Jachdwalt (ヤクトワルト), also known as Jachdwalt the Mirage Blade (陽炎のヤクトワルト), is one of the greatest swordmen in Yamato and an ally of Haku. He is the adoptive father of Shinonon.

Profile Edit

Jachtwald is a man who's made a name for himself as a legendary swordsman. He earned his title of "Jachdwalt the Mirage Blade" thanks to his unbelievably quick swordplay, blurring the air around him and leaving mirage-like afterimages in the air.

Given his ever-casual manner of speaking, he is often seen as an easygoing person of frivolous disposition. However, those who are close to Jachdwalt know him as a passionate and honorable man. He was forced to fight Yamato when the forces of Uzurusha had taken Shinonon as a hostage, but he instead chose to join forces with Haku and the others. In combat, he provides support to Haku with both his sword techniques and thoughtful insight, stemming from his experienced outlook.

When Jammachiry came from his homeland of Letarmoshiri to Ennakamuy, he threatened to take Shinonon as hostage, and tried to force him to return to his home country, but Jachdwalt refused. After dueling Jammachiry, he took back Shinonon, and ensured that no more pursuers would come after them.

Afterwards, he continued to aid Oshtor, and after peace returned to Yamato, he was given a mansion in the Imperial Capital, as promised. In addition to living a comfortable life with Shinonon, whenever his daughter is summoned to act as a royal body double, he accompanies her as her attendant in and out of the palace.

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