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Karulau (カルラ), formerly known as Karulawaturei, is a former princess of Larmanionu turned slave who was found in a shipwreck by Tuskur soldiers. Since then, she was taken in by Hakuowlo as a warrior in service to him, even after he was sealed.


Karulau wears a tight burgundy one piece with a white stripe down the center. She wears a loose red and dark brown cloak with white trimming. It is tied to her white belt. She has dark blue eyes, fair skin, and both cat like tail and ears. Around her neck is a thick collar with a broken chain dangling from it. She is often shown displaying a large sword.


Karulau, for the most part, has a very easygoing personality. However, she is also assertive. She has a fondness for pulling pranks, especially on Touka. She also flirts shamelessly, although she did turn down Kurou. Karulau loves sake, and is constantly shown drinking it. She seems to have a superhuman tolerance for alcohol.

In Mask of Deception, Karulau has matured, although she maintains her love for teasing others. She prefers Kuon to call her "big sister" instead of "mother." Referring to Karulau as "mother" incurs her wrath, which Kuon is terrified of.


Karulau was once princess of Larmanionu before she was taken down and replaced with a puppet of the Shakukopolu.

She is found after killing many enemy soldiers with her bare hands in order to escape. Even though she's royalty, she decides to live a "normal" life as "Karulau", serving Hakuowlo. She and her brother are the last two Giriyaginas on Earth. She's often seen carrying a jug of sake around, sometimes even on the battlefield.

She appears to have known Ulthury from long ago, though their shared history is never revealed in the anime but is talked about in a flash back on the Drama CDs. During the slave's revolt in Na Tuunk, Karulau swears everlasting devotion and fealty to Hakuowlo, the most sacred vow one of her kind can make, by making a contract with Uitsualnemetia. Her brother, Derihourai, becomes the new owlo of Karulawaturei (named after Karulau). At the end, she and Touka become traveling mercenaries.

Karulau makes her reappearance in Mask of Deception, where she is revealed to have helped raise Kuon as her "big sister." They meet up while Kuon and Haku are travelling, as she runs an inn in the capital city of Yamato. She and Touka use it as a front where their real mission is to gather intel on the government. The inn has a tunnel leading to the sewers where they can access the palace.


Hakuowlo - She befriends Hakuowlo easily as he was not one to simply hand her back to Na Tuunk or keep her in a cellar forever. She loves to tease him sexually a lot and it often comes to her being too close. It is implied that she knows Hakuowlo is Uitsualnemetia as she willingly made a contract with him in return for her devotion and loyalty.

In the anime, the two are close friends. But in the Utawarerumono Visual Novel, Hakuowlo is in a relationship with her (along with Eruruu, Touka, and Ulthury) and according to the Utawarerumono - False Faces VN, Kuon was raised by Hakuowlo's wives which also included Karulau but it is unknown if they were married before he was sealed.

Touka - Initially, the two were enemies but after Touka defected over to Hakuowlo in order to repay her debt, they were on much better terms. Karulau loves to tease Touka a lot, much to the latter's embarrassment.

Kuon - Karulau was one of the people who raised Kuon but prefers to be called big sister instead of mother for reasons unknown. Being called mother would incur her wrath.

Haku - During their first meeting, she remarks that Haku reminded her of Hakuowlo due to his name yet states it could have been her imagination. She believes Haku can take good care of Kuon and implores him to stay with her no matter what happens.


  • Her superhuman strength lets her wield a ridiculously heavy sword, thus making her a very effective shock troop, acting more like Hakuowlo's tank on the battlefield and ripping through enemy troops.
  • Kurou is barely capable of lifting Karulau's sword off the ground. Fortunately, woptors appear to have no trouble carrying her and her sword.


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