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Kuuya (クーヤ) is the empress of Kunnekamun. She befriends Hakuowlo after keeping Tuskur under surveillance for some time.


Kuuya is a young girl with green eyes and long, braided blonde hair in an updo. A Shakukopolu, she has lopped white rabbit ears with gold hoop earrings. She's very short and has light skin. Kuuya wears a white coat with embroidery and a red dress with stripes. Underneath it she wears black stockings and metal shoes. She has a white veil which she covers her face with.


Kuuya is very bossy and forceful, but she means well. She appears to lack social skills and has a habit of talking over people. A very sheltered girl, she thinks she knows more than she actually does, often making unintentional double-entendres. Despite this, she's shown to be thoughtful and caring, even if her gestures aren't always welcomed by the ones receiving them, such as with her scheme to marry Sakuya off to Hakuowlo so she would be happy. She's very religious and loves her people deeply. She would do anything for them to ensure their survival. As a leader, Kuuya is serious and places her people's needs over her own, but is extremely naive and inexperienced. She also uses people as a crutch to help her make decisions, and is weak-willed despite her bombastic nature. Due to these flaws, she's easy to manipulate, which Hauenkua exploits. As her story arc progresses, Kuuya becomes increasingly cynical, depressed, and unable to trust others. 

By the time of her defeat and of the atrocities she witnesses along with the results of her actions, she becomes psychologically scarred and reverts to a child-like state. Sakuya explains that her mind has wandered to a time where she saw only happiness and the only thing she could remember in the present was Hakuowlo himself. 



Hakuowlo - She befriended Hakuowlo when they first met and enjoyed his company during their chats. She initially thought of him as someone special but also a strange man. He was the only person Kuuya could recall after her defeat.

Genjimaru - Her bodyguard whom she trusted, she witnessed his death when he assaulted Dii and was obliterated. This moment scarred her for life.

Sakuya - Kuuya's servant and friend who took care of her for much of her life. She acts as Kuuya's mother after she reverts to a child-like state.