The following is a list of military units appearing throughout Utawarerumono.

Karunerai Edit

General infantry soldiers that use katanas and spears as their main weapons. Compared to mounted soldiers, they are not as mobile, but they excel on battlefields such as mountainous areas with treacherous footing, or areas where archery is not as effective. Many veteran karunerai units are able to adapt to any battle situation, and their strength is directly related to their individual training and their commander's leadership.

Rakusharai Edit

Mounted troops that ride Woptors to deploy high-speed tactics. Thanks to their mobility and charging power, they are quite powerful on flat, open terrain. However, they can't work effectively in forests and hilly regions. Normally, they are deployed to the battlefield along with infantry divisions to cover each other's shortcomings and optimize their military effectiveness.

Perierai Edit

Archers. They excel in long-distance attacks, but suffer in close quarters. Therefore, their main task is usually to support the advance of ground units. With a large number of soldiers, they can rain arrows down on the battlefield to bring a fight to a swift close. However, it takes intensive training to become a military archer, so there are only a handful of nations that can deploy sizable perierai forces.

Tiriryarai Edit

Troops employed by Raiko. They do not engage in actual combat, but by using telepathic communications, they can exchange battlefield information in a matter of seconds. They are the linchpin of Raiko's strategy and tactics.

Gakumurai Edit

Military music troops. They do not directly participate in battle, but organize the troops through music. This also serves to raise the morale of the allies, and intimidate opposing forces. In the final battle at Omuchakko Plains, the allied Ennakamuy Forces led by Oshtor tested the use of Gakumurai performance to maneuver troops in subtle ways.

Shitourai Edit

For the military, these troops are often charged with the task of supplying rations and operating the medical facilities for the wounded, as well as distributing other supplies, performing functions similar to a commissariat unit. These troops are the backline support, and they often have only the barest minimum in martial power for the sake of self-defense. In drawn-out battles, victory may well hinge on how well each side uses their Shitourai, and how well the rest of the army can defend them.

Jususorai Edit

In the military, these troops are monk-like soldiers who are tasked with backline support. They focus on interfering with the enemy. They use special magecraft to stop their foes in their tracks to help give their allies an advantage. The Jususorai under Raiko are especially experienced, and if they are not detected, it is said that even the most powerful unit would soon be scattered like panicked fowl.