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Maroro tend to be cowardly, especially when faced against opponents or monsters who were much stronger than himself or were scary in appearance. Despite this, he was willing to protect his friends when they were trouble as best as he can, especially Haku whom he considered his best friend.


Seemingly comical and frail, Maroro was the resident scribe, scholar and magician of Ukon's entourage. His peculiar magic required a lengthy chant with matching dance, but had quite a wide area of effect. His magic seemed to be centered around fire magic.

Haku came to his aid when the giant Gigiri (Boro-Gigiri) attacked and decimated the entourage, dragging him along the ground towards the fleