku feel guilty on deceiving her about playing as his son.

Haku taking a break after his firsts duties as Oshtor

They return to the castle grounds to check on Anju who is recovering. As they check on the princess still weak and unable to speak because of the poison. Anju gives him a gently smile to Oshtor, he resolves to heal the princess with the tools and the resources they got, since Kuon's specialities on medicines left Ennakamuy. Anju's full recovery is still uncertain so by the time being someone from Yamato will eventually come and kill her. At night, the Kamunagi of Chains attend him at his office to relax after the intense day.

The first night Oshtor notices Nekone blaming herself for her bother death during on their confrontation with Vurai. Haku tries to confort her but she merely keep herself distant. Later, Nekone returning to his office Nekone comes in, they both discuss about the coming battles now that Ennakamuy will be the center of the war. Later he comes to visit Nosuri, Atuy and Rulutieh in their room, he talked to each one them and comforted them regarding Haku's death.

Next day, Oshtor call a meeting, at first everyone were suspicious on him since he looked a little "soft", eventually he tell that this is "himself in doors". They notices him wielding Tessen causing them curiosity, he reply by telling them that Haku was a dear friend, so he wield it to resemblance a lost comrade, next the twin priestesses appear and Oshtor explains them that Haku gave the order to serve him before dying.

Ougi comes to his office to report that Kiwru, the Elites (Oshtor's personal army coming from the capital) along with their families are being pursuit by Dekopompo soldiers, since Kiwru and the Elites will face their pursuers before reaching to Ennakamuy. Oshtor assembles the rest of the group to save them. Following Oshtor's: As Atuy, Rulutieh and Jachdwalt approach the frank, Nosuri and Ougi circle around and cut off the enemy's escape route thus allowing Oshtor an opening. Oshtor along with Nekone, the priestesses and the Ennakamuy army come to aid Kiwru as he was about to be killed by the Yamatan soldiers. Oshtor and his companion battle the Yamatan invaders lead by Bokoinante himself (Dekopompo's personal adviser now ascended to Royal General), after rejecting their foes Bokoinante retreats after he got report that all troops has been wiped out. Oshtor and his companions go back to Ennakamuy along with the Elites.

Fake Princess - Declaration of war[]

Kiwru announces his investigation on the Capital, Raiko shows up with the Princess of Yamato "an impostor" now calming down the riot following the recent events. Oshtor suspects that one of the Pillar General is the puppet-master from the moment when the Mikado passed out, Oshtor promises to Anju that the traitor will be brought to justice after he restores her position at the throne of Yamato. At his office Oshtor discusses the matter with the others, now that Yamato is now the enemy since is under the rule of a impostor. Everyone assures their loyalty to Anju and resolve to aid her in the wars to come.

Raiko and the fake princess

Later Oshtor visits Anju, the young girl with a distant expression thinks about the recent events that happened at the Capital. He comforts the princess as he assures that he will always remain loyal to her highness.

As the army is set into training. Oshtor and everyone in the group also come to train themselves in preparation for the upcoming war.

Later on the same day, a merchant named Chikinaro from Tuskuru arrived at the castle, selling food, medicines and supplies for the war, he mentioned that he brought the medicine under Kuon order. Thanks to the medicine Anju recovered in short time

Oshtor addresses his men

Two days later, as Oshtor and the rest were checking on the nation's defense, Anju now recovered rushed into his office demanding to see Haku since he never visit her; However, he gives the news that Haku died, this cause a great grief on Anju. He cheer her up by telling her that Haku was concerned for her sake. Anju is then focused to the announce the people that she is the true heir to Yamato. However, he report her that the impostor now the Mikado has restored order, most of the people believe that this Mikado to be the real one and the military power is on the favor to the impostor. Anju is left discouraged and in tear about it; She feels that she lost everything, Oshtor remind her that he is loyal to her, as he kneels he says that he will restore her throne even if he has to "bath on the blood of the enemy". As does the rest of the group around the two. Anju with anew resolve, declares that the world will now that she is the Mikado true successor.

They sent news to the neighboring territories across the Empire revealing that the real princess is recovering in Ennakamuy, this causes confusion and distrust in the land. So far most of the countries are stating their neutrality.

Oshtor asks Anju to become the living banner to Ennakamuy to inspire the men in battle, she accepts however Oshtor advises her that she must be aware that their work to governance and administration comes to an end, when she speaks to the army she must do it with knowledge that they will murder in her name. She must become their symbol of hope.

Oshtor preparing to engage the enemy

Dekopompo lead a massive army to capture Anju, Oshtor decides to have Anju to address the army and raise their morale. At first Nosuri and Kiwru disagree since Anju is still too young to stand in the battlefield yet the young princess accepts the task of her own will.

Oshtor presents Anju before the army, at first she was pale before speaking, in the she eventually manages to give an inspiring speech to the army. The men now inspired, prepare for battle.

Battle of Ennakamuy - Confronting Dekopompo[]

Battle of Ennakamuy

Oshtor and his companions including the local army make their stand at the Fortress (the very gate to Ennakamuy now restored to an impenetrable Fortress) before the invading army. Knowing Dekopompo as an arrogant and corrupt individual, Oshtor taunt the corrupt General to a full attack on the wall.

Managing to hold the gate as the yamatan forces gather at the fortress. Oshtor has Anju, Nosuri and some other local soldiers to burn the army alive by throwing oil upon them. Thus destroying most of the invaders and the surviving troops flee.

As Dekopompo and Bokoinante are surrounded by Oshtor and his companions during a failed attempt to escape. However, Dekopompo release a Gaunji beast to kill Oshtor and all of Ennakamuy, only for the beast to turn on the Pillar General. Both Dekopompo and Bokoinante are devoured, Oshtor along with his companions manage to fight off the beast and thus ending the battle.

He encounters Maroro, shocked and scared by Oshtor's cold tactics. No longer recognizing Oshtor, he views him as another person. Maroro asks Haku's whereabouts, only to be chocked by Oshtor's news that Haku is dead. Maroro leaves the Ennakamuy horrified by the news even when Oshtor asks him to join their cause.

Dueling the General of the Left[]

Haku fight Mikazuchi for the first time

As Anju declares for a feast for today's victory the alarm horn sounds as another Yamatan force arrives at the gates. As they see that Mikazuchi the Imperial General of the Left awaiting as his forces stand behind him. Oshtor comes out to confront him as the rest stay the fortress. Mikazuchi proposes that both the princess and Oshtor shall remain in Ennakamuy permanently. But this proposition is reject as Mikazuchi would even allow and imposter in the throne.

Haku uses the Akuruka for the first time.

With no way to solve this out both Generals return to hostility even with the intevention of both Nekone and the princess. Mikazuchi then notices the tessen in Oshtor's hands but proceeds to battle him nonetheless. However Oshtor struggles against Mikazuchi, shocking the general and realizes that he was not battling the real Oshtor, but Haku in disguise. This enrages Mikazuchi as their battle continues to the point Nekone gets hurt. Haku was about to give up but was encouraged by Oshtor's spirit to get up and fight.

As last resort, Oshtor uses the Akuruka for the first time, albeit unwillingly, and fights off Mikazuchi, who was at first shocked before he acepts it with glee. Mikazuchi in turn fights Oshtor in Akuruturuka form and the battle ends in a stalemate. Mikazuchi leaves but not before warning Oshtor that if he ever marches onto Yamato, he will kill him.

Haku and Mikazuchi clash in Akuraka form

The people cheer for him upon his return, Anju receives him but he falls unconscious. This event creates distance on the remaining nobles sympathetic to Oshtor's cause after his misuse of the Akuruka, so the lords and the people throughout the empire wonder about his pride as a warrior. Yamato waits before demanding the other neighboring countries to sever all ties with Ennakamuy. Thus leaving Oshtor's cause hanging by a thread.

Haku and Nekone moment

Oshtor awakes in his room attended by Saraana and Uruuru. Later, Nekone comes to visit him and informing him of the aftermath of the battle. Oshtor tries to get back to work but his body is still weak that even he can barely move, Nekone ask him to not push himself over as she states the more Haku tries to be like Oshtor the less of his former self will remain. 

Next day; Oshtor (Haku) tries to take of the mask but it can't come off even if he tries to force it, the twins inform him that this is due to a special feature now that it has been fused to him as he has full access to the mask power as demihumans can only use 30% of the power. At his office Anju comes in to ask a favor to Oshtor now that she is in full Health and strength (she does some acrobatic flips, lift the entire piece of earthware over her head to show Kiwru to not worry about her), she request to experience closely the lives of the town, he suggest to go a trusted home in town as a start and for security reasons. Oshutor and Anju (using a fake name, Ann) go visit Torikori.

Back in the capital, Mikazuchi drinks and laments on Oshtor's death, yet questions whether his friend and rival made the right decision of entrusting everything to Haku, including his name and Akuruka. While he agrees it was the right decision to protect the princess, he wonders how it will all play out with the real Oshtor gone.

Meeting the Mikoto of Tuskur[]

A few days passes, as Oshtor is viewing the situation since Raiko severed ties between Ennakamuy and the neighboring countries for support of any kind, two messengers from Tuskur arrive delivering this intel: Tuskur will set negotiations with Ennakamuy by sending the Princess as a envoy.

Anju fights the Tuskur Princess

Oshotoru meet up the Princess of Tuskur and asks her why she came, she presents a scroll containing all the suplies and resources sent to Ennakamuy. the foreign Princess demands that both Oshtor and Anju shall remain in Ennakamuy as Tuskur shall invade and take over Yamato. Both the Imperial General and Anju reject it.

This causes a confrontation between the two princesses. With the foreign princess neutralizing Anju with both her supernatural strength and speed.

Anju finds her conviction...

Oshtor steps in to avoid any futher humiliation upon Anju, as he faces her, the pincess notices Oshtor wielding The iron fan and ask him where he got it, he responds that it belonged to fallen friend he tried to protect, send him outside of the hall in one strike. The princess calls him unworthy to protect anything as she strikes him several times with her unnatural strength. As the princess was about to knock him down, but the Akuruka repels her. He stands up and reminds her that Anju is the one she is fighting. The princess believes her will is broken and she is barely to stand.

and stands her ground.

Oshtor encourages Anju and thus metions that Haku would laught at her if he would look at her situation. As Anju stands up once more, Oshtor is struck by the foreign princess, angered at him by mentioning "Haku". Oshtor reminds her that he is not her opponent, the princess turns around and sees Anju standing her ground against the foreign princess. As the battle progresses, Oshtor accidently says the words of the man he used to be slip from his mouth. This shocks the princess (realizing that Haku is alive now masquerading Oshtor) causing her to let her guard down, Anju takes the advantage despite the princess unnatural might. Anju fight the foreign princess, now evenly matching her in terms of power. Suddenly a giant sword fell from the sky (from Karulau) standing on the floor. Anju wields it leaving everyone around surprised this time the two princesses clash with rivaled might till Anju with all her might, lands a blow to the princess that slashes the wall behind. Even if the foreign princess blocked it as she already reached her limit. Oshtor stops the fighting and thus the princess of Tuskur takes her leave but informs them that they will be back if the tides of war turns against them. Unaware that the princess of Tuskuru discovered his secret identity.

Anju finally strikes at the foreign princess.

Kuon's Return[]

After the meeting, Kuon reappears after some time, Atuy, Rulutieh, Nosuri, Ougi, Nekone, Kiwru, Jachdwalt and Shinonon greet her, glad to see her again.

As the meet up after some time, the both started to speak as the reunion turns out awkward to both of them. Suddenly the twins appear, to Kuon surprises she ask him why they are serving him now. Even as both twins states that it was Haku's last command to serve him, she comes suspicious.

After that Kuon meets up with Nekone. Oshtor comes out and allows her to his office, again their conversation was getting awkward as the twins prepare tea, Kuon asks about his injuries received by the princess of Tuskur (not revealing herself being from royalty) and states that she "heard" news about it, she feel relieved knowing that most of his wounds are healed in short time and she apologies about it. She also states that she sorry about abandon them back then, she promises that she won't do so again. As they

drink up tea and have dinner Kuon started to feed him She meets Oshtor at his office where their conversation started to be awkward by the time when she glaces at him and mentions Haku. Suddenly, Nosuri comes in and start a drinking competition. Later that night Kuon tries to enter Oshtor's Office, however the twin priestesses don't let her pass, they tell her that she smells because she has scent of vixen (after a bath) so the twin won't allow her to pass since she might "tease him".

Kuon vs Atuy

At night with a full moon, Oshtor drinks a small cup of tea with Atuy in the forest near the castle she agreed to it. Kuon shows up as well as she was invited by Atuy. Atuy explain to both that her reasons is for a fight, a friendly fight between she and Kuon with Oshtor as a witness for the fight. Atuy explains her reasons for the fight, she noticed that Kuon has distanced from everyone, so in other to be friends again, they must fight to settle things up. Atuy reveals that she only wants to have fun and drink like the old days.

Both Kuon and Atuy fight fiercely, even if Atuy was becoming deadly in the process, Kuon didn't have any trouble while dealing her. Both of them have fun in the fight even causing a mess in the field. In the end match comes in a draw. Oshtor carries both girls since they out of stamina.

As he passes through Rulutieh's room, he hears strange sounds coming from Kuon. He worries if anything is happening, so takes a small peek through the door he looks as Kuon is getting a massage from Rulutieh herself, just as he sees Kuon being treated for her muscles pain.

As Oshtor drinks up while in the full moon, Kuon and Shinonon appear next to him, Kuon asks him if he is done for the day and he reply so. The rest of the girls, Including Kuon and Anju come out from a bath. the coversation ends with the girls request for a hot spring. But Ennakamuy doesn't possess such amount of water, yet is it mentioned by Nosuri AND Nekone about a large lake at the montains "Obaro lake" might provide the villages with a large amout of the water and it can even help the army.

At his Office, Anju rush in and tell him that today's bath was splendid because of the soap smells like flowers, Kuon explains that she made it, Anju surprised she expresses her approval for such a wonderful soap and asks what else she got, Kuon replies by telling she got medicine, bug repellent and a lot more in her inventory. Anju and Rulutieh are surprised for Kuon capability to make such things as conversation proceed, Oshtor smiles at himself glad that the three of them make good friends.

After finishing the paperwork all day, the Saraana and Uruuru give him a massage to his shoulder since he is having some pain and exhaustion, suddenly they leave as asking him to wait for them. Oshtor goes to visit Kuon at her room, just before entering, Oshtor hear the twin request for a tonic from Kuon. Oshtor retunrs to office and receives the tonic and drinks it. Just when he was about to drink a bottle of fruit liquor, Kuon charges bursts into his room, she tells him desperately to stop, she asks if he already drank the liquor just before she snatches the cup form his hands, she comes to a relief as he didn't drink it. She reveals that if he drank both the tonic ant the liquor, the sustances will act as an aphrodisiac.

Battle of Rumoy Pass[]

Yamato Civil War strategy battle 1.jpg

As Raiko severed Ennakamuy all tides to the neighboring countries, with no way to trade food or supplies, Oshtor's cause hangs on a threa. In order to break the Yamatan blockade, the rebel army must hold the Rumoy pass, since it's Ennakamuy's lifeline and an essential passage to trade within Yamato. Ougi comes bringing grief news as it's report that the contact from Rumoy pass has been lost to Raiko, now Oshtor must raid his forces to retain the pass if they are to stand a chance in the war.

Massacre at Rumoy Pass

As they march to the fort, Oshtor stops as he notices a trap set by Raiko since they not see neither of the Elites or enemy troops, Anju comes from to back line even if Rulutieh or Oshtor insist on stay behind, Anju tells them that she rather fight along than watching her people fight her own battles, this causes a commotion among the soldiers and bow for her. Kuon tells him that he cannot be able to stop her, so he asks her to promise that she must not act on her own. And so they march into the abandoned fort.

Anju prepares for battle.jpg

They witness dead soldier of the fort massacred, Kuon notices that only the bodies of Ennakamuy soldier are shown. They group notices the coming foe and so the Gaunji reveals itself as it approaches to them, Oshtor/Haku realizes that Raiko was the one to lure the beast to the fort and massacred the soldier. Anju sets for battle and so they face the Gaunji with both Kuon and Anju at front.

Rumoy Pass Battle 1.jpg

in the mid way of the battle a second Gauji appears,Just as they are about to retreat, the twins detect someone else approaching, a caravan comes with out noticing the battle, at the moment the second Gaunji get close to it Munechika suddenly arrives and blocks the beast's attack, Anju is relieved to see her back and well as everyone else. With turns of events, Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and rest continue to battle Gaunji as Munechika deals with the second one.

Rumoy Pass Battle 2.jpg

After the battle, a overjoyed Anju clings to Munechika after some time since Yamato's invasion to Tuskur.

Oshtor commands troops to secure the Fort, he comes to realize that Raiko's purpose was to divide Ennakamuy forces so they cant come to the other countries. Munechika tell her story after her capture in Tuskur; As the General wonders the whereabout of Haku, explains all the events that happened, a noble comes out from the Tuskur's carriage who turns out to be Fumirul (much to Kuon's discomfort) who introduces as a wealthy merchant from Tuskur, yet Oshtor suspects that she may have some thing to do with the Tuskur princess. Fumirul releases Munechika from her debt and state as prisoner of war and so Munechika returns to Anju's services.

Fumirul revealed

Oshtor states that a banquet shall be held in Ennakamuy for both Munechika and the Tuskur caravan since the army and the people will be glad to see one of the Pillar General now aiding Ennakamuy cause. Just as they head back to Ennakamuy along with Fumirul, Kuon warns Oshtor to be careful of Fumirul, she tells him that he'll understand soon since the latter didn't get the meaning of her warning. As they arrive, Oshtor wonders why Kuon seems tired ever since Fumirul arrived and thus he also curious about their true relationship.

Oshtor and Fumirul

Oshtor has Kiwru to attend Fumirul as the prince of Ennakamuy, though he feel kind troubled while doing so. After that, Oshtor wonders why Kuon is so exhausted, Kuon tells him that he will soon find out once spending enough time with Fumirul and tells him that Fumirul is also known as the lady of Destruction.

After sunset, a luxurious banquet is held to celebrate victory and arrival of their guests. As time passes, Anju takes her leave after talking to Oshtor. He notices that all soldiers are centered on Fumirul without having touched their drinks, Oshtor studies her from a far wondering why she is nicknamed Lady of Destruction since her beauty doesn't attach to that title.

Fumirul cleaning Oshtor, without noticing her clothes falling off

After a little chat with the twins, Fumirulcomes to Oshtor to thank him for the greeting and the banquet, she also apologies for coming as an ambassador to the land in times of warAs they cheer both of their cups, suddenly Fumirulloses her balance and plows right to Oshtor as she falls on top of him.

This cause a uncomfortable situation as the soldiers get jealous of Oshtor being with lady Fumirul. As he tries to calm down the soldiers in vain as she makes the situation worse for him.

And thus Oshtor comes to see why Fumirul is known as the lady of destruction, she is smooth but oblivious of her actions causing such chaos.


Road to Kujyuri

Several days after their victory at Rumoy pass, Oshtor and the rest gather at the war council, Oshtor decides that they must send a small party to other nations to gain support since the other Ouros and their people has recognized Ennakamuy recent victories. Oshtor comes to Rulutieh (since she is the daughter of the Owlo Ozen and has deep connection with the country) and ask her to become his envoy in order to have him as ally and thus the other nation might consider to join their cause, also because Ozen has left Rulutieh under Oshtor care a must be worry about his daughter safety. Rulutieh eventually agrees. And thus they journey to Kujyuri.

Oshtor alongside Kuon, Nekone, Nosuri, Atuy, Kiwru, Munechika, and Rulutieh arrive at the land of Kujyuri, the come to a nearby village the same one he visited with Kuon after he woke up from his cryogenic sleep, he suddenly has a illusion of Ukon, suddenly Kuon asks him if he is alright since he was about to fall to his steed. Yashmah, Rulutieh's brother, alongside a group of soldier receives them, the two siblings reunite and Yashmah introduces himself to the group. Yashmah thanks Oshtor for taking care of Rulutieh.


At the inn they receive a room where they discuss the situation in Kujyuri, Oshtor presents Anju, who has come along the expedition questions, to clear any doubts on Yashmah who recognizes her in shock that the girl at present is truly the real princess of Yamato and bows as he apologizes. Anju demands to go to the castle so she speak to Ozen, Yashmah obeys her on escorting them, Oshtor, however, notices Yashmah anxiousness indication that there something else worrying him.

Rulutieh and Shis reunited

Once arriving to the palace throne room, Ozen receives them, glad to see his daughter save and well, as Ozen is about state the matter of the war and his position, Anju comes and present herself to the Ouro. Surprised and noticing her as she speaks, Ozen recognizes her as the rightful heir to Yamato. The meeting seemed to have settled however, as Ozen was about to explain their circumstances about joining the war a sound of someone charging toward to them, both Oozu and Yashmah get paled, so does Rulutieh once understanding the situation much to Oshtor and the others confusion; Suddenly a girl that resembles Rulutieh jumps onto her. Shis, Rulutieh's elder sister, hugs her after some time without seeing each other, Oshtor notices that Shis is the obstacle for the alliance as Ozen and Yashmah were trying to explain.

Oshtor tends to Shis's wounds

Shis despise being the daughter of the Ouro of Kujyuri, she presents a greater authority. Ignoring Rulutieh's plea to let her go; and Ozen and Yashmah once again chastising her for being rude to the guests. In which Shis shouts that weak-will men don't have right to voice their opinion. The men were baffled. Oshtor asked himself if Kujyuri is rule by women's power.

Shis claims that she shall stay by her sister side despise Rulutieh's protest. This causes a argument between Oshtor's group and Shis and concludes that Rulutieh shall decide whether she returns home or stay and fight with her friends.

The Group stay the night at the castle and discuss about Shis for being too self centered rather than worry about the country future. As night proceed, Yashmah comes to discuss the matter along with Oshtor and later Shis come to discuss the matter as well and finally Rulutieh visit him, Oshtor mentions her actions and all the support she gave to the group. Oshtor asks her about what she which to do and why walk on their side.

The next day, Rulutieh makes her decision to stay with Anju, and so Kujyuri joins Ennakamuy in the war, Yashmah will prepare troop to aid Ennakamuy, Shis frustrated ask her why would Rulutieh choose to leave her own family even with all the hardship ahead. Rulutieh tries explains her and so does Oshtor, Shis in rage turns her blade to Oshtor, Yashmah draws his own as well but the latter tells him to halt, as Shis blames Oshtor for "changing Rulutieh" and she won't allow her to leave. Oshtor taunts her that he shall be the one to take responsibility on Rulutieh, Shis accepts Oshtor challenge and both decide to battle on a more suitable area.

Rulutieh leaves her homeland

The battle concluded with Shis now realizing that she cannot be with Rulutieh all the time or making decision for her neither, with this settled the alliance between Ennakamuy and Kujyuri is formed, the party say goodbye as they head back to Ennakamuy, Shis gives a liver of a chamokku to Oshtor as a way to apologize to him for all the trouble she caused, also she asks him to take care of Rulutieh, at last Oshtor, Kuon, Anju, Rulutieh and the rest make their way head back to Ennakamuy. Oshtor/Haku isn't aware that Shis has actually fell for him as Kuon noticed.

At mid day, Oshtor finds both Kuon nd Nekone checking of the maps, they asks if they could make a waterway for the lake they previous talked about. Oshtor agrees to her request if it can be done since it could be useful to avoid get shortage in water supply since the population is growing. Kuon has the idea to use bamboo, it is used in her homeland for massive aqueducts, however her idea back fires since bamboo does grow in Ennakamuy, after trying several alternative options, Oshtor then realizes to use clay and ceramic to make ceramic pipes for the waterway. And so they start working on the project.

A nemesis from the past - Vurai[]

Nekone Futari no Hakuoro.jpg

Oshtor and Kiwru find Nekone standing at the watch tower, who seemed tired of the recent work from the last days. Nekone tells them that she is okay however she seemed worried, after Kiwru leaves Oshtor pats Nekone on the head and tells her that every will be fine Sas they will march forward the battles to come soon. She becomes frustated as well as confused due to the fact that she pictures Haku as her own deceased bother.

Nekone takes a night walk, as she is on her way, a mysterious figure abducts her. Oshtor comes to his office to see if Nekone is back but he only finds all the paperwork scattered; worried, he burst out to find her and finds a note that warns him that if he wants her back unharmed come to the wilds alone, note also contains a map that mark the specific location of Nekone, and he goes to find her alone.

Oshtor's rematch with Vurai

Once arriving at the marked location, he notices that he is standing where the real Oshtor fought against Vurai. As the sun comes out, The Spear of Yamato shows himself having survived the last battle. Vurai enters into his Akuruka form and so does Oshtor as the battle was about to begin.

Akuruka Battle 2.jpg

At the first clash, Oshtor is able defend himself against his foe. Kuon alongside Anju, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Atuy, Rulutieh, Munechika and the twins who informed them about the situation, arrive just in time to aid Oshtor. The Group manages to esxahust Vuraid, Oshtor tries a final strike only to be counterattacked by latter. Vurai lift him bodily by neck, starting to strangle him, and suddenly Nekone is present on her knees in tears as she was gazing at the battle. Once he notices, he remembers "who he is" and manages to get himself free from Vurai, so the Akuruka resume to the battle with Oshtor being victorious over his foe.

"There is no brother that does not care for his little sister."

After the battle, Oshtor approaches Nekone as she asks him why he would save her after she only been worry him, Oshtor reply by says that there is no brother who wouldn't care for his sister. Oshotoru wipes gently Nekone's tears and declares to head back home, but he returns to his normal form as his wounds are deep; Kuon, Anju and the other come to attend his wounds at once as they try to get him back safety to Ennakamuy.

Half a month after confronting Vurai, Nekone visits Oshtor to check on him, they now come with a closer relationship. Later, more supplies arrive from Kujyuri, filling the food storage enough to last long now with the upcoming recruits.

One month Later[]

A month after the Battle of Rumoy pass, Oshtor goes to the kitchen and finds the twins teaching Fumirul to prepare tea, Fumirul asks Oshtor to taste some of the tea she made herself, later the twins talk about how Fumirul serves kindly to Kuon as she looks after her, both twins mention the intention to serve Oshtor the same way Fumirul serves and look after Kuon.

At the training grounds he finds Munechika talking to Rulutieh, he joins in asking if there something wrong. Munechika wonders of how she will assist Anju, now that the princess has matured and taking her responsibilities to rule in short time, a promising sign that she will be a great Mikado, however Munechika noticed that Anju has a longing for all she left behind ever since the Mikado died. And so Munechika deduces that both she and Oshtor shall become parent figures to Anju till she comes of age. Arriving to her chambers, Munechika come to Anju declaring that both general shall be her parents. Oshtor explains that Munechika tries to be a mother figure to her. Anju comes to a relief and feels a bit embarrassed. After everything has been cleared up, Oshtor asks Anju about her gazing toward the imperial city only to find out is that she can't find new books of the kind Rulutieh borrowed in Ennakamuy. Oshtor is stressed for the causes of the ruckus.

Next day Oshtor asks Munechika to teach him the way of battle and tactics but she is hesitant since Munechika would feel embarrassed to do so since The General of the Right has greater skill. So he tells her that he wants to independent himself from the Akuruka and views Munechika for her greater experience in battle as a general and strategist and so she accepts his request.

Munechika's secret

After a urgent matter attended at night, Rulutieh serves tea to Oshtor along side Kuon, Nekone and Fumirul, so he decides to give a day off only those who attended the matter last night including himself, much to Atuy's frustration since she wasn't present at night. Shinonon comes, saying that she found awesome room so they follow her, Kuon falls to her limit goes back to her room to sleep, Oshotoru and Fumirul under Shinonon's guidance come to find a adorable room filled with stuffed animals, as both Shinonon and Fumirul are about to play, Munechika comes from behind asking the trio for being in her room. Surprised, Oshtor asks if the stuffed dolls are hers and so they are, in fact she made them. Fumirul is amazed, making Munechika to blush. After conversion with both Shinonon and Fumirul, Munechika gives a doll to Shinonon, and promises that she will take care of it and play with it as well.

Oshtor comes to Kuon's room to ask a favor of her, he finds her along with Nekone and Fumirul, giving them some perfumes she made herself. Kuon asks about his request so he replies that it can wait. Kuon will receives some herbs that just arrived so before leaving her room she asks him to not touch the medicines around since some of them are dangerous and especially the medicine box. Both Nekone and Nosuri completely consume the medicine as they start acting weird Fumirul informs him that the medicine is used in Tuskur that has a alcoholic properties that restore their strength, with no other way out of this mess, both Oshtor and Fumirul comes to the conclusion that they must apologize to Kuon for draining the medicine despite she will furious, much to Oshtor's disappointment.

As Oshtor walks through the hall, Munechika comes and asks about Anju whereabouts, Oshtor accepts to help Munechika and goes to find her, he finds Kuon at the training grounds, as he comes to her he notices Anju training with the giant blade. Oshtor is surprised and terrified of how strong Anju is as she wields it without any effort, Anju comments of how she beat the Tuskur princess with the sword previously, Kuon stares at her with a sour cast to her expression, Anju then comes with the idea for Oshtor to train her in combat much to his surprised and terror because of her supernatural strength, he gives excuses to reject her suggestion and suddenly Munechika arrives, thanks to Kuon by notifying Anju whereabouts, with a cold look she offer herself to train Anju, much to her surprises and fear, after a few moments, Munechika disarms Anju, so the latter hides herself behind Oshtor, Munechika proceeds to attack with Oshtor being knocked down. Munechika explains that this is the consequence by shielding with other, noticing her given lesson Anju realizes that she has much to learn and then goes back to her room alongside Munechika.

Anju and Kuon - Two Rivals[]

Anju enjoys herself with Oshtor

Munechika comes to Oshtor telling her that Anju demands his presence at once urgently. Once he enter, bows before her, Anju explains that there no need for formalities, and proceed to the point of the meeting. Anju asks of when they be able to march toward the Capital, to return home, but Oshtor informs her that due to the current circumstances they still need more time gain the manpower and the support of the other countries as Yamato has superior number and Mikazuchi the other twin shield of Yamato as a enemy, even with Oshtor and Munechika alone can't end the war, Oshtor promises her that he will return her home with all his power, this cheers up Anju.

The princess orders Munechika to guard the door as she is about to have a private conversation with Oshtor, then she insists him to sit on her throne, and he does so after hesitating at first. Then, with no warning, Anju plops onto his lap; She even leans back as she makes herself comfortable without any hesitation.

Anju gets annoyed as Kuon comes in.

Anju enjoys herself as she is with Oshtor, declaring that her feelings has finally reached to him, this goes further as she enjoys his warmth and scent. And suddenly Kuon comes after passing through Munechika, she comes looking for Oshtor about the medicine reserve. As Kuon notices them both on the throne, she gives Oshtor a bright smile but with something menacing on it, this gives him a chill that runs down his spine. Both girls insist for his presence as they pulls from both his arms with their rivaling supernatural might, Oshtor tries to talk his way out of this situation, but before he could finish his story, the girls cocluded that whoever wins this contest of strength is the one to keep him. so they resume to pull him for themselves with all they might as he screams in pains before falling unconscious.

Izuruha - Tokifusa's Deception[]

Expedition to Izuruha.jpg

As other countries begin to ally with Ennakamuy, a letter arrives informing that Lord Tokifusa wants to join war. Oshtor looks for council from Nosuri and Ougi about their opinion on Tokifusa but they know little about the subject unless they meet him, also they inform him that their father was a former Pillar general back 10 years ago, a honorable man who can aid them. So Oshtor decides that Nosuri shall take the rank of chieftain in Izuruha can be united, and so they march to Izuruha. Whether Tokifusa has set a trap or not, they have Nosuri to unite the country.

On the way to meet Tokifusa, the group arrive om a small village. There Genho, the father to both Nosuri and Ougi, receives with outmost hospitality. They come to an agreement and conclude that Nosuri will have to gather up her clan under her own power. With the golden seal (a symbol for authority for the chieftain) and having the real Mikado of her side will support her authority, the only thing is that Lord Tokifusa has the Golden seal. Decision has been made and so Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and the rest continue their way to Izuhura to face Lord Tokifusa.

Expedition to Izuruha 2.jpg

As they arrive to the castle, Oshtor, Kuon, Nosuri and Ougi come as envoy and leaving the rest behind in the border order so any risk to the princess if the meeting turns out to be a trap can be avoided. Tokifusa receives them with the most sincere hospitality, as they enter the castle Oshtor and Kuon notices how well guarded is the fortress like they are expecting an attack.

Tokifusa's ambush

At the banquet, Lord Tokifusa brings a toast as the cups are filled, but Kuon notices something wrong on the cups served so her hands work fast to drop something in the cups. After the first toast Oshtor noticed that there was some substance in the cups but stays still to avoid anything rush as they aren't affected thanks to Kuon's stimulant dropped the cups, Kuon manages to manipulate the Lord to gave a drink as well , after that, Tokifusa falls asleep but Oshtor, Kuon, Nosuri, Ougi are not affected, so the trap that was set has been foiled. After Kuon and Ougi dealt with the troops at present, Oshtor thanks Kuon for saving them from Tokifusa's treachery. They take the Golden seal and set to find a way out of the castle.. The group escape by mounting woptors at stables by causing a stampede so they can get out the castle.

The group are able to reach the hill so their allies are able to shoot arrow upon the Yamatan forces, causing them to retreat. Back at the village everyone is surprised by Tokifusa's treachery even more by the truth of Genho's exile is cause by Tokifusa's schemes so he could be chieftain, Nosuri claims to be chieftain better than her father even without the golden seal.

Tokifusa last stand 2.jpg

Nekone brings grim news as Yamato has send an invading force to Ennakamuy, even if is a distraction tactic from Raiko, there is no other choice since they cannot risk the army ( still not adapted to battle) to fight alone against Yamato. Since dawn they are marching back to Ennakamuy, they separate from the main forces so they can meet up out of the forest, they are ambushed but are able to deal with the Yamatan forces, Oshtor realizes that Yamato's attack on Ennakamuy is a way to lure them out and that the hidden village has been spotted so the ambush could be well effective. With no other choice they have to pass the forest, and eventually they come crossed path with Tokifusa and his forces. And so the group encounters the Pillar General.

Tokifusa defeated

Having the advantage over Tokifusa as they surround him, the Pillar General shoots an arrow to the dammed waterfall, they come to high ground to avoid to be wiped out by the water. And so they come to face Tokifusa one last time. Tokifusa tastes defeat once more, Nosuri decides to drop the golden seal into the river but Tokifusa's lust for power drove him to chase the seal and falls to his death.

Oshtor and Nosuri

A few days after Tokifusa's defeat, all the clans in the country come united as Nosuri is named chieftain of Izuhura by Anju in person. Genho looks upon the people of the country while Nosuri is assisting Oshtor in Ennakamuy. After they return to the headquarter in Ennakamuy, Nosuri invites Oshtor to come hunting as everyone else is busy. During the hunting Nosuri showed some attraction forward Oshtor and the latter was suspecting it. As sunset comes, Oshtor carries Nosuri on the back as they head to the castle.

With Tokifusa's death, Yamato invasion forces on Ennakamuy have set back to the Imperial Capital, now Oshtor has the support of both Kujyuri and Izuhura.

Ennakamuy hot Springs[]

With dedication, Oshtor managed to build the waterway from Obaro Lake to Ennakamuy so a massive water supply to benefit both the people and the army,Kuon is overjoyed for it since she can have a hot bath soon enough. With the construction complete, Kuon takes Oshtor to a hot Spring secretly build. Kuon and the girls take a bath in a section for themselves while Oshtor, Kiwru, Jachdwalt and Ougi take the section for men. Unfortunately this joy for Oshtor comes to a swift end after he invited the troops to come in as well, with this section of the hot spring has been exceed from any space left, Oshtor takes his leave, leaving Kiwru behind as he begs to be saved from the crowd.

Shyahoro and Nakoku[]

Nakoku map.jpg

Oshtoru, Kuon and the rest review the rewards of their struggles as they receive countless reports and letter from around the land, with Kujyuri and Izuhura supporting them. Oshtor already set motions on Nakoku to gain their support as well so they can gain direct access to the Imperial Capital but grave news just arrived: Yamato has invaded Nakoku and it's capital Naara has fallen. This setback his plans.

Suddenly report arrives that Soyankekur of Shyahoro and an envoy of Nakoku come to meet up her Highness, Anju. At the meeting after Soyankekur have a chat with Atuy and everyone else, the Ouro get straight to bussiness as the prince of Nakoku comes, Itak bows before Anju and comes with this urgent request for military support to take back his homeland of Nakoku. Itak does so and informs that the only lead the Yamatan forces is Mikazuchi the General of the Left. During a brief conversation it is revealed that Itak is in fact Atuy fiance.

At night, as Oshtor analyses Nakoku's circumstances, Itak's request and concerned the he will confront Mikazuchi once more, Kuon comes in to his room, as both drink tea, Kuon asks about his decision to support Nakoku, now that he already decided to aid Itak's reclaim to his homeland. After Kuon confronts him, she leaves with a smile on him.

Nakoku expedition 1.jpg

The group finally set course to Nakoku with a small expedition force, on the journey, they kill some time or take a break since it will be 5 days before reaching land. Anju is amazed to see the ocean for the first time regardless Munechika keeping an eye on her, Nosuri dealing her seasickness even with the medicine given by Kuon, Atuy playing with Shinonon, Oshtor fishing with Kuon. Later Oshtor come to a conversation with Soyankekur and Itak about their choices to join the war.

Nakoku expedition 2.jpg

As they reach land, the group is shocked in amusement as they gaze upon the Great Brigde of Ivana, the pride of Nakoka, that connects the Imperial Capital to the land of Nakoka, build by the Mikado in one evening when an ancient prince of Nakoka who slayed the Nugwisomkami that destroyed any ship trying to cross the sea, making the sea journey between Yamato and Nakoka impossible, as a reward by slaying the beast and plegded loyalty to Yamato, the Mikado build the Ivana Brigde.

Brigde of Inava.jpg

Oshtor and his group alongside Ennakamuy army march forward Nakoka fortress as Soyankekur watches over by sea. However, Oshtor and Kuon expect a possible enemy ambush since they have the feeling of been watched, they reach and get settled at the Nakoku's hidden fortress where the remaining local forces receive them, now both forces on Ennakamuy and Nakoku are banned together.

As they spent the first night in the fortress after planning a way to take back Naara and the bridge now that Yamatan forces are gaining access to the land because of it, an unexpected Yamatan army attack through a breach on the wall, the group charge at the attacking forces with Itak joining the battle as well. The only way to avoid the fortress to be over run by the Yamatans they have to go to the breach to stop any enemy coming through.

Oshtor faces Mikazuchi

Once Atuy and Itak blocked the breach and the group dealt with the Yamatan troops, victory seemed secured, but suddenly Mikazuchi comes out to be the one leading the siege, as the general of the left was about to land a lethal strike on Itak, Oshtor blocks it, and so the Twin Shields come to blows once more.

Mikazuchi retreats

Even still not being a match for Mikazuchi, Oshtor however managed to make a slide cut on his foe, Mikazuchi is amazed and recognizes him a warrior worthy of the name. Just as he was about to deliver a powerful attack on Oshtor, dawn's light comes indicating that his time in Nakoka is up, Mikazuchi unleashed a less powerful attack that Oshtor blocked it easily. Mikazuchi demands that till they meet again, Oshtor shall not fall before any other foe. And so the General of the Left takes his leave.

Battle of Naara[]

Battle of Naara.jpg

After several times devising their strategy, Oshtor, finally has decided how to obtain victory by reclaim Nakuko. Naraa the capital of Nakoku must be taken as soon as possible since they cannot rely on reinforcements from the mainland. The attack will consist on two division forces, Soyankekur shall be leading the siege by sea while Oshtor and the group with Itak as their guide will infiltrate the palace to take down the commander and open the gates by using the underground tunnels that Itak used to escape. Oshotoru still unsure about the plan, Atuy gives him an idea as a counter measure if anything goes wrong.

Battle of Naara Palace 1.jpg

As the battle proceeds, Oshtor, Kuon, Anju, Itak, Munechika, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Saraanan, Uruuru and Rulutieh (Atuy who took a different way) inflitate the throne room lead of Maroro himself, now showing off in battle. Everyone is shocked and confused of seeing as Itak points at Maroro as the one tactician responsible for the fall of Nakoku. Oshtor, Kuon and Anju asks him his reason to ally himself with Raiko, only to be replied by accusing Oshtor of being responsible for murdering Haku. Kuon, Anju and Oshtor denie it. As he sees that Maroro is not acting like himself and not willing to listening any reason, they have no choice but to fight him.

Battle of Naara Palace 2.jpg

Maroro have the gropu surround them with a greater numbers of troops as he has the palace set of fire, but Anju arrives with reinforecements throught a secret passage.

Maroro escape.jpg

Oshtor and the others have Maroro surrounded, but the latter uses fire enchantments to avoid capture and escapes as he leaves the fire spread further, burning down the palace and the city next. Oshtor and the group escape the fire and give chase to Maroro.

Fire spread across the city as battle have absolutely turned against the Yamatan forces now that Soyankekur and the army are charging into the city now that the gates are open. Oshtor and the other try to calm down Itak now that Maroro have been caught at the great bridge of Inava. But the tactician draws a crystal from his person, Itak is flustered and the twins explains that Maroro has the Divine Keystone, the only thing that maintain bridge, as Maroro breaks it the bridge starts to fall down at once. Everyone leaves at once, but Oshtor stays as he tries in vain to convince to join him.

Kuon, Nekone and Anju noticed that Oshtor stayed behind, Anju is stopped from going back to rescue him by Munechika, Kuon waits with faith that he will come back. Oshtor arrives and they all leave at once to safety as the great bridge is falling down.

Oshtor and Atuy

At the city they cheer up Itak, even if the bridge is destroyed, his people, his land and the city is safe and reclaimed. As they embark to head back to Ennakamuy, Atuy decided to stay with Itak to restore his nation, Oshtor and Kuon say their goodbye to her. At night, as the troops celebrate victory, Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and the rest have small party, Soyankekur joins in as well, he informs Oshtor that Shyahoro and Nakoku will join the war at once after the latter nation is fully restored. Later, Oshtor distances himself from the party to drink a cup under the moon's light, Oshtor noticed Atuy as he asks her opinion to drink under the moon; Atuy joins in to share a cup with him after he offered it, Atuy explained that she changed her mind and decided to stay and help Oshtor and the others in war, she also explained that Itak himself tells that he still lacks strength as Atuy can't take her eyes off Oshtor. Atuy kiss him on the lips as a sign of affection, (although she thought Oshtor was really Haku but changed her mind) and so they sail back to Ennakamuy.

"With this victory, Shyahoro and Nakoku plegded their alliance to Anju, now Oshtor has the support of four nation, they have the numbers to launch an attack directly to Yamato. But with the Great brigde destroyed the alliance can't launch an attack assault on two fronts".

Kuon got a cold and Oshtor comes to check on her. The other come to check on her as well with gift that may help her recover. Anju has a fruit that mey help her, so she prepares it with assistance from the twins. The group chat, Fumirul mentions him that Kuon never had lucky in making friends as a child and now she has a bunch of them who really care for her. As the fruit ready, Anju comes to serve the grated fruit in the bowl to Kuon, she burst forward, a little too forcefully, and the contents in the bowl fly through the air, landing on Kuon's face. Anju apologies and says it was an accident to her; Anju tries to wash the mess, she hurriedly seizes the basin of water, hoisting it quickly upward, now the water splashes on her, Kuon now pissed by being soaked wet with water and fruit, doesn't believe her and rushes toward Anju as the latter runs away from her. Fumirul pulls her own sash, and naturally, all of her clothes fall off somehow; Kiwru tries to attend her but she falls on him. Oshtor and Ougi contemplate at the mess; Kuon stayed in bed for three more days before she can be fully recovered.

Dark Omens[]

Haku Akuruka.jpg

The day begins, Saraana and Uruuru get up Oshtor still on bed. As he gets up, his vision suddenly blurs and his body feels heavy. After he washed his face and look himself at the mirror, for a moment he sees that his eyes turned golden, but the next second turned back to normal. He shakes his head as he tries to clear his mind and wake himself up.

Dark Omens 2.jpg

At his office, Nekone informs him that the nation has become so prosperous thanks to the hard work they been doing, Rulutieh serves him a cup of tea as he was clearing his thoughts about Yamato's next move in the war. Oshtor asks for Anju, Rulutieh informs him that the princess is sparring with Munechika and Atuy; As both girls chat, Oshtor was about to drink the tea but suddenly the cup breaks in his hand, both Nekone and Rulutieh check on him. Oshtor notifies them that he is okay.

Dark Omens 3.jpg

He comes to the training grounds, looking for Kuon sos she may provide him with medicine. He finds Atuy sparring with Munechika with both Kuon and Anju watching. Anju tries to avoid sparring with Munechika or Atuy by having Oshtor participate. He begins sparring with Atuy but his sense has become too great that manages to win mere seconds. He leaves with a sick look on his face with Kuon noticing and she asks about his health. Oshtor spent the rest o day off.

A Mother's Embrace[]

Torikori and Haku, a mother hugging her son in comfort

Oshtor goes to check on Torikori now that her health is fully recovered. Nekone is hesitant about that choice but since the war incoming to it's most crucial state many will die, Oshtor will bid a farewell if he doesn't come out alive, Rulutieh comes and asks if he could a food basket for Torikori and he does so. At her house, Torikori receives him, the two enter into a small conversation now that he will go to war once more. Suddenly, Torikori asks if her son has lived a proud life. This shocks Haku now that she was aware about his secret identity. Torikori understood all the sacrifices Haku had to suffer, as she recognizes him as a son of hers. Haku can't hold back his tears anymore, Torikori comforts him by hugging him, vowing to protect her son no matter what others may think of him.

Rulutieh watches the event from a far without any of them noticing her.

Back at the castle at night, Oshtor meets with Rulutieh, as she was about to say something but hesitates. Oshtor tells her that the greater battle is about to come after all the struggle they been through. As he takes his leave Rulutieh calls him Haku, for a instant he freezes but continues his way back to his room.

Yamato Civil War[]

Yamato Civil War strategy battle 2.jpg

Ennakamuy, Kujyuri, Izuhura, Shyahoro and Nakoku are now banned together under the Anju's banner as she is acknowledged as the real princess of Yamato. Now they have they numbers to march forward to the Imperial Capital, to restore peace to the land. The war outcome will be decided by one battle.

Yamato Civil War strategy battle 3.jpg

At Ennakamuy, Oshtor views the map as he thinks the battle's tactics to be used and the foes to be faced. Kuon comes to check on him and asks him about what will he do once the war is over, this leaves him with no word to say now that his role as Oshtor will be over, he says that doesn't see beyond once the war is over, then Kuon satisfied with answer gives him the idea to come to her homeland Tuskur, she would gladly having him along, Oshtor agrees to her offer. The two gaze at each other for several minutes.

Suddenly Anju comes in as well, Kuon leaves at once not before asking him to think about her proposal. To his surprise Anju also asks him about his plans after the war, she comes to the expectation that Oshtor will be at her side, before anything further Munechika comes to escort Anju back to her quarters.

At Night, Oshtor assemble his allies form others nations with Anju at present as well. Ozen, Yashmah, Shis, Genho, Nosuri, Soyankekur, Atuy, Itak, Iwaraji, Munechika and all of his companions attend the summit and plan the tactics to be used in battle, Each General shall command a certain amount of troops to have better control of the army movements. In order to keep up with Raiko's tactics.

Yamato Civil War strategy battle 4.jpg

Oshtor and his allies arrive to the Plains now preparing as the battle was about to begin, Yamato arrives to the plains carrying Raiko's banner, indicating that the Sage Pillar General will attend the battle in person. Oshtor gives the order to the main forces to march forward as the Yamatan army comes. The battle begins in his favor as the allied forces takes the advantage once at the first clash ended, but Oshtor doesn't let his guard down as he expects any of Raiko's traps .

Battle of Omuchakko plains 1.jpg

Suddenly the tides changes as Yamatan troops start to intercept many of his allies' movements.

Haku leading the battle of Omuchakko.jpg

At the command point, Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and the others receive report from their divisions forces being pushed back, noting that the enemy command speed is superior than anticipated, Oshtor leaves command to Iwaraji as he heads out to support his allies in battle but a surprise fire attack on the Shitourai convoys, and thus Oshtor realizes that Maroro is the one behind the sabotages and tactics as well, so he changes the armies movements and supplies lines as well. Nosuri locates Maroro location in the woods, as they about to depart Oshtor asks Kuon to craft something special if the worse case is to come once they face Maroro.

Oshtor, Kuon, Anju, Munechika, Atuy, Rulutieh, Kiwru, Nekone, Fumirul, Saraana, Uruuru, Nosuri, Ougi and Jachdwalt, including some troops find Maroro and his soldiers, they are able to corner him to a cliff, but the tacticians use his fire enchantment to surround them with fire, with the intention of burning them alive. Oshtor has Kiwru to shoot the item crafted by Kuon, causing a intense explosion that wipes out the flames and the nearby fields, thanks to Munechika and the twins shield magic, everyone is unhurt.

Once more they surround Maroro, Oshtor asks him about his reasons for siding with Raiko has seized control of an empire that doesn't belong to him and puts an impostor on the throne as well ,Oshtor states the Haku wouldn't want the people to be deceived and that he would want peace and harmony to the land. Oshtor notices that Maroro's hostility is because of his faked death, so he mentions him about what they been doing as they were fleeing the capital back then. Maroro suddenly collapses as he comes to intense pain and so a servant takes Maroro to safety via smoke bomb. With no time to waste they return to battle.

The twins sense enemy thoughts, indicating to Oshtor that Raiko uses telepathic soldier Tiriryarai to communicate, get report, and coordinate his armies. The twins points on the map exact location of communication's source, several towers throughout the battlefield. Oshtor figures out that destroying the main watchtowers will cause all the enemy troops to confuse and fall into chaos. So the twins are able to locate them and show on the map where most of information is being concentrated by two towers from the beginning of the left wing to the end of the right wing.

Targeting the towers

The plan is decided, both towers must be taken down simultaneously on the same time if they want to cause disorder among the enemy lines, two teams will be displayed: Oshtor, Kuon, Nekone, Ougi, Nosuri, Fumirul and Saraana will take one tower, and the remainder will accompany Kiwru along with Uruuru. Nosuri and Kiwru will shoot the watchtower from nearby hill under the signal indicated by Saraana and Uruuru.

Oshtor vs. Mikazuchi

As they both teams have made position, Oshtor group is attacked by Mikazuchi trying intercept Oshtor's plan by himself, as Nosuri takes prepares to fire, Oshtor, Kuon, Ougi, and Fumirul confront Mikazuchi, the battle proceed with Kuon, Nekone, Ougi and Fumirul stay away from Oshtor as he and Mikazuchi engage themselves in a fierce battle. Oshtor realizes that Mikazuchi is merely a decoy as a hidden archer will intercept Nosuri, he quickly finds the archer and throws the iron fan at him; and so under the twins' signal, Nosuri and Kiwru shoot at the tower simultaneously.

The Twin Shields[]

Oshtor vs Mikazuchi (Second Battle)

The battle wages on as Mikazuchi enters Akuruka form, with no other choice Haku also uses the power of the Akuruka as well even after Nekone disapproval. And so the two Akuruka clash into battle, Mikazuchi is impressed by Oshtor's power as the latter was able to deliver several blows on him, but even so Oshtor was injured after the first minutes of battle. Thus Kuon, Nekone, Ougi, Nosuri, Fumirul and the other who were able to reunite come to his aid.

Haku vs Mikazuchi3.jpg

Even with such effort, Mikazuchi recovers as he uses the Akuruka power further, order to pair his foe's strength Oshtor also uses the Akuruka power, much to Nekone horror since she knows of the consequences if Oshtor uses the power even further. The armies of both sides stand down and fall back as they witness the power of Akurukas. Oshtor uses the Akuruka's power even further and charges forward Mikazuchi as the battle comes to its climax, regardless Oshtor having the advantage upon his foe.

In tears, Nekone reveals the secret behind the Akuruka power being a double edge weapon, the further he stays in Akuruturuka form for too long the less of his life force and spirit will be left, Munechika confirms this after Anju asked for the truth. Kuon decides to go out and stop the fight by herself, she unleashes her hidden powers to separate the two in one strike, both Akuruturuka is surprised at this. Mikazuchi demands her to not dare interrupt a duel between men while Oshtor asks her to stay back. Kuon, in a godly tone, calls Mikazuchi unworthy as he caused a girl tears and for Oshtor, she states her disappointment in him, the two notices Nekone in tears, imploring them to stop. So both Oshtor and Mikazuchi return to normal. Mikazuchi leaves as he finds no sport making a girl suffer. As Oshtor returns to the others, Kuon collapses on the ground, Fumirul informs them the she only need to rest.

With the confusion and chaos among the enemy ranks, Yamato's army fall into panic. With heavy causalities, Raiko, both frustrated and amazed by Oshtor's tactics, orders full retreat to the Imperial Capital. And thus the allied forces win the battle making a decisive victory in the war.

Recapturing the Imperial Capital[]

On the way to the Imperial Capital

Finally with the Capital close at hand, the Rebel army make camp, surrounding the city with no report of enemy ambush. At night, Oshtor is informed by Ougi that Kuon is resting and being attended by Nekone and Fumirul, she will be fully recovered by tomorrow. Oshtor thinks on a way to end the war fast without invalidating Anju rightful claim to throne as winter comes and the Imperial Capital has supplies for 5 years or even more. Oshtor comes with the idea to have Tuskur's aid so they could make pressure to Raiko and his remaining army. Just as Ougi writes the letter for Tuskur, report comes that the west gate is open and soldiers are charging forward, Oshtor commands the troops to stand down since it could be another of Raiko's traps, but even so some of the troops already are close enough to the gate. A sudden thunder sounds from the west gate, Oshtor recognizes the sound as Munechika arrives, covered in dirt and soil, reports that as she was trying to get the soldier back from the night raid a sudden shot came from behind the wall killing all nearby troops to the west gate. Oshtor confirms this weapon to be a cannon, so he call out a summit about the matter, and the escort with the message goes to harbor to Tuskur.

The next day Yamatan forces come out of the gates as they are about to attack.

Clash at the Capital 1.jpg

Oshtor has the Ouros to have a defensive line to the main force as the Yamatan army comes out, while he and the others charge to the main gate. At the gate they come to face Mikazuchi once more, but this time he comes to kill Oshtor at once so the Rebel army will come into disarray. So they face Mikazuchi and his troops. Oshtor, Kuon, Anju and the other take the advantage on Mikazuchi, so the Imperial General of the Left falls back as the Yamatan cavalry charges their flanks.

Clash at the Capital 2.jpg
Clash at the Capital 3.jpg

With no other choices Oshtor and the rest have to face the Yamatan soldiers, but as they about to fight the enemy, Maroro comes battle as well, Oshtor and Anju gives the tactician one last order to stand down but the latter ignores them. Oshtor and Kuon suspect if his plotting something but then he realizes that they been baiting them, as they are about to fall back, Mikazuchi arrives with reinforcements now surrounding Oshtor and his companions, Raiko and Shirchiya appears at the wall with the weapon ready to fire, but before that the weapon explodes, Raiko realizes that the weapon has been sabotaged sabotages. Oshtor's situation comes more favorable now that the gates open, allowing the rebel force to charge at the Yamatan army as they still confused and disturbed by the recent explosion. Regardless the confusion, Oshtor commands the attack as the rebel army advances into the city.

End of the War - Raiko's Last Stand[]

Anju, now empress, ends the civil war

The civilians gather at the gate as they see the victor, Anju stand before the people as the real Mikado, she asks any who doubts her to come at once, all of the people bow to her without any doubts the she is the real Mikado of Yamato. And so this mark an end to the Yamato Civil war. As for the remaining Yamatan forces, they surrender under Raiko's command.

Oshtor comes to the central plaza alone and he faces Maroro one last time as the latter realizes the truth of the war being played by Raiko, still infuriated as he blames Oshtor for Haku's death but suddenly he fall to the ground as he comes in pain, as small creature comes out of his ear. Oshtor attends Maroro now coming to his old self, weakened, he once more asks if Haku is truly gone. Having pity on him he decides to reveals himself as no one else is present, so Maroro realizes that Haku is actually alive now masquerading as Oshtor. Suddenly Anju comes with a crown covering her face asking to come closer to thank him for all his services by giving him a token to all his efforts.

Maroro imparts his last words

He bows before her but he feels something is off, suddenly Anju followed by Kuon and Munechika arrives, everyone freezes for what they see, Oshtor realizes that this is a trap as the impostor in front of him and stays back at once, but he is unable to dodge her blade so at the last second Maroro stands between the two, receiving the blade instead. Having failed to murder Oshtor, Shirchiya who is revealed to be the impostor acting as the princess escapes.

Maroro's death

Oshtor, Kuon, Anju, Nekone and Munechika are shocked for what happened and come to aid Maroro, Kuon tries to attend Maroro but the bleeding won't stop. Maroro asks Oshtor and the others not have grudge toward Raiko since he takes all the blame to himself and asks to ensure the true liege seat on the throne. And so he states the he leaves at peace knowing that his friend Haku is still alive and gives his farewell as he dies.

Raiko explaining his motives

Oshtor and the others come to face Raiko as he stands at top of the Holy palace alongside Shirchiya, the Pillar General accepts his defeat before the General of the Right, Anju asks reasons for his treason if he ever hated the Mikado. Raiko explains that regarless the Mikado loved his people, the Yamato itself hs become too dependable on him and his wonders he wanted to the people to be independent so they could reach higher position compared to the Mikado. He sees the people unable to stand without the Mikado, so he states the Yamato will eventually fall anyway.

Everyone facing Raiko in his Akuruturuka form

Oshtor declares that Anju will be a new sun for Yamato as the new Mikado. Raiko decides to end the war he himself started by using a special Akuruka that Shirchiya recovered from the Emperor's treasury. And so he enters at Akuruturuka form make his last stand against his foes. Oshtor decides not to use the Akuruka and faces the Raiko along his companions.

Oshtor defeats Raiko

Raiko use the Akuruka power further as he struggles against Oshtor and his allies. Eventually, Raiko is defeated by the group as Oshtor delivers the final strike at the Akuruka, Raiko once more accepts his defeat by Oshtor and stops fighting as he acknowledges Anju's capable of leading they Yamato and her strength, Raiko gives his farewell to Oshtor as his opponent and friend as he commits suicide by jumping off the Holy palace, with Shirchiya trying following him to attend him.

Both Oshtor and Anju acknowledged that this fight has officially put and end to Yamato Civil War. And so Anju stands to the People as the new Mikado of Yamato revealing Raiko's plan to rule over the land by having placed an impostor in the throne, and thus Anju declares a new age for Yamato as she ascends to the throne. People cheer in celebration and rejoice.

Haku declares to have finally fulfilled his duty and promise to Oshtor. He tries to take off the Akuruka mask but he is unable to do so as the mask has become part of him. Kuon and Nekone look at him in ire.

Imperial City after the War[]

Aftermath of the Civil War

Anju and Oshtor, now named High Commander, come to an summit at the throne room, Anju gives Soyankekur the title of Minister of the Left while Atuy will be titled as a Pillar General, she eventually agrees once Atuy mentions that Oshtor will be High Commander and the one to lead the Pillar Generals. Genho is appointed Minister of the Right while Nosuri one of the Pillar Generals, next Itak is also appointed as a Pillar General, Iwaraji is appointed as Grand Vizier while Kiwru is named the ouro of Ennakamuy.

Haku views the recent events: Raiko's remains aren't found once he turned to salt and there is no trace from Mikazuchi after the battle, and no one has seen Woshis since they took the the city.

Everything returns to normal in the Imperial City, and Oshtor has to attend to a bunch of letters. He considers to reveal himself but with both Royal Generals gone and having assumed the title of High Commander doesn't seemed as the best idea. Haku thinks about Mito, his brother now dead after meeting him for a short time and his hopes placed on him to restore humankind from the current state as Tatari.

Nekone, Rulutieh, and Kuon come to his room bringing some tea, Kuon notices him preparing for a journey, so and asks Oshtor whether he thought about coming to Tuskur with her . Oshtor agrees about it, also because Mito was interested since it has clues for restoring humanity. Kuon leans forward in excitement for accepting her proposal. She also invites Nekone to come as well. Suddenly every one else arrive, bringing Kokomoro as dinner among friends, they also hear about Tuskur so they also want to go, much to Kuon's joy. Anju also arrives joining the dinner party and sit on Oshtor's lap, Oshtor tells about visiting Tuskur once things have settle down in Yamato. Anju disapproves about it giving up Oshtor to Kuon, even more since she dislikes the Tuskur princess, Kuon states to Anju that she may change her opinion about her declaring the princess to be a nice person, Anju never less asks Kuon about how she is certain about it, Kuon only states that the princess is a nice person. Munechika suddenly comes much to Anju's horror.

Secrets Revealed[]

Beneath the Holy Palace 1.jpg

At night, Saraana and Uruuru wake up Oshtor, telling him to follow. He realizes it is Honoka making them asks for his presence but the twins do not respond. Kuon notices the event and comes and demands to know where he is being taken to, the twins tell that she is also requested to come, Kuon asks for the person requesting both her and Oshtor, the twins states that she will find out soon enough, Kuon agrees to come since she is interested. As they walk through the portal, Kuon asks why he seemed happy, but the latter suddenly avoids of doing so, they arrive at the garden where Haku used to meet Mito multiple times, Honoka greets at the two, she treats him as always thus indicating to Oshtor that she is aware about his secret identity, such sudden meeting leaves him with so many question that he doesn't even know what to say, then Oshtor as the green tea is served. As Oshtor enjoys the tea Kuon states that Tuskur's green tea tastes good as well.

Kuon wonders where they exactly are, Honoka reveals that they are beneath the Holy palace leaving Kuon amazed as she looks upon the sky at night. Honoka thanks both Haku and Kuon for their accomplishment in the war and supporting Anju, despite Haku throwing everything away but Oshtor states that it was his decision alone. Kuon is suspicious of him as she glares at him so to avoid revealing his identity he would change the subject.

Beneath the Holy Palace 2.jpg

Honoka now asks them to follow to the sealed gates to meet "him", leaving Haku in confusion since his brother is dead, they come to a hall made of inorganic materials, leaving Kuon amazed by seeing Onkamiyamukai structures and functions in perfect conditions. As they descend through the elevator, Honoka states that they have a close relationship only but Kuon blushed tries denies it, Oshtor states that this is natural, and states Kuon to be special for him thus leaving Kuon blushed; but then he states the she is his friend and comrade, who has stood with him through countless hardship, in response Kuon thwacks him with her tail even harder.

Beneath the Holy Palace 3.jpg

They arrive to the room and once the lights are on, a voices greets them, a capsule filled with a slight discolored liquid, with a old man inside. Mito, the previous Mikado of Yamato shows to be alive, both Oshtor and Kuon are shocked, that even Haku exclaims him brother, thus putting Kuon in further confusion. The Mikado thanks him for saving Anju and restoring Yamato but Haku declares that Oshtor is the one to have the credit since it was his last wish, thus Mikado realizes that another loyal friend worthy of the burden has fallen much to his grief. Mito explains to them that he was attacked while in the middle of procedures to prolong his life, he left a fake body behind so he would be able to recover while in stasis, he doesn't know who attacked him and that even Haku can't figure out. Then Mito talks to Kuon formally by pointing her as "Lady" Kuon and explains the reason why he invited her here, to thanks her for saving, helping and cheering Anju in all ways she did, and apologies to her about his decision to invade her homeland.


Mito states that it was a selfish decision of his to invade Tuskur, and explains them by telling about the history of humanity and their downfall as they were turned into Tatari, his struggle as the last human survivor to restore his kind by recovering any lost technology and most importantly to find any clue to restore humanity from their current state as he shows them the Tatari collected in the screen. All of the lands he conquered was to find any solution to save humankind and thus Yamato was born.

Haku: the Mikado's brother[]

Over the years only despair was left on Mito, and then by miracle, his long lost brother whose name was long forgotten was found. Oshtor/Haku tries to stop the discussion, but Kuon realizes that the Mikado is referring to Oshtor and thus Mito asks Haku to take off the mask and shed the name Oshtor as his duties has come to an end.

Kuon is overjoyed to see that after all that has happened Haku is alive, even if he denies it at first; Kuon knows the truth as she declares her confirmation and asks him why he is still playing as Oshtor; with his secret identity revealed, Kuon approaches to him, but Haku states that he is Oshtor by explaining that the moment he took the Akuruka, Haku died, as he cannot take off the mask now that it has been fused to him.

Mito reveals that the Akuruka was designed for humans and once it has been fused, it cannot be removed for the wearer's own safety, and once more Mito apologizes to Kuon now that it has taken something precious to her again.

Kuon pulls herself together, and tells Haku that she doesn't agree with his decision. But she will accept it, for now. And she fully expects him to explain everything, and she won't take no for an answer. Kuon asks Mito to continue, and explains him that if he weren't in his current state she would punch him in the face seconds ago. Thus Mito comments to Haku that Kuon is a scary one and he was surprised that Kuon is the type for him. Thus leaves Kuon glancing at the two.

Mito continues his story. He decided to pass the legacy of humankind to Haku, but before that he wanted to get the Master Key in Tuskur, that's the reason behind invasion. He found the Master Key signal two decades ago in Tuskur, he could get the master key he could bring back lo life to all facilities and find a way to save his brethren but he would succumb to old age, so he asks Haku and Kuon to get the Master Key since it will prove useful to him.

The first Akuruka

Haku asks him about what exactly is the Akuruka. He first mentions about the True Human Project, thus Haku remembers it and the Iceman Project. Mito explains that the True Human Project is derived from the Iceman Project, as does the Akuruka mask. Back when Yamato was a small country, he was worried about their military power so he created the Akuruka on his own version. Some of the data was corrupted, but once he gave it to a worthy warrior, the power was too much to control, a power that wasn't suppose to exist, so he lost sanity. In order to avoid disaster, he created more Akurukas by dividing the power in four with a limiter to control its might, so they could defeat the first one.

After finishing conversation, Haku and Kuon are about to take their leave and think about telling Anju but Mito asks them to not tell her, as it will only make Anju to be dependable once more just when she started to stand by herself.

Nekone receives them after waiting for them at the household, then Kuon comforts Nekone about her loss of her brother Oshtor and all the effort she did while Haku was playing as Oshtor. Kuon informs Nekone that she and Oshtor will be heading for Tuskur, and tell her not needing to worry about his identity.

Heading to Tuskur - Plans for the Future and Haku's Past[]

Haku left a note to everyone so they wouldn't worry about his whereabouts, in fact he left for harbor heading for Tuskur, he asks Soyankekur to keeps his journey a secret. On the way, Oshtor was about to get a drink so Fumirul gives him some tea to his surprise, once she replied her reason to be here by being Kuon's caretaker, Haku sudden realizes as he turns around to see Kuon aboard, glaring at him with a wide smile, as he notices a vein throbbing in her forehead a shiver suddenly runs down his spine. Kuon, pissed by his sudden disappearance, asks him why he left without telling her but the twins appear at once serving him meal, so Kuon questions the twins' reason to be here as well, the two reply that it is their place to be serving Haku.

As soon she was about to mentions the name Haku, he rushes forward to covers her mouth since he can't have her talking about as there are tons of people around. Kuon bites him in response, however Saraana and Uruuru take him to shaded spot and give him a cold drink before she resumes to the matter; Oshtor notices Kuon staring at him, now feeling guilty, but Fumirul joins as well, now forgetting the situation. After a few moments Haku notices Kuon glares at him with icy eyes, scaring him.

At night, Oshtor goes to the deck and watches the sky and sea, planning what to do once he arrives to Tuskur as he search for the Master Key. Kuon comes in from behind and he apologies to her that she can't call him Haku as he can't take off the Akuruka; Kuon asks him if he will keep upholding Oshtor's legacy or his brother's, Haku explains that once the world doesn't need Oshtor, he will disappear, in fact he plans to travel the world, Kuon comes in joy for hearing this even she was about to invite him as well.

Kuon asks him about how humans used to live, their culture and all about the past world in his time. Haku tell her everything and that he never seen the sky before since people lived underground, in fact all of their work appeared to be in vain compared to the present. Haku also tells her about his former life and family, his brother Mito, sister in law and niece.

Kuon the Princess of Tuskur[]

Heading to Tuskur

It hasn't been long since the war between Tuskur and Yamato, so the security got heavy, Kuon managed to get them through. They continue their travel by carriage as they reach Tuskur's Capital. As they about to arrive Oshtor feels unsure of how the Tuskur's people will receive him since he is the High Commander of Yamato, however Kuon tell him to not worry since she already sent letter about their arrival before indicating her people that Oshtor is coming as ambassador to rebuild the relationship between the two nations, he wonders what kind of influence Kuon has in her homeland. He notices Kuon getting nervous as she get is informed by Fumirul that her mothers and sisters are kinda furious by running of again.

Tuskuru Futari no Hakuoro 1.jpg

As they make line to the checkpoint to enter the city, Kamyu welcomes him to the land as his guide to Tuskur's Capital, but Oshtor remembers her back when she and Aruuru came to the Imperial Capital as envoys. Kamyu notices Kuon trying to hide; with no way to avoid Kamyu, she comes in shame to meet with her sister and wonder if she is angry about running off from home, much to Haku's surprise to see Kuon like that. Aruruu also welcomes him from behind mounting Mukkuru, she gives him some snacks as she turns her gazes on Kuon since she is in fact angry at her for running away without telling. Aruruu gives her "plenty of punishment", after that Kuon fall in deep embarrassment because Aruruu had to punish her in front of everyone including Haku. As he looks upon Kuon's lifeless eyes, Haku turns around at once but Kuon angrily whipps him with her tail. And so Kamyu guides Oshtor along with Kuon, Fumirul and the twins to the city.

The Princess of Tuskur revealed

At the Capital of Tuskur, as Kamyu and Aruruu guides him throughout the city, he is amazed that even if it's small compared to the Imperial Capital, Tuskur is prosperous. The tour continues as Kamyu and Aruruu gives him some of Tuskur famous food and snack, in fact Oshtor got so relaxed in Tuskur that almost forgot his mission for the Master Key. As they head to the palace for a feast to his honored guest, Kuon tells him that she can't follow him anymore much to his confusion.

Oboro, the Ouro of Tuskur, greets Oshtor but he rejects his thanks for sending aid to Yamato in the civil war and tells him that he should thank his daughter for it. After Oboro receives some news from Dori and Gura, he orders a banquet in honor to him at once. At the feast Kamyu, Aruruu, Fumirul, Saraana and Uruuru also join the feast.

Oshtor suddenly feels a shudder passing through him and then sees that the Princess of Tuskur comes to join the banquet, Oshtor makes a formal greeting to her and thanks her for aiding Yamato, the princess tell him to simply enjoy himself and then begin to pour him a drink. Everyone at present are fascinated for this turn of events. And then, the princess invites him to her services, declaring that she took a liking to him, Oshtor doesn't respond in confusion even if she asked a second time; the princess suddenly removes her veil to reveal her face, the girl in front of him is no one else but Kuon, this leaves him in shock and Kuon once more asks him serves her, to be the one to stand beside her, as her right-hand man thus asking him by his real name, Haku. Both look to each other for a long moment, with other word to say in mind, he asks Kuon if she was the one to hit him full force back at Ennakamuy. Kuon's face turns pale, so she puts back her veil and leaves the room at once. The people return to the feast like nothing happened, Haku was still surprise that Kuon is actually the Princess of Tuskur, however he declares that Kuon is Kuon even if she is a princess.

At his room, Haku still surprised by Kuon being the princess of Tuskur so he asks the twin if they knew, they chose not to tell him since it might tear heart apart. Kuon comes in to talk, Haku states the even if she is a princess or not, she will be always be Kuon to him; she expresses how sad she felt by the time Haku faked his death thus not telling her about his secret identity and his relativity to the Mikado since Kuon is his "guardian". Now both now each other secrets.

The Castle in Tuskur

Kuon asks him to come as she does some errands and Kuon will also show him around her homeland, so he accepts the idea and asks her to be his guide, the twins also will come. So the four head outside the castle where Fumirul is waiting for them. At first he was concerned if is okay since Kuon is the princess, but she states that is okay since she coming incognito and she usually hides face during public ceremonies.

Tuskuru Futari no Hakuoro 2.jpg

As they are on the main street, Kuon asks him about he sees Tuskur's Capital; Haku says that the people live happily and lively; such answer contents Kuon. Both are happy as they continue the tour, however Haku asks her if the people around are staring at her but in fact they are staring at him because of the Akuruka. As Kuon check the sweets at the shop, Oshtor asks Fumirulif people are aware that Kuon is the princess since the shop's owner almost called her by name; in truth people know who she is but Fumirulasks him to not let Kuon find out because she will no longer come into town. He notices that Kuon is well loved by her people. Oshtor carries all of the things Kuon received from the people, however the twins carry them for him; even so as they head on the street, both Oshtor and Fumirul carry her purchases.

Tuskuru Futari no Hakuoro 3.jpg

Kuon grabs him from his sleeve and takes him to a Temple school where she wants to show him something, inside many children receives them that even they got curious about him for wearing the mask, Kamyu and Aruruu tell him that this is where they teach the children both literacy and arithmetic, Kuon cooks some food for the children at school as she comes to visit and Oshtor asks for the twins to assist her. He is tasked to take care of the children while the girls cook; as they about to eat, a child asks if both Kuon and Oshtor are married but Kuon denies it as she was blushed to hear it.

Haku and Kuon in Tuskuru ruins.jpg

Still unsure how to find the Master Key, Kuon comes to his room and states the she want to help him in finding the Master Key; so she has an idea of where it might be since it's a sacred place where they are heading. Kuon gladly takes him to beneath the castle, they both hold hands as the passage is so dark to see clearly and have a chat as they walk; as they proceed deeper in the ruins, a dead end is found that even Kuon is unable to open a path with her strength, however as Oshtor touched the wall a passage is opened for him being a human. Kuon tells him to be careful, but he notices her tail twitching in excitement for curiosity; on their way inside the ruin Kuon converses about how long since they been alone together, Oshtor notices that Kuon always been by his side since he awakened. Neither of them breaks silence but Oshtor feels something for Kuon. She asks him if she can call him by the name Haku if they are alone so he allows her to. Kuon looks happily for that answer and repeats his name several times.

Avu Kamu storage.jpg

They find a wide open room; there they find a monument made of metal with glowing blue light letters, as Kuon checks it with most curiosity Oshtor recognizes as a authentication device and comes to see the letters; Kuon asks if he can read the letters but he can't read as for the darkness, as he sees her frustrated then touched the letter and then the gates open.


Both are amazed as they find massive suit armor sitting in chains, Kuon tells him that these are Abh-Kamu but is the first one she sees in person, used by a old country to wage war many years ago, she is fascinated as she stares at them; Oshtor recalls them and explains her that these machines were used by his people, they are humanoid protective equipment for extreme conditions by the Abel Heavy Industries, used for the Gaia remediation Project, Abh-Kamu. He is surprised that these were used for war, and states that using these for that purpose is kind of cheating, regardless the Akuruka.

Avu Kamuu.jpg

Kuon is fascinated for his knowledge so she asks him if he can really use it; but Oshtor states that to need a credential to do so. He cheer her up by informing that they can be used by the control panel, so Kuon grabs it. Oshtor states to go back but Kuon activates one without warning. The Abel Kamul stands up as the chains break, Oshtor is surprised and horrified as the machine stands while Kuon is fascinated that it still works so she presses a button of the control panel and the suit smash the wall one handed. As Kuon keep pressing the panel; Oshtor tries to get her attention, but she is too absorbed in the panel's working to listen to him.

The suit crashed to the wall and cause the place to crumble, Oshtor grabs Kuon's hand and takes her to the exit. They run as fast as they can down the dark pathway, but the Abel Kamul follow them at high speed. As he sees Kuon's curiosity still wins out even at this situation, he notices that she still carries the tablet so he tells her to get rid of it; but they hurry up to the way out as the place seemed to collapse. And so they reach the outside.

Once outside the dark hallway, the Abh-Kamu suddenly stops and kneels down like it's awaiting another command. Haku states the the machine has been following them because Kuon has the control panel and takes it so she would get themselves killed, but Kuon tries to pull it from his grasp and demands to hold it a bit longer. And they accidentally activates a emergency mode, the Abh-Kamu speaks requesting for command. Surprised, Kuon asks to press a sudden button on the panel; Oshtor tries to warns her, but her curiosity once more causes Kuon to press the button, and thus the Abh-Kamu enters emergency mode thrashing around.

Avu Kamuu 2.jpg

Oshtor gazes upon Kuon for what Kuon has unleashed, she only apologizes and implies that she couldn't resist for curiosity; Oshtor states that they should stop it right now, but Kuon asks him to not destroy it since she would be the one to be "punished". Oshtor decides to use a shutdown command but this plan backfires now that he has no idea how to command it, so he relies on waiting for the machine to run out of fuel but then he remembers that these machines work for days without refueling. As he looks for a way to stop it, Fumirul, Saraana and Uruuru come to help them since both took to long to come back; So they tried to stop the Abh-Kamu with out destroying it but they not successful however they got to slow it down.

Avu Kamuu rampage.jpg

Oshtor notices Kuon fiddling with the tablet again; she tries to press a button so it would stop the Abh-Kamu, but she made things worse as the machine enters full annihilation mode. Realizing the situation, Oshtor gazes upon the Abh-Kamu in terror as is about to go on rampage and he is about to tell Kuon and the others to run; but Benawi and Kurou arrive to help as they demanding an explanation from Kuon by unlocking the Abh-Kamu they sealed many years ago, there no time for discussion as they try to stop it.

The Abh-Kamu goes berserk

Even with their help, the situation is still seems dire; Oshtor then looks at the tablet, even if he doesn't know how it works he gives it a try, he presses a button on the center of the panel that seemed to do the trick but it got even worse as the Abh-Kamu enters full are annihilation mode; Oshtor gets desperate as Bewari and Kurou come to wonder how the machine acts as if getting orders, so he furiously looks at the panel and presses another button in hopes that it will end the disaster and finally comes a voice saying: Emergency shutdown command accepted. His relieves quickly ends as it asks for password through voice.

Avu Kamuu rampage 3.jpg

He desperately gives various commands, all incorrect; and the Abh-Kamu comes close to him. Everyone gets back as the Abh-Kamu stands before him and they yell at him to run as he thinks for the password; and Oshtor figures it out the password so he says it: PASSWORD to the terminal and the Abh-Kamu finally shutdown.

The Abh-Kamu shuts down at Oshtor's command

Everyone is amazed of how he stopped it with a word, even Kuon runs toward to him to he would teach her the password; but he doesn't and states it would dishonor to those who ruled the land. Kuon still seems curious, but he managed to convince her not to pry any further.

A few days after arriving to Tuskur, Oshtor realized that he feels more comfortable in Tuskur. Kuon and Fumirul come to his room; Kuon carries some changes of clothes for him while Fumirul a jug of water. Kuon smiles at him as he already prepared for the day. As the twins and Kuon have a little chat, Fumirul falls asleep as she stands, Oshtor catches her before she falls to the ground and ends up holding her in an embrace, causing an awkward situation once more; the twins comment something inappropriate thus Kuon "jealous" smiles and her tail snakes around his head. Kamyu and Aruuru watch them as they stand in front commenting how this event between Haku and Kuon brings back memories, thus Kuon releases him at once.

After breakfast, Oshtor notices that the palace has become hectic than usual; Kuon explains that Lady Ulthury is coming to visit as she comes to his room bringing some tea and snacks so does Kamyu, Aruuru, and Fumirul to join; she tells him that Ulthury is one of her mothers, the Oruyankuru of Onkamiyamukai and center leader of worship for Uitsualnemetia. He comes to wonder if Ulthury knows something about the master key. Both Kamyu and Aruuru invite him to come to have some fun while he stays in Tuskur for the time being, but Kuon states to come along to the ruins again.

Ulthury arrives to the room, all the girls greet Ulthury for her visit thus Oshtor realizes that she is the High priestess. After a few moments, Ulthury introduces herself to Oshtor, thus Saraana and Uruuru ready themselves to fight Ulthury like she was an enemy; He orders them to stand down and apologizes to the High Priest for such inconvenient of the twins; Ulthury smiles at him saying not to worry and she reveals him that she knows about his secret identity thus aware that he is a Onkamiyamukai and that his current appearance is not his own. Oshtor looks at Kuon if she told her anything but she merely shakes her head.

Ulthury is aware why Oshtor is here in Tuskur and the truth about the Tatari, she can't mention about the matter here; Oshtor tells her the reason for finding the key and thus Ulthury will allow him to come to her homeland Onkamiyamukai since it is him for being a human. They decide to depart next morning.

Route to Onkamiyamukai

As they travel to Onkamiyamukai on carriage, Oshtor is wondering why they allow a foreign commander to come to a holy land that even royalty are forbidden to without permission even after Yamato attempted to invade; Kuon asks him if he is okay, Oshtor thanks Kuon for being his guide in Tuskur since he would be lost without her, thus he notices Kuon wagging her tail in excitement. He notices Ulthury watching them with a smile and tell him that his path has long been foretold thus telling that no harm will come to him once arriving. Kuon and Fumirulwarns him that must avoid any mistreat to people belief once they arrive to Onkamiyamukai where religion is most important.


Once arriving, Oshtor notices a huge number of people coming to the grand temple and even there is a ridiculous line to enter, so he states to wait tomorrow but Kuon chuckles and go talk to the guards. He notices the pale expression of the guard and run back to the barracks, in panic. Thus drums echoes across the area and the people make way for them to pass, much to his confusion; and they straight to the Grand Temple.

Onkamiyamukai's Grand Temple

Ulthury leads the way and they come in front of a great building where Haku states to be the innermost shrine but Kuon correct him that this is the whole piece is a shrine to worship the Onkami and the building is the where the Oruyankuru resides. Oshtor is kinda wondering why this land is known as "the land where god sleeps" and wonders if this is where the Master Key is; suddenly a headache strikes him and states that his Akuruka is resonating to another Akurutukura here but realizes that this resonance is different, as he looks at the shire he notices something is calling for him and wonder why. Kuon voices snap him back to reality and she asks him about his well being as she peers his face . Kuon tells him that he looks pale and both she and Fumirul wish to rest for a while but Haku insist to continue as Ulthury tells him to not strain himself too hard.

As the proceed further into the depth of the ruins, Oshtor notices an altar; thus Kuon is surprised that there is even a passageway past this place. Ulthury tells him the the person who is calling him awaits just ahead, as they proceed even further; Haku notices the scripts on the walls and tries to recall to seeing those before but then they arrive to the gate and once more the Akuruka resonates as he enters past the gate.

Humans ruins.jpg

As they continue; Oshtor, Kuon, Saraana, Uruuru and Fumirul gaze on amusement at the ruins of a civilizations that once ruled the earth, a whole city in ruins without life. Oshtor in shock, states that humanity has really died off and notices Kuon acting kinda oddly after not hearing him or interested on these ruins. The twins pull his sleeve and tell him to cautious, as numerous tatari are present but Ulthury assures him to now worry as those won't attack since they are on a secret place. The twins give a melody that the tatari leaves at once thus Ulthury, Fumirul and even Kuon praise for such song, Saraana and Uruuru tell that the area has been purified as the tatari fall back.

Uitsualnemetia's Shrine[]

Shrine of Uitsualnemetia

Ulthury states to arrive to their destination as they see a shrine on the center of a huge crater, the twins inform him that what he seeks is over there. Oshtor is surprised for the size of the seal around the area since he only heard of the legend. Suddenly, Kuon rushes to the shrine as if she sensed someone, Oshtor tries to stop her but turns his gaze upon Ulthury to look for answers, but a mysterious voice asks him if Oshtor is sure about this in his head thus leaving stunned in confusion. Ulthury explains him that she talking through telepathy and tells him to go for what he seeks, but he will find his hopes shattered. Determined to continue his journey, Oshtor rushes to Kuon as Ulthury stays behind now that someone else will his guide, someone higher than the Oruyankuru.

Eruruu and Kuon, mother and daughter, reunited

As Oshtor and Kuon stand before the stairs of the Shrine, the lights go on and the doors open as someone steps forth from the doorway. Their entrance is accompanied by the clear ringing of a bell. A woman welcomes them and introduces herself as the one protecting the place, Eruruu. Haku introduces himself as Oshtor, however Eruruu is aware of his true name and the reason he came as she explains this place is barred to all except those with the right to be here. Just when he was about to continue his questions, Kuon steps forward haltingly with legs shaking. Oshtor tries to talk to Kuon but she cries out and leap into Eruruu's arms, revealing her to be Kuon's mother. Both Kuon and Eruruu share a sentimental reunion after many years as she sobs like a child to her dear mother.

Eruruu looks back to Haku and guides him into the shrine as the master of this place is waiting.

Meeting Hakuowlo -Truth Behind the Curse Upon Mankind[]

Eruruu leads them to a large wooden room inside. At the end of the room, curtains obscure the view and behind them Oshtor sees someone's silhouette. The Onkami welcomes him as he directs Oshtor as the Utawarerumono. Oshtor is surprise to meet him as he feels the voice resound his soul and he is hesitant so believe that gods actually walk the earth, thus surprised that the Onkami talk to him with his real name as Haku. Onkami states that Oshtor wants to restore his people, he got his sympathy, but he fears that this wish cannot be granted as the Tatari are sentenced to wander for eternity and even if Oshtor gets the key, it will only lead to a path of despair. Oshtor replies that "even if we don't know the way that doesn't mean we never will", indicating that the answer will be found no matter how many years it will take.

The Onkami acknowledges him and tells him the truth behind the tatari. The humans had the technology to great things but became vicious, once they consumed all the natural resources, humans were forced to live underground as the atmosphere became toxic for humans; over time their bodies became weaker and became despair as they were looking to make their bodies stronger to survive and thus leading them abusing with life itself by creating "demi humans" as slaves and guinea pigs for experiments until they found it.

Kuon and the twins reply that it was Uitsualnemetia that they found; a god whose joy is to hear people wishes and granting anything to them, but the god was also a Nugwisomkami that lead one to their downfall. As Uitsualnemetia grants wishes to the people, a price equivalent must be paid as legend says. This is how the Onkamiyamukai were devoured by the Uitsualnemetia. This deity has a hidden malevolence as he grants wishes.

The humans' price for an immortal body was intellect and form. The Onkami states the if the wish to regain humans their former body and intellect is to come, a dearer price must paid. Kuon explains to Oshtor that for that wish is impossible as Uitsualnemetia is sealed and the wish he wants to be made will only make things worse.

Oshtor states to use the Master Key so humans can be restored without more sacrifice, thus Eruruu gives him the Master Key, something similar to a metal ring but bigger. Kuon interrupts Haku and states that the object hold precious memories to Eruruu, but she states the she carries it within her heart now.

But before receiving the Master Key, Ulthury comes as she informs that someone else chosen by fate with the right to the Master Key arrives behind her. Thus this guest is revealed to be Woshis, both Haku and Kuon come alerted to see him, but blood shall not be split on sacred grounds. Oshtor notices Woshis's uniform from an advanced era, thus Woshis declares that he is aware about his secret identity.

Woshis states to have the same responsibility as Oshtor and thus asks for the Master Key to the Onkami, but the deity refuses to give it to someone who merely came to desire it. Woshis reveals himself to be a human as well. Both Haku and Kuon are shocked and find hard to believe it, but Woshis clears their doubts as he reveals his knowledge as both True Human Project and Iceman Project.

Woshis further reveals that humans were looking to improve their bodies as they grew weaker by life underground; they decided to be a complete species as they were looking various ways to do so and thus True Human Project was created. Then scientists found a human inside a cage of ice for unknown time and became a ray of hope, thus the True Human Project passed to be Iceman Project. Fascinated, the scientist were for studying Iceman's capability and power, even deeper secret are yet hidden; they were studying him further even if it beyond their reach or control; by meddling forbbiden knowledge, humans disappeared. Haku has further flashback for this revelation; but he became further shocked when Woshis reveals that the Iceman is Uitsualnemetia that devoured humankind.

Thus this proves Woshis's claim to the Master key as he doesn't approve the Mikado passing the human legacy to Haku, as Woshis mentions it outloud thus revealing his secret identity. Woshis explains to Onkami that he also wants to bring peace to his kind thus revealing the unknown technology of the past. As hostility is unavoidable, Onkami declares a test of might just outside of the inner sanctum so the winner shall have the Master Key.

Battle of Master Key 1.jpg

As Oshtor, Kuon, Fumirul, Saraana and Ururuu are about to take battle of Woshis's minions and Shirchiya who had been serving Woshis from the very beginning; Mikazuchi appears on the top stairs and brings reinforcements to aid Oshtor; Anju comes leading Munechika, Atuy, Jachdwalt, Rulutieh, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri and Ougi to save him. Anju demands explanations for later as she come to aid him and reveals that Mikazuchi merely explained that Oshtor is in danger so they came to Tuskur; even if is a personal matter for Oshtor. Anju stated to aid him as he supported her in restoring the throne of Yamato. Mikazuchi explains to Oshtor in low profile, that after he succumbed to his wounds at the Battle for the Imperial Capital, he awoke beneath the Mausoleum as he was healing within a capsule and the previous Mikado told him the situation and the danger upon Oshtor.

Battle of Master Key 2.jpg

As Woshis refuses to bow to Anju; they battle Woshis's yatanawarabes with the advantage on numbers and power, but the battle becomes difficult after yatanawarabes rises twice upon death. Oshtor, Mikazuchi and Munechika confirm that these creatures are similar to the Akuruka as they feel it's power and thus discovering that Woshis is capable of creating Akuruka, something that only the Mikado can do. Oshtor was about to use the Akuruka's power but Kuon asks him to do not as they can still fight and neither can't Mikazuchi as he still recovering from his wounds. Woshis uses this opportunity to go straight to Eruruu and demands the Master Key, the latter allows this and so does the Onkami. Even if Oshtor and the others notices him escaping the Sealing Hall, they can do so little as the yatanawarabe keeps them busy. They eventually defeat the yatanawarabe, and they all declare that so long Woshis is free, Yamato will be in great danger now that he's been plotting from the very beginning.

