The Humanoids are a hole new race of humanity created by the Onkamiyamukai and some who give their prase to Witsuarunemitea. They are described as being mostly humans, but they share certain traits with animals ears and some with tails and they also have their own races. At first, they were used as human slaves, until Witsuarunemitea then destroyed all of the Onkamiyamukai while most were turned into the cursed. According to the Emperor of Yamato, the human-race had mostly killed themselves, However, the created humanoids where the only ones that survived and they created there own nations and religions.

The Onkamiyamukai priests, which is the most popular tradition in Tuskuru, Onvitaikayan was a cruel deity justly deposed by "the savior," Witsuarunemitea. The other tradition, which is practiced only by the Shakukopolu of Kunnekamun, reveres Onvitaikayan as their Great Father who protects his chosen people, and consequently they see Witsuarunemitea as a usurper and "god of misfortune."