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Hauenkua (ハウエンクア) is the Right General of Kunnekamun and an antagonist in Utawarerumono. He is a sadist who manipulates Kuuya into waging war for the fun of it. He pilots a red Abh-Kamu with metal claws.


Hauenkua is a relatively tall man with light grey rabbit ears. He wears nine silver earrings in his right ear, and a gold circlet. He has long silver-blue hair that he ties in the back, and he covers the right side of his face with bangs. He has pale skin, red eyes, and a big nose. Hauenkua wears a black cassock trimmed with gold and red, and a white robe underneath. His shins are covered with bandage wraps, and he has black moccasins. 


Hauenkua is very cruel and hotblooded. While in Kuuya's court he merely comes off as arrogant and rude, in all reality he's actually a psychotic sadist who loves killing and misery. Hauenkua has been shown to be intelligent with a gift for manipulation and rhetoric, but is childish and completely lacks common sense on the battlefield due to his psychotic tendencies, eschewing strategy for the opportunity to kill more people. He is also very cowardly, forcing others to fight for him when he starts to lose, and running away a sobbing wreck when his Abh-Kamu is wrecked by Uitsualnemetia. Ironically, he has a paralyzing fear of death himself.




  • Hauenkua appears to not have a set color scheme, as the colors of his ears and hair change in every official reference.