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Kurou (クロウ) is the general of Tuskur who is second-in-command to Benawi. Once an enemy of Kenashikourpe against the rebellion, he remained as one of the generals leading Tuskur's armies.



Kurou is a no nonsense and easy going person. Calm and collected, he takes his duties as a general seriously yet is not willing to shy away from a fight. He has a strong sense of loyalty, following Benawi's command even if the battle is already lost.


He is the fiercely loyal second-in-command of Benawi's cavalry men, and the former samurai leader over the country of Kenashikourupe, though neither he nor Benawi seem to care for the emperor so much as they do for the empire. When the emperor falls, he remains loyal to Benawi, and, in turn, to Hakuowlo, to whom Benawi swears allegiance. Kurou tends to be a source of comedic relief of the anime. He is usually seen either arguing with Oboro, due to Kurou's teasing of Oboro, helping to plan military actions, training with his men, or using a thick, long sword with immense skill, cutting down his opponents. Even without his steed or any weapons, he is shown to be capable of defeating a small army with his bare hands, alone. At the game's conclusion, he remains loyal to Benawi and most likely becomes his Retainer.

In Itsuwari no Kamen he remains by Benawi's side as his right hand. He engages in combat with Haku and Kuon, the latter whom he knew and trained in her youth. He is fully aware that Kuon is Hakuowlo's daughter as he knows of the powers of Uitsualnemetia that she carries, saying that they are enough to tear a country apart.


Benawi - Kurou is always seen by Benawi's side as his right hand man.

Oboro - The two were once enemies yet started to develop a mutual respect for each other. At times, they still quarrel and fight but get along well enough.


  • In the 2nd OVA, it is revealed that he has a thing for young, petite girls.
  • Kurou is very strong and able to take on multiple opponents with ease, demonstrated in the battle against Kuon, Atuy, and Jachdwalt.