Uitsualnemetia's Mask[]

Eruruu gives Uitsualnemetia's mask to Oshtor

Before they leave to stop Woshis, Eruuru gives Oshtor an Akuruka mask, which was Hakuowlo's previous mask, and tell him that she was told to give it to him. Oshtor (recognizing the mask as he looked at it when hacking the data), Kuon, Anju, and the others are surprise to see an Akuruka hidden in the Shrine. They comment that it is similar to Oshtor's but the shape and the material seemed like it was crafted in bone. Eruuru tells Oshtor that he will look it as a good luck charm at first but he must decide how to use it and there may come the time when it is unavoidable.

Rulutieh, Nosuri, Atuy, Jachdwalt and Munechika give their opinion about the Akuruka, even Anju puts it to the test as she wears it on to check how it feel but nothing happens as Kuon glares at her and Munechika nags at Anju for such act. Oshtor puts back the Akuruka to the purple cloth and keeps it hidden in his pouch.

Confronting Woshisu.jpg

Confronting Woshis[]

As they run through the ruins back to the surface, Oshtor and Kuon already expected that Woshis escaped Tuskur. Ulthury confirms this to the group and guides them to a wide room where a gate used by the humans. Now aware that Woshis might be back at the Imperial Capital since the Mausoleum has many ancient technology and relics, at the moment he steps close the device both room and gate active. Oshtor explains to the group that the artifact is a key capable to control all of the ancient relics of humanity. Oshtor thinks that only are focused on the danger and more importantly who Woshis really is. Everyone goes through the gate, once arriving to the other side, Saraana and Uruuru confirm the group that they are in the Mausoleum beneath the Imperial Capital.

Confronting Woshisu 2.jpg

Everyone but Oshtor are amazed that gate is capable to transport them in great distances, Woshis appears from mid-air as he greets them. Oshtor, Mikazuchi and Munechika are aware that there is something wrong since Woshis's presence is not present, Oshtor already knew that the Woshis at present is merely a hologram as Anju attacks after Woshis insulted demi-humans intellect and rejecting her demands for the Master Key, so more of Woshis's creatures come attacking at the group. After the battle, the group head out to find Woshis.

Beneath the Mausoleum.jpg

The group stop as they are amazed by the view as if it work out of this world, as they stand above the wood even if they are beneath the Imperial Capital as there is the sky visible. Oshtor rushes forward, ignoring the call of the others; and he arrives to the garden, where the three Yatanawarabe ready to battle him as they are guarding the place, Oshtor draws his bladed fan as he demands to pass. Kuon, Anju and the others come in time to aid him. Honoka arrives to stop the violence as she explains the Yatanawarabe that these are Mikado's honored guests, Oshtor is relieved to see her well and safe, while Anju rushes to her in confusion as Honoka been absence since the Attempt on her life. Honoka gives a hug and the young Mikado calms down, thus Honoka merely tells that she can't explains everything since it's not her place to do so as the previous Mikado awaits them, thus this amazes everyone but Oshtor and Kuon since they already knew. She asks Oshtor to stop Woshis.

Fruits of science 2.jpg

They proceed further into the mausoleum and watch the environment turns into human city as shown in the screen, everyone but Oshtor is amazed by the vehicles and the ancient structures of the people who once ruled the land.

Fruits of science 3.jpg

They reach the control room, and witness the Mikado in the capsule, who can do nothing but watch the scenario, everyone but Oshtor, Kuon and Mikazuchi are surprise as they see the Mikado alive. Anju is the one who is most shocked in tears, she comes to confront Woshis who is commenting that he shall be the one who shall lead the world and thus surpassing the Mikado himself. This confrontation turns even sinister as Woshis reveals himself so be an Onvitaikayan and thus firstborn son to the Mikado by ordering everyone to kneel before him and everyone but Oshtor, Kuon and Anju do so.

Woshisu power 1.jpg

Woshis claims that Anju existence is merely to rule the people, nothing but a puppet to keep order and peace in the land as she is a decoy, the mikado beg him to stop, but Woshis reveals Anju is a copy of the human daughter of the Mikado who died many years before demi-humans ever existed. This leaves Anju frozen in shock and dumb by despair after she saw the Mikado eyes indicating the truth.

Woshisu power 2.jpg

Woshis offers his guidance to Anju as her older brother, both giving prosperity to Yamato. Anju weakly raises her hand to him; but Oshtor intervenes as he draws the iron fan against Woshis and declares that all about Onvitaikayan, legacy, and "right" doesn't matter because Anju can bring prosperity to Yamato and thus Oshtor declares that he despises Woshis as he points his fan at him. Woshis starts to see why Oshtor was chosen as the Mikado's successor, thus confusing Anju as he mentions it. Woshis mentions Anju that after all the time she spent with him she hasn't realized "it" and Woshis was about to reveal Oshtor's secret identity.

Woshisu power 3.jpg

However Anju already had her suspicions and interrupts Woshis's revelation, no willing to listen to him anymore. She cling to Oshtor in tears.

Fruits of science 4.jpg

Woshis states that her choice is only natural now that she has lost all else. She can only cling to the illusion of Oshtor she once loved. Oshtor readies his weapon against Woshis, but the latter shows a portion of his "divine power" before they get started. Woshis holds a branch he broke off from the garden and uses his power of Onvitaikayan, the branch blooms with flowers which bud and swell into plump, luscious fruits. Every one is amazed for this, Woshis now is about to shows his full potential by freeing the tatari from Uitsualnemetia's curse. The Mikado begs him to stop as Woshis can't inherit the Onvitaikayan legacy but he can have all of the relics of the past. This upsets Woshis as he mentions the Mikado's past, which the Mikado admits his mistakes and that destroying the tatari, his past life as a human alongside his kind, would make lose any hope of regaining his past. Woshis angrily demands to know why the Mikado picked Oshtor over him, believing that he is superior to Oshtor in both intellect and conviction. When the Mikado does not answer to his wish, Woshis proceeds to kill all the Tatari sealed away.

Fruits of science 5.jpg

Oshtor comes to stop him as his brother begs to do so, but the three Yatanawarabe block his path. Woshis order the computer to kill all tatari as it finished analyzing the target, However, the computer doesn't complete the order as it indicates that Woshis lacks the administrator privileges. Woshis demands to complete the order in vain and then demands the reason for rejecting his order, thus the computer reveals that Woshis is a clone of the Mikado, as is confirmed as both as been scanned with 99.99% and of the Mikado's confirmation, to Woshis's horror as he suddenly becomes limp like a lifeless doll.

Tatari swarm the capital

This is the reason why the Mikado didn't want Woshis to be the last hope to humankind for he was never born through natural means. Anju asks Oshtor what to do next but disaster comes as the computer alarms that the Tatari are agitating and increasing in mass, thus it requested to reactivate the barrier. Oshtor demands to Woshis to put up the barrier, but the latter doesn't respond as he is broken and his servants just stand still. At this rate Tatari will break into the city.

Oshtor tries to get the Master Key from Woshis, but Yatanawarabe block his path. Shirchiya takes the key from Woshis after slapping him as she questions the servants that if their loyalty is even real or just a command implanted into them. She now tries to do something of her own free will. The three Yatanawarabe impale her with their blades, and thus the Master Key drops into the floor, within the reach of Oshtor. He gives the command to reactivate the barrier, however it cannot be done as the cage has received critical damage and thus the Tatari break through the city, consuming all people in their path. Everyone and even the soldiers are being swallowed.

Everyone watches in horror as Tatari consume the Imperial Capital. Oshtor orders damage projection if the Tatari go unchecked. Tatari will eventually devastate all of Yamato as they consume all living being. Disaster is inevitable as they can't trap them or killing them, however Haku remembers that Mito told him that the only way to kill them all is using Amaterasu. He asks his brother if it still operational, so he confirms it. With no other choice, both agree to use it. Oshtor accept to carry the burden by being the one who destroyed the Capital. Anju is confused to hearing this so she asks them what they are talking about. The Mikado takes the blame since he couldn't let go of the past and didn't understand Woshis's feelings thus disaster was unleashed to the people he loved.


Oshtor uses the Master Key to open connection to Amaterasu, thus Kuon is surprised to hear it since Amaterasu is known as the cleansing light in Tuskur. With confirmed connection, Amaterasu appears on screen and everyone but Oshtor and Mito are surprise as they see the satellite and the outer space unknown to them. He orders to deactivate the weather control mode and activate the particle oscillation wave emitter.

Amaterasu ready to fire

Kuon asks Oshtor if he is certain about this choice, he confirms it that there is no other way to stop this calamity, to unleash an artificial sun upon the Tatari. Everyone is shocked for his explanation of the power Amaterasu and what will happen to the capital, but there is no other way since tatari will spread beyond the Imperial Capital. Oshtor gives command to activate particle oscillation wave emitter, thus his command is accepted, Mito praise him as the last to carry the name of humankind. Oshtor gives the target coordinate and gives full power to Amaterasu; the computer gives a warning that after firing at full power, Amaterasu's other all functions will shut down for safety measures thus this will cause a never ending winter in all affected areas, until Amaterasu is restarted. The explosion will also affect the Mausoleum and the underground facility, and Amaterasu can be reached only on specific portable terminals but none are registered.

Kuon looks uneasy at him, shocked that he will stay while they will leave to safety. As Oshtor was about to tell them to leave, Anju won't allow him to stay as she holds his sleeve. Mito tells Oshtor, Kuon and Anju that he will the one to stay and give command to Amaterasu as the computer confirms his authorization to trigger the fire command and without the Master Key. Anju's face pale at the Mikado's words and clings desperately to the life pod as she asks him to come as well; but Mikado tells Anju that he can't leave the life pod and even he can leave, he has no longer to live thus he asks her to allow him with what little time he has left to protect her; this is his first and last request to her. Anju crumples to the ground in tears, Mito asks Oshtor to protect Anju as they take their leave to a Gate where it can get them outside of the imperial City in a instant. Thus Mikado gives his final command as emperor to Mikazuchi and Munechika to protect Anju. Anju struggles furiously as both Munechika and Mikazuchi try to carry her, but Mikado reminds Anju of her role as the new Mikado of Yamato and asks her to smile for him one last time, thus she forces herself a smile as she wipes off her tears. Thus everyone leaves for the exit, Oshtor stays behind and tells Kuon to keep going as he will follow them shortly. Haku think all the time he spent with his brother, he gives Mito firing authorization and thus Haku gives his one last goodbye to his brother. Honoka appears smiling at him as she stays with the Mikado.

Kuon calls for him to hurry as they wait for him at the gate. As they enter the gate, Anju breaks free from Munechika's grasp and get sucks into the gate but Oshtor manage to grab the struggling Anju and leap into the Gate with her as the gate is starting to destabilize.

The Coming Winter[]

Amaterasu fires at the tatari inside the capital

Everyone was able to pass through the gate, but Oshtor is uncertain where they are since they could be anywhere. Anju, still traumatized for what happened, asks where her father is but none respond; Anju rushes to the walls in search of an exit. A portion of the wall begins shifting; as if in respond to Anju presence thus she pushes the door open, and rushes out of the room. Alarmed, they all rush after her. They eventually get out of the ruins where they stand at the top of the Onvitaikayan tower; just a he looks around to figure out where they are, a blinding light flashes across the sky as a spear of light falls from the skies and a shockwave ripples through the air in the horizon, they confirm that beneath the light both Imperial City and all in there are dead. Anju is horrified as she cries for her father's death, tears run freely down her face, no longer to caring to hold them back; Anju clings to Munechika, sobbing openly. None one knows how to comfort her, all they can do is stand in silence. Night falls and Kuon lead everyone to set up a camp; exhausted by her sobbing, Anju seems to have worn herself out. She now rests limply against Munechika, fast asleep.

Kujuuri ruin tower.jpg

Kuon lead the encampment; Ougi and Jachdwalt take care of the firewood; Mikazuchi and the twins are given duty to keep watch; Kiwru, Nosuri and Atuy are in charge to find food; Munechika takes care of Anju; Kuon, Nekone, Rulutieh and Fumirul are cooking; Kuon charges Oshtor to find some water by a nearby river with some assistance from Kokopo. As he head back to camp with some water, Oshtor looks upon the tower as he notices it. With dinner ready; everyone begins to eat at the feast, however Oshtor notices Anju remaining in silent, not touching her food; Kuon insists her to eat some as she gives her some amamunii, eventually Oshtor convinces her to eat, Anju enjoys it even if tears come out as she proceed. Everyone feast around the fire camp.

Saraana and Uruuru 1.jpg

Oshtor wakes up as he can't manage to go back to sleep, so he heads out the tent quietly as everyone else in the tent. Oshtor eventually reaches the ruins as he enters; as he walk through the ruins the master key begins to faint glow just to show him the way nothing more since the facility lost it's functions a long time ago. he stands at the Gate's room as he feels a hole in his chest, feeling empty inside. He hears a song and follows it as it's leads to the top of the tower, He sees Saraana and Uruuru singing a warm and peaceful song that sinks into the heart, tinged with sadness. The twins stop as they notices him, and asks him if they may continue to give tribute to both Mito and their mother Honoka so they may rest a peace.

Saraana and Uruuru 2.jpg

They state this is their fate as Kamunagi of chains to seal those beings of power who threaten Yamato, thus one of them will inherit both will and memories of the high priestess and the other will bear life to the other generation, thus is their cycle of reincarnation; but circumstances changed as they now serve Haku as Mito hope to break the cycle as it was so as they will now serve with happiness in their hearts.

Oshtor realizes that they are they caretakers of the world's history thus understanding why they are so dedicated to him. So Oshtor leaves them be as the return to singing.

Haku and Kuon - Hidden Feelings[]

As Haku walks through the ruins, Kuon appears behind him as she can't sleep either, she smiles and asks if she can stay with him for a while so he allows her. She gives him a small smile and says this place is now nostalgic, her words catches his attention and asks Kuon if she knows this ruin. Kuon is hesitant for a few seconds and speaks with a strange determination in her voice as she asks him to follow as she wants to show him something.

She leads him toward to the exterior of the wall of the ruin. Part of the wall is crumbled, and he sees a rope hanging down from a hole, Kuon leaps onto the rope and begins nimbly to making her way upward, Haku follows her and find a crack big enough for a person to squeeze through. He notices that she knows the way pretty well. On other side, he finds a hallway in a deep darkness so the Master Key glows, Kuon wonders about the light so Haku take out the Master Key, Kuon states the there still life in the ruin. The two make their way forward the hallway and at the end they find a wall, Kuon put her hand at the identification device; as she struggles to make it work, Haku hold the Master Key and the door opens. Kuon seemed to say something else, but Haku heads inside.

Haku's capsule

They find a small room, where they find a capsule. Haku recognizes it and steps closer to it, Kuon tells him that this is where it all began. Her eyes soften as she runs her hand across, her gaze somewhere far away. Kuon reveals Haku that this is where he slept, Haku view the personal information but all he gets is a error message on the blue screen, thus it explains that the system damaged during the calamity so his brother couldn't find him.

Kujuuri Ruins Tower.jpg

Kuon begins to speaks; ever since she was a child, Kuon loved to explore new lands and new things. So when she grew up; Kuon gave any excuse so she can explore beyong the horizons, then she heard the land of Yamato and crossed the sea by herself without telling anyone in her family. Everything in Yamato was so new and exciting. At the very first village she arrived, as always Kuon asked for ancient ruins nearby. That how she learned about this place.

Kuon discovering Haku 1.jpg

When Kuon first came to this ruin, she didn't think to find anything too exciting. The place was searched from top to bottom, still she had a feeling. Even now, she is not sure if it was by instinct or something was trying to guide her. By coincidence Kuon found a gap that she could fit through, she knew to be the first one to enter once set foot inside. Kuon was further shocked as she saw the ceiling glowing with faint light, like starlight shining in a dark sky; this place still had some life left in it. Kuon got carried away as she was searching the place, a her finger brushed against something and the door opened as it popped out a rush of cold air. As she stood there, trying to work out what had happened, the lid began to open.

Kuon discovers Haku

Kuon stares at Haku's eyes as she continues. She reveals that was the moment she found him sleeping in there. She could tell instantly; form like a person, but not quite the same as she heard from the myths. She knew that Haku is without a doubt one of the Utawarerumono, an Onvitaikayan of legend. She always wanted to meet one, so much she wanted to ask whether the legends were true and kind of life they lived, everything. When this person wakes up, she hoped to he would answer to all her questions but he never woke up as his body was so cold and weak. So that's why she took him to her tent and nurse him back to health, she was so happy taking care of him as her heart leaped every time she looked at him, she never forgot how that felt.

But all her joy changed to regret in an instant; Haku was really weak back then, he couldn't survived on his own. What's more Kuon found him all alone now, she thinks that awakening him might be cruelest thing she ever done to someone. Her voices lowers, a note of misery creeping in.

Haku reveals to Kuon that he felt abandoned as no one knew about him or his past. But he never was alone because of her; they walked together, they laugh together, fought together, he got to reunite with his long lost brother in the end. He had her beside him. He thanks her, he is here because she found him. Kuon is glad to hear how he thought of it as tears shines in Kuon's eyes.

Kuon and Haku in a romantic moment

Kuon leans her head against his chest, as if to hide her face from him and asks Haku if she can stay like this for a while longer. All Haku can think about is how important this feels for him, here and now. And he tells about something important he forgot or remembered something. Kuon asks but instead of answering, Haku wraps his arms around her, Kuon raises her head, surprised. Confusion is in Kuon's eyes as Haku notices and see his own reflection in those same eyes; closer and closer, her eyes on his. And they share a kiss on the lips.

Kuon and Haku kiss

Haku can feel Kuon trembling in his arms, but the tension slowly leaves her body. Kuon leans into him, and he holds her even tighter like he will never going to let her go as he can feel both of their thought running together. No one could tell how long they spent like this together. Eventually , he relaxes his arms around her, and gives her some space; Haku tells that he remembered that he'd never shown how he felt for her.

Oshtor wakes up next morning in the camp; seeing that the everyone is okay, specially Anju who feels better now. As Kuon is present in front of him, he can't help out but to think about her as he sees her.

Back at Kujyuri - Eternal winter[]

Everyone feel environment much cooler than it was yesterday; Oshtor comes to explains about Amaterasu and it's effect upon the land. With the star dormant, Yamato will never know spring again and the harvest will be barren, even the ocean will freeze. Many will die from hunger a bitter cold.

Oshtor explains that he will awaken the star to avoid winter but an ancient facility is needed to communicate to it. So he comes with the idea to go back to Kujyuri's capital (thanks to Kuon's account) since the castle is built above ancient ruins. So he asks Rulutieh for her permission to asks for her father's aid. Anju and everyone agree to get to Kujyuri's castle at once while Mikazuchi heads back to the Imperial Capital to look for survivors.

The group arrives to Kujyuri. Once at the throne room, Ozen gladly greets them and especially Shis who rushes to see him. After giving the news of the recent events on the capital and the coming winter, Ozen mobilizes his troops to aid the survivor in the Imperial Capital with Shis leading the troops herself along with Yashmah. Oshtor asks Ozen access to the ruins beneath the castle so he may prevent the coming calamity.

Ozen guides them within the ruins and find a large door leading deep further, Ozen leaves two guards to watch the door while the group explores the ruins.

Haku using the Master Key.jpg

Oshtor and the group arrive to a wide open room. From there, Oshtor goes to the terminal and with the Master Key he is able to bring the facility is back to life. With his command the computer is able to reactivate the dormant Amaterasu, much to everyone's relief. Anju asks him if the eternal winter is reverted Oshtor informs that is it so but the winter will last 2 or 3 months or even half a year before everything is back to normal.

2nd Battle for Master Key 2.jpg

Before they return back to lord Ozen, Woshis's servants, the Yatanawarabe, (who have survived Amaterasu's blast) ambush them in demand for the Master Key as their master requires it, much to everyone's surprise. Although Kuon, Anju and the rest defeated the servants one is able stabs Oshtor, but he is still alive as the shattered Master key falls from Oshtor's robes the Master Key prevented Oshtor from receiving a deadly blow; the servant escapes with the shattered artifact. Oshtor is able to have the remaining shard, now useless.

Haku is comforted by Kuon after losing the Key now both broken and stolen. He realizes that all hopes to restore humankind is lost but also it might have prevented another tragedy. He states it is for the best.

Awakening of the First Akuruka[]

Sereveal days have passed since they explored the ruins. Everyone is preparing to depart with Oshtor feeling uncomfortable for unknown reasons and suddenly a mysterious voice calls him as a vicious pain pierces his head. Everyone feels a sinister presence through the air and he notices Kuon like she also heard the voice before she turned pale as she faints. He comes to hold her in his arms as he notices her face contorts in pain, she completely lost consciousness.

At Kuon's room, Oshtor asks Nekone and Fumirul about Kuon's condition which is uncertain if she will be fine. Oshtor asks in suspicion to Fumirul if there is something else affecting Kuon which is might be her birth mother's disease since she didn't show signs of it since she was very young. It cannot tell when she will recover. Oshtor tells the news to his companions. Later, he comes to look after Kuon in Nekone and Fumirul's stead; but once more the voice comes calling for him as the pain split his mind open.

Next day, Oshtor finds Kuon's hand holding his robes, he decides to leave Kuon behind under Fumirul's care as he is about to march to the Imperial Capital. But Kujyuri troops arrive bringing grimm news as Shis and Yashmah are under attack by unknown creatures. Under Anju's command, he and his companions come to their aid.

The group surrounded by the Noroi

Arriving to the camp, they find Shis and her troops holding back the creatures. Oshtor and his companions charge upon the abominations; but Oshtor feels them just like the tatari as they slaughtered Yamato troops. Among the horde; Woshis servants appear, much for Oshtor and everyone' confusion as most of them were killed, thus they confirm it as they also reveal that they receive a new form by their lord so they could lure out Oshtor, thus confirming Woshis's survival. The situation becomes grimmer as they reveals that Woshis granted these people their wishes thus became the creatures as they see, reborn as Noroi. Oshtor realizes that this scenario is just like the fall of humanity.

Anju is angered by this outrage and thus their battle begins, Oshtor and the rest charge upon Noroi horde; but the tides turns against them as the servant also transform thus more Noroi appear as they surround Oshtor and his companions. He decides to use Akuruka despite to everyone disapproval as his survival isn't guarantee.

Oshtor charges at the Yatanawarabe but even with immense power he stands alone as they surround him and blast the Akuruka. Oshtor wonders if this is the end of the line as everyone is about to and there is nothing he can do. Suddenly a two warriors come to aid Shis and Yashmah's camp, they are Touka and Karulau, to save the trapped Kujyuri troops.

Tuskur reinforcements

An army of Abh-Kamu charge the Noroi, thus Kuon (as the princess of Tuskur) comes to aid him as she demands Oshtor to rise up not disappoint her expectations. Anju receives a taunting speech from the princess to show her true strength and of her people. Thus she stands up in response.

The Princess of Tuskur revealed to Anju

The princess reveals herself to be no one else but Kuon, much to everyone's surprise (except Oshtor) as Bewari, Kurou, Aruruu, Kamyu and Ulthury come to join the battle as well along with the Tuskur army attacking the Noroi. Anju (to avoid to being look down by Kuon) orders the Yamatan forces to attack as they shall show Yamato's true power. Munechika receives her Akuruka back and blast the Yatanawarabe and Noroi.

A wish undone 2.jpg

As the battle continues, Oshtor asks about her recovery and the reason for Tuskur army in Yamato but Kuon states to leave the questions after the battle, an angry Anju demands answers from Kuon if this arrogant persona as the princess of Tuskur is her true nature. Kuon states that was merely part of her role. Oshtor and Kuon talk about him leaving her behind but she understands and she would have done same but even so she wished to come along with him no matter what happened. Thus they resume to battle.

The Mikado's memories of Woshis's birth

As the Yatanawarabe return to normal, they use the last of their power as a kamikaze bomb to kill everyone in the field. Oshtor shields everyone from the explosion at the last second, to everyone's horror. Oshtor receives a linked memory of his brother Mito about Woshis's birth and decision to be raised a normal person instead of giving the burden of his ambition to restore humankind, because he loved his son so much after seeing one of his drawings.

Oshtor wakes up and Anju clings to him in relief that he is alive. Everyone thank him for protecting them from the explosion but ask him to not push himself to hard; but this joyful moment is ruined as a pain hits inside him, as if something is crumbling apart. By looking at the twins is it confirmed that he is at his limit.

As Fumirul calls for Kuon, she is found distanced from the group with a shocked expression as she slowly walks toward him and suddenly she slumps to the ground; Oshtor comes and his calling reaches her as she touches his cheek. She seems to finally wake up as she asks him if he okay. Oshtor says so and that gives Kuon a smile of relief. Kuon offers Oshtor a hand to help him stand but she loses balance, and ends up pulling her down to him.

Benawi comes to meet Anju as the Mikado thanks them for their aid and wonder the reason for Tuskur army in Yamato. A "certain man of high standing" told them that something bad is about to come, so they dispatched the army quickly. Both generals confirm Oshtor that it was the Iceman who sent aid by giving him a nod. Kuon explains Anju that this calamity will eventually reach Tuskur as well. Yamato and Tuskur forces join forces under Oshtor's command forward the Imperial Capital, where the source of this calamity is.

At night, after sharing a drink with Shis and Yashmah in his tent; Haku stares at his hand as tiny amount of white sand comes out crumbling away from his skin. Thus Haku stating that he will join Oshtor soon enough as this will be his last battle without noticing that Kuon is watching on him from outside the tent, thus she becomes aware of his condition.

As they march toward the Imperial City, Uruuru and Saraana tell them that all this weird feeling is because of the miasma coming from the Imperial city, thus breathing too much of it will be them sick. Oshtor notices Kuon becoming pale again, but the latter claims to be okay.

First Akuruturuka[]

Kuon: "So please, Promise me. Promise me that you won't fight in the front lines".

Anju: "This is going nowhere! Oshtor, you are relegated to the rear guard! Am I clear?"

Oshtor/Haku: "...As you command". —Haku promises to do not use his Akuruka

Imperial City post disaster.jpg

Oshtor and his companions reach a hill where they can see look down the Imperial City, Anju witnesses in horror how both her people and father have been destroyed by Amaterasu; both Rulutieh and Atuy comfort her for the loss. Oshtor confirms that all the Noroi come from the Imperial City.

Woshis's Cocoon

Mikazuchi reports that Lord Iwaraji, Genho, Soyankekur and some of the people were able to evacuate, but that was before Noroi appeared. Mikazuchi is what remains of the rear guard during evacuation. Thus is it revealed that at the center of the crater, what it seems like a cocoon is what caused people becoming into Noroi, ever since it appeared.

Oshtor confirms it is Woshis, using an Akuruturuka, but not a regular one but the first one ever made by the Mikado. Tuskur's army will be dealing the Noroi while the other make their way to Woshis.

As Oshtor was considering to use his Akuruka one last time to destroy Woshis, even without the other three used to seal the first one, Kuon asks him to promise that he won't fight the next battle as she states that he already reached his limit on his Akuruka since he used it too many times. Everyone is shocked to hear this thus is it confirmed by his expression. Everyone agrees that he shouldn't fight but commanding the troops from the rear guard, even Anju gave him the order to not use the Akuruka.

As Anju was giving command to watch over Oshtor to the twins. They noticed that the priestesses are missing. Oshtor realized that the twins are off to seal Woshis by themselves.

Battle against the First Akuruturuka[]

Oshtor/Haku: "Kuon, What exactly..."Haku wondering about Kuon's powers.

Oshtor, his companions and the Yamato's Army arrives to the center of the crater just in time to save Saraana and Uruuru after a failing attempt to seal the First Akuruka.

Arriving at Woshis's cocoon

Kuon leads the first assault against the Akuruka's cocoon using her hidden power, much to Oshtor and everyone surprise by her strength and speed. But her attacks has no effect on the cocoon. Her powers are confirmed to be similar to the Akuruka but she doesn't wield a mask, almost like she is one.

Kuon activates her powers

He realizes that the Akuruka voice, specifically Woshis, wasn't calling for him but Kuon as she was also listening the voice from the beginning. Anju wonders why Kuon was holding this power (also suspecting that she was taking easy on her). Munechika confirms that this just like the mask that have a restriction, as one is granted such great power it also come with a price.

First Akuruka influence.jpg

Woshis then asks everyone around the area their wishes. Oshtor warns them that to not to wish for anything as they shall close their mind to anything; as the wish is granted a price must be paid, just like the Tatari. But some soldiers already transformed into Noroi as they asked for wishes.

First Akuruka battle set.jpg

Kuon asks Oshtor to get everyone out of here, even if the hearts of the troops waver they will transform as well. As Mikazuchi was about to attack the First Akuruka, the shadow of Raiko's Akuruturuka is summoned; Mikazuchi deals the shadow while the others deal with Akurutukura. Tuskur's group deals the Noroi as Oshtor orders the Yamatan Army to join Tuskur's force. As everyone prepares to face the First Akuruka, Anju allows him to fight in the front lines but forbids him to use his Akuruka.

Munechika holds the force at bay

Woshis unleashes a force field that keep the group away, however Anju tries to attack him but is rejected. So Munechika uses her Akuruka to protect everyone from the force field. However Woshis manages to break through Munechika's wall. Another blast will mean the end for them.

Haku using Akuruka for the last time.

Just as Kuon was about to unleash her power of Primal Origin, Oshtor realizes that she will push her limit as well. So he breaks his promise as he uses his Akuruka one last time to save his family, even if it costs his life. His transformation shocks mostly to Kuon and Anju as he was about to give his life to the mask.

The Great Sealing[]

Kuon: "Wait..".

Kuon: "Wait---"

Kuon: "NOOOO!" — Kuon begs Haku to stop as he sacrifices himself to save her and everyone by defeating Woshis.

Just as he faces Woshis under the influence of the emperor's first Akuruka, Kuon and Anju lead the group on protecting him from the Tatari and Noroi. As Oshtor manages to damage Woshis's cocoon, Kuon also attacks it with her power. Finally the First Akuruka comes out.

Oshtor protects Kuon

Woshis intends to kill Kuon by using a energy blast, but Oshtor shields her from it. However, Oshtor's body severely wounded, despite everyone's insistence for him to leave the fight to them; in response he yells at them to stay back as he battle Woshis even further.

Akuruka at full power

Oshtor utilizes all the power of the mask by accessing to the Primal Origin of its power, to the horror of Nekone, Anju, and Kuon, so that Woshis can be defeated in a single strike. His state shines like a dying star giving its last light. Woshis's attacks doesn't affect him as Oshtor walks forward to finish him for good. Oshtor then tells Woshis that both of them are the same, that Woshis was what Haku could have been had he not met his comrades. Had they too met differently then they too could have been friends as well. Right now though, Oshtor can only grant him peace and that the next time they meet, they would share a drink together as friends.

Haku's sacrifice

Haku with all his power strikes the First Akuruka, capable of killing him and the First Akurua mask.In that moment, Oshtor's mask is broken and he loses his arm but manages to kill Woshis. Finally the calamity that was about to repeat Uitsualnemetia's assault upon the world was prevented.

Haku defeats Woshis

The battle was won as Haku revert to his human form and original appearance but because he used all the power of the Akuruka at the price of his life, in order to save everything he holds dear.

Haku: "Thanks..."

Haku: "That's... all I needed to hear..."

Kuon: "Haku... You knew I would have...?" —Haku as he already knew that Kuon accepted his feelings.

Oshtor's real identity revealed

After the battle, as Kuon, Rulutieh, Atuy, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Shinonon and the other waited for Oshtor; only to find a dying Haku with a severed arm. Everyone was shocked that Haku used Oshtor's identity since the real General of the Right was long dead before arriving at Ennakamuy. Haku gives a short chat to everyone of the group. Nekone still considers him as her brother even after he fulfilled his promise to Oshtor; so he asks her to live on and find happiness.

Haku Last Goodbye.jpg

Anju still insist him from leaving her side, she still considers him as the Oshtor she knows. She recalls a memory from her past self as a human that they made a promise. As he broke his promise to her, Anju called him a liar as she address him for what he truly is, her Uncle.

Haku farewells to Kuon.

Haku finally talks to Kuon. Kuon states that she wasn't able to express her feeling to him; Haku already knew how she felt for him so he thanks her, he reveals that he knew Kuon would also accept his feelings by telling her that all he had so much fun ever since they met and he only managed to get this far because she was thre with him. Haku smiles at her as he turns to ashes.

A New Legend Sung[]

"The girl I love is calling for me. Yeah, I'll take it on. The ancient name of Utawarerumono. The name of Hakuowlo". —Haku as he becomes the new Onkami Uitsualnemetia before returning to save Kuon.

Haku receives Hakuowlo's mask from Oshtor

Haku wakes up in a place where the floor is like the water reflecting the stars. A voices tells him that he is between the realm of the living and the afterlife. Haku recognizes him as the man he met in the Inner Temple. The Onkami asks him if is okay for him to leave those he care for behind as they are in trouble, Haku admits that he worries for them yet he can do nothing to help as he is dead.


There he meets with Oshtor and Maroro. At first Haku thought that they would welcome him to the afterlife but they merely stay silent as their expression tells him to go back to the living. Oshtor passes him the Onkami Mask a way to go back, at first Haku complains as he was about to get a break after all the journey he made ever since he fulfilled his duty during the civil war and defeating Woshis.

Friends beyond death

The Onkami warns Haku about donating the mask as he will take all his name, power, and sins. Haku merely considers it as a challenge as he claims that the Onkami would do the same if he were in his place. Thus he calls Hakuowlo true name as Onkami, Uitsualnemetia, by calling his true form of the Onkami appears before him. And so Haku takes the mask as he accept to become the new onkami.

Hakuowlo disappears, satisfied with Haku's answer. As Haku says goodbye to his friends, both Oshtor and Maroro smiles at him, claim that this is the Haku they know. As Haku returns to the living, he hears Hakuowlo's voice asking him to save his daughter, Kuon.

Haku's Return

As Hakuowlo passes his mask to Haku so he could be with ones he cares for, the former god tells him to save his daughter just when he was about to return to the living. At the time Dark Uitsualnemetia (now using Kuon as his core because of her entering in rampage and losing control of her powers by the grief of Haku's death) was going rampage. Thus summoned shades of Kuon's Family to kill everyone.

As the shade of Karulau was about to kill Nekone, Haku stopped the attack with a flash of light as he returns, he takes Tessen and encourages everyone to battle and save Kuon. The group under Anju's lead manages to defeat the shades, thus only the Dark god is left.

Haku rescues Kuon

Haku defeats Dark Uitsualnemetia by breaking the crystal that imprisons Kuon, she is hesitant at first because of her link to Uitsualnemetia and thus Haku reveals that he wants her back by his side as everyone is waiting for her. Thus Kuon comes back to him. Haku carries Kuon away from the calamity as Ulthury and Karulau with the aid of the Oracle of the Chains seal the Dark god once and for all. As everyone greet Kuon for her return, she turns back on Haku to thank him for saving her and by not leaving her. However, Haku disappeared from mid-air just leaving the iron fan behind. The Oracles of the Chains declare that a new Onkami (Haku) has now descended upon the world, now watching over it. Haku takes Saranna and Ururuu along with him.

Faith - Epilogue[]

The Two White Lords, Kuon and Anju.

Is it presumed that Haku was present by the time Kuon, now crowned as the empress of Tuskur, alongside Empress Anju of Yamato, declared the union of both nations as they stand before the people as the two of them now inheritated the name of Hakuowlo, the White Lords. Haku now a deity, is known in both nations as Onkami Uitsualnemetia (in Tuskur) or Onkami Onvitaikayan (in Yamato), travels throughout the land helping people in need alongside Ururuu and Saraana. He briefly stops by near the Kujyuri's village where he first met Kuon. The village was still recovering after the First Akuruka threat, even with the supplies sent by the Capital and Tuskur every month.

Lord Mashiro, The White God.

A child who lost her parents during the war left the village, believing that her parents were back, but it was still too dangerous after the chaos. Haku found her and kept her safe and guided back to the village, and his actions were recognized by the people and he was later known as the man in white, Mashiro, who have saved the village as is told by the child.

Haku appears in Kuon's dream

Some time after the union of Yamato and Tuskur; Kuon leaves her royal duties in Tuskur thanks to her masteries of incantation and the assistance of Kurou, to gets back on a journey to find Haku, and stops at the first village where she met Haku. She entertains some of the children in the plaza while the innkeeper serves food to the villagers. Kuon makes a paper flower for the same child saved by Haku. At the inn, Kuon hears the story of Mashiro, the missing child and the rumour that the White God who saved the village. Kuon then became certain that lord Mashiro is actually Haku.

Haku takes the Tessen back.

While Kuon was sleeping, she dreamed of Haku. She told Haku all of the stuff that's been happening and that everyone wants him to come back. She woke up trying to follow Haku after he takes the iron fan, she felt frustated and saddened thinking it was just a mere dream. Suddenly, the landlady comes by to tell Kuon about a miracle that happened: when she went outside the village's surroundings turned to spring time. She is impressed by the impossible change of the weather in just one night as the snow is now all but gone.

Kuon looking forward to meeting with Haku again.

The landlady declares that Mashiro-sama must've came by. Then Kuon realizes that there are flower petals over her bag and the iron fan is gone. In revelation that it was not just a mere dream.

Utawarerumono Mask of truth Additional sountrack.png

Haku tells her that he is fine and he is on a journey so she doesn't have to worry about him. Kuon tries to chase after him, but she couldn't move as the dream was about to end. Kuon smiles and says that she is getting closer to Haku and she won't let him go the next time they meet.

In the Sanctuary, Hakuowlo and Eruruu are heading back to Tuskur's capital. Hakuowlo explains that Haku accepted to take his place as the Onkami, so he may return to see his loved ones, and to meet his daughter at long last.

It is implied that Kuon eventually meets with Haku in person at the top of the same ruins where she first found him.


Combo Attacks (連撃)

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 Initial x 1.15 15 Normal None Ougigeki Banjou Firing Range.gif Attack Range 1.gif -
2 LV 2 x 1.40 10 Normal None Ougigeki Banjou Firing Range.gif Attack Range 1.gif - Phys. ATK (Melee) + Poison
3 LV 24 x 1.65 5 Normal None Ougigeki Banjou Firing Range.gif Attack Range 2.gif Defense Phys. ATK (Melee)
SPECIAL LV 26 x 2.75 0 None Ougigeki Banjou Firing Range.gif Attack Range 4.gif Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Cuts Full Willpower

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 13 x 1.00 0 Normal None Ougigeki Banjou Firing Range.gif Attack Range 3.gif Counter Phys. ATK (Melee) + ATK ↓ (20%)
2 LV 19 x 1.20 0 Normal None Firing Range big cross.gif Attack Range 2.gif Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Provoke

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 7 x 0.75 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond.gif Recovery Range 1.gif Evasion
HP Recovery + Willpower ↑ (25)
2 LV 17 x 1.00 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond.gif Recovery Range 1.gif Evasion
HP Recovery + Status Ailments Recovery

Refining Skills (錬技)

Learn Activation # of times Willpower Store Range Detail
LV 11 25% 2 5 Recovery Range 1.gif Avoids Phys. ATK and recovers from status ailments.

Special Traits (特性)

Name Learn Range Effect
LV 3 Recovery Range Small Diamond.gif Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 8%.
士気向上 弐
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond.gif Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 12%.
LV 5 Recovery Range 1.gif When attacked, accelerates the action order of the user.
Shichikaizei Ni
失地回勢 弐
LV Recovery Range 1.gif When attacked, rapidly accelerates the actions of the user.
Reichyo no Ri
LV 9 Recovery Range 1.gif Reduces damage by 20% caused by a human.
LV 14 Recovery Range 1.gif Increases damage dealt to human by 20%.
LV 15 Recovery Range 1.gif Completely restores all HP when defeated (1 use only).
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond.gif Disables spirit ailments of allies within range with provoke, fear and confusion.


  • Kuon - She is Haku's guardian, or so she says and they consider each other as family. As of now, there is no romantic feelings involved between her and Haku, but nevertheless she cares for him. She is somewhat of a slave driver too as she always pushes Haku to work, which could be her own way of making him independent and reliable. Then in Futari no Hakuowlo they became a couple.

    Haku and Kuon

Just after the war against the Uzuurusha ended, She tried to cheer him up on a date and have him a love letter of which Haku didn't quite understand what she meant to say on that letter. After he returned from the palace Kuon sings him a song as he sleeps. At the time when Yamato declares war upon Tuskur he was quite worried about Kuon, He tried to ask her if she could help him to deliver supplies to Yamato armies even if either both of them didn't agree about the war, however when he realizes that she isn't in her room then he checked everywhere to find her, of which it hints that Haku also cares much for Kuon. Haku was surprised to see Kuon with the others ready to depart in the morning and she smiles at Haku with a happy and joyful face. He enjoys her company. Before their arrival to Tuskur, Haku asks her if she is okay by helping Yamato invasion, she answers him by explaining her resolve for end the war since she declares herself as the only who can. After retreating from Tuskur, Kuon gave him some company and asked him about his depression of the Emperor's death, since Haku doesn't belong to Yamato. After the battle against Vurai, he becomes eager to meet with Kuon and the others at Ennakamuy. Unfortunately, Oshtor's death meant that Haku must take his place to protect Anju by bearing his mask and clothes, thus faking his death to Kuon's grief and Haku's sadness. As Kuon leaves Ennakamuy, Haku was about to reveal himself to her but his responsibility as Oshtor forces him to stop. As he stand before the people of Ennakamuy he still has the iron fan that Kuon gave him. It is noticed that Haku truly cares for Kuon but its uncertain if he has feelings for her. However is hinted that he wants to be with her.

Haku and Kuon finally kiss.

In Mask of Truth, Kuon has hard feelings toward Oshtor as since she saw him as responsible for Haku's "death" and she even flew into a rage when she (with her identity hidden) sees him using Tessen and claiming that he wielded it to honor a friend. Enraged, she began severely beating and would have continued to if not for Anju's interference. Her overhearing Oshtor muttering something she knows only Haku would say immediately results in her suspecting his true identity and catches her off guard so much that she was unable to concentrate on her fight with Anju. Due to these events she calls off Tuskur's planned invasion of Yamato and returns to the group under her previous guise. She is assured about Oshtor's true identity, she starts to treat him in much the same way she treated Haku. She is surprised of what he is capable of by leading the war, but more when fighting greater foes such as Mikazuchi and Entering in Akuruka's form. She is concerned about him using the Akuruka since it can feed on his life. When Oshtor admits he really is Haku she is overjoyed and wishes to call him by his true name again which he eventually allows when it is just the two of them but he still is attached to his role as Oshtor. Kuon refuses that as a excuse as and she will await for his answer.

Haku and Kuon - Mask of truth.jpg

At Tuskur, as the princess, she demands for his services. Oshtor is confused of her motives so she reveal herself as the Princess of Tuskur, leaving him surprised. Later both discuss about all the secrets they kept from each other: Haku for being brother to the Mikado (Uncle to Anju) and taking his role as Oshtor by faking his death, as for Kuon by being a princess from the very beginning; She expresses how sad she felt when Haku faked his own death. Later, both visit a human ruin and find a room where a stasis pod, Kuon revealed him that she was the one who accidentally woke Haku from his stasis pod and had been worried ever since that he resented being awoke into an unknown world alone with no memories, Haku assured her that he is nothing but grateful for having been awoken and after announcing he had forgotten something important, he kissed Kuon and said he remembered he'd never shown her how he felt.

Haku and Kuon's Bond.jpg

As Haku reveals himself after the final battle. Fumirul states that he knows how Kuon feels about him and shares the same feelings for her. Kuon desperately does not wish him to go as he starts to fade and he thanks Kuon both her feelings for him and because he never would have gone so far or done as much if not for her. It's implied he pushed himself beyond his limits because he knew if he didn't, Kuon would do so herself. Haku accepts Hakuowlo's role and revives to save Kuon and his friends, saying that the girl he loves is calling for him. In the Epilogue, Haku appears to Kuon in a dream and tells her that he's always been with her since he disappeared and apologizes for making her feel lonely. When she wakes up Spring has suddenly come to the village she was staying at and Haku has left her his coat in exchange for Tessen. This proves that it wasn't merely a dream, Kuon says she's finally caught up to him and this time won't lose him.

  • Oshtor/Ukon - Ukon finds Haku interesting and reliable too. Ukon familiarly calls him "An-chan (sonny or lad)." He comes to trust Haku and also asks his help with these "secret missions" in the form of odd jobs. This might be related to the fact that Haku fixed a broken water wheel and told Ukon (when the latter found Haku fixing the wheel) not to tell Kuon so that she'll not
    Haku and Oshutoru.png
    have him do more work. Haku thinks that Ukon is just messing up with him, but those odd jobs indeed are part of Ukon's plans. When Oshtor tasked him to deliver supplies to the troops in Tuskur, Haku hesitates at first since he doesn't want to help the invaders who are attacking Kuon's homeland, but accepts the task. It revealed that Haku is quite sick of Ukon/Oshtor sending him tasks. Once returning to the Capital, however Haku was shocked and confused after hearing Oshtor's execution, he questioned Oshtor's decision on letting himself to be executed and allowing Vurai to have absolute control over Yamato, Haku convinced Oshtor to escape the city. As Oshtor fights Vurai, Haku believed that Oshtor could defeat him. In the end, Oshtor trusts Haku enough to hand him his mask as he dies and take over as Oshtor.
    • Emperor of Yamato/Mito - He finds Haku interesting and trustworthy, as he gave him two young women known as the Kamunagi of Chains, of which he doesn't understand the reason. He rarely meets up the emperor at a secret chamber within the palace. When Haku wondered about his age, the emperor reveals him the truth that Mito and Haku are ancient humans, as a result he recalls flashback from his lost memories, Haku had a family: his older brother, a niece, and his sister-in-law. He hacked into the facility from the first series and stole the data about their research and handed it over to his brother, he even volunteered for complete his brother's research at the time he was going cold sleep. Then Haku recognized that the Emperor is in fact his brother and that his wife and daughter were turned into curses. When the emperor declared war upon Tuskur, Haku disagreed about it and didn't know the reasons. He was further shocked when he heard that the emperor was assassinated.
    • Anju - They first met when he found her on a store eating some snacks, she didn't know the fact to "pay", so Haku paid the food for her. Haku was surprised when Anju is in fact the princess of Yamato. At the time when she asked him advise to "seduce" Oshtor, Haku came up with the idea of a fake kidnap to lure Oshtor. Once remembering some fragments of his past, he notices that Anju resembles to his niece, he got surprised that Anju is in fact a "copy" of his late niece. Haku took responsibility of protecting Anju after Oshtor hands his mask to him before the latter died. Anju became Haku's sole relative alive since the emperor died. They are good friends.

Haku and Anju

In Futari no Hakuowlo. Oshtor checks on her while recovering, he cheers her up as the news of the impostor was named as the Mikado. By the time Haku's death was told to her as she was feeling better, Anju felt with grief. Anju looks up to him since he was masquerading Oshtor. Oshtor have confidence on her, he expects much of her, considering her strength as a Scion, he knows that she can deal anything that comes upon her, even the Scion of Uitsualnemetia. He truly cares for her. Haku is both impressed and terrified by Anju supernatural strength that even he tries to avoid to have a training battle with her. When Haku was revealed as he was dying, Anju still considers him as Oshtor and her Uncle (now remembering her memories of her past self). She was glad that Haku has returned, still a little shocked about his disappearance. As she wander around the country along with Munechika and Mikazuchi, she looks forward to see her uncle again. Haku eventually became a father figure to Anju.

  • Saraana & Uruuru - By the time Mito gave him the Kamunagi of Chains, Haku felt kind of uncomfortable having them around at the beginning, however he later find them helpful since they were capable on using magic and of informing him when his brother calls him. He goes easy on them by telling them to not overdo things by risking their life, like the time they seal Vurai's mask's power. He figured out that his brother gave them to him for protection. Once taking the alias of Oshtor, Saraana and Uruuru are the ones on changing Haku's appearance to Oshtor's. In the Epilogue, Saraana & Uruuru are seem alongside Haku as travel as the deity Mashiro.
  • Nekone and Haku

    Nekone - She did not like Haku at first and could not comprehend why her brother would be interested in someone like him but as she began to understand more about him, she started to warm up to him. He became her only emotional support ever since he took up her brother's identity. She help him to cover up his true identity while on Ennakamuy. By the time They arrive at her house, Nekone ask him to not speak of Oshtor death to her mother since she is sickly. She became uncomfortable with Haku masquerading as Oshuturo since she intervened in the battle with Vurai. In time she acknowledged him as a brother, Haku on the other hand think most of Nekone's affection toward him comes from the fact he is supposed to play her brother role much to Nekone's denial saying Haku is her brother and it had nothing to do with him playing the role of Oshtor, similar to Oshtor. Nekone tends to act more childish when around Haku, something Haku doesn't mind and is actually happy about, He wishes for Nekone to find happiness before his final moments in the same manner of Oshtor's final moments.

Abilities and Equipment[]

He doesn't possesses a great strength or agility. However he is very smart on numbers and repairing mechanisms which makes him good on tactics and he's got a good insights.

Battle tactics[]

At first his tactics were able to avoid to turn the tides of battle, like rescuing the captured families of the Yamatan that were forced to fight for the invaders, he was able to device a plan to infiltrate Tuskur's camp so they be able to blow up the food supplies, and he was able to figure out a way to infiltrate the Imperial Capital via undergroud to rescue Anju and Oshtor.

His tactics are able to turn the tides of war even if he is in disadvantage in number. He was able to wipe out Dekopompo entire army during the Battle of Ennakamuy. He can notices a enemy's ambush and goes first alongside his companions to avoid having the army massacred. In time, his tactics became fearsome to his foes that even Raiko recognizes it.


Haku vs Oshtor

He was given the Tessen by Kuon against Gigiri, the same Tessen Hakuowlo used in his life. Ever since then Haku wields it for self defense while facing foes. While defending himself, it's shown he is good in combat while using Tessen against Oshtor during Anju's false kidnapping, which confirms that he can take care of himself. He is capable of knocking down guards quickly while calm without much effort. He shows endurance against the power of Vurai's flames, while blocking his attacks with Tessen.

Haku wielding Tessen (While being Oshtor)

Even after returning the Tessen to Kuon as Haku faked his death and takes over Oshtor's identity, Kuon drops it as she heads back to Tuskur. However Haku takes it back and wields it. Haku also adopted Oshtor's Katana and is shown to have a great mastery on swordsmanship as he wields it. He still uses it even after taking Uitsualnemetia's mask.

Akuruka Mask[]

Akuruturuka (Water)

As Haku receives the Mask he gains great strength and power, he also able to enter Akuruturuka form. His Akuruka power consists on water and ice; it has the capability of causing collateral damage on cities and armies. However the power of the Akuruka comes with a price, the more he uses the power of the Akuruka the more of his being is eaten by the mask.

Due to wielding the Akuruka, his recovering is accelerated and gains a powerful endurance as he faces powerful foes. He has access to the full power of the mask as he is capable to destroy the first akuruka, which power are similar that of Uitsualnemetia.

Haku/Oshtor vs Mikazuchi

At first, Haku's skills in battle don't even match to Oshtor's, but after receiving the Akuruka Mask, Haku's battle skill change drastically that he could easily defeat many soldier during battle, he even can match against Mikazuchi. In time his battle skill grew and was able to defeat Vurai (who seems to have survived).

Uitsualnemetia's Mask[]

Eruuru gives him the Uitsualnemetia's Akuruka by Hakuowlo suggestion. He was told that the mask will be act as a charm at first, but time will come for him to use it, and it may be unavoidable for him. The foretold moment has come after Haku dies in his battle against the First Akuruka. In the place that he finds himself, Oshtor passes him the mask, as Hakuowlo in Uitsualnemetia's form warns that once he takes it, Haku will now posses Hakuowlo's name, all his strengths and sins.

After accepting it, he has complete control over the masks full potential. Like the other Akuruka, it grants strength beyond that of normal denizens of the world, but this one is in a league of its own in comparison. He was never shown taking on Uitsualnemetia's form, but is entirely sufficient without turning into it. In the final battle, he grows in strength rapidly, defeating Uitsualnemetia's shades and Uitsualnemetia itself soon after, saving Kuon.

Among the few abilities shown includes vanishing into thin air, and changing the climate of a entire region, such as when snow suddenly started falling in the village Kuon was staying in temporarily. Given this seemingly unmatched power, it appears as if he made the tatari in the surrounding caves leave or disappear entirely from where they once prowled.


  • Both protagonists of this franchise have names with the color white as a theme. Hakuowlo (白皇) means "white king" and Haku (白) means "white"
  • He considers Kuon, Atuy, Rulutieh, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt and Shinonon as family.
  • He becomes the new Onkami Uitsualnemetia as he accepts the mask from Hakuowlo himself.
  • The clothes given to Haku by Kuon resemble the clothes worn by Oboro in the original Utawarerumono.
  • The Emperor, Mito, keeps thinking that Haku's real name is Hiroshi. This is a voice actor joke as a reference to Keiji Fujiwara's role voicing Hiroshi Nohara in the anime Crayon Shin-chan which is one of the most popular and iconic anime in Japan today.
  • Haku remembered his true name in the middle of False Mask, but did not reveal it to the player, let alone other characters. It's highly likely Mashiro is Haku's true name, as it is what he goes by in the epilogue.
  • Mashiro (真っ白) means "pure white" or "complete white" which continues the theme of white in the protagonist names.
  • Haku use Honoka nee-san/Nee-san when he refer to human Honoka and Honoka-san when he refer to decoy Honoka. For human Anju, he uses Chi-chan, and Ojou-san for decoy Anju.
  • Haku was originally voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, but the actor passed away from cancer in 2020. Currently, Haku is now voiced by Kentaro Tone, who voices Oshtor.