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Irawaji (イラワジ) is the owlo Ennakamuy, and the grandfather of Kiwru.


Irawaji gave his support when Oshtor first left for the Imperial Capital to begin his military service. Oshtor reserved particular respect for the man, calling him "Your Grace." Being the owlo of the peaceful Ennakamuy, he is not a warrior, but a cultured and well- educated man who's mastered song and art, as well as distinguishing himself in academic fields. He welcomed Oshtor and Anju with open arms after they escaped the Imperial Capital. Knowing that a political storm was on the horizon, he gave full control of Ennakamuy to Oshtor (Haku).

Once Anju ascended the throne as Mikado, she requested that Irawaji assume the office of Grand Vizier, as thanks for all the support he had provided. After some deliberation, he accepted. Upon receiving his position in the court, he passed the title of Ennakamuy's owlo to Kiwru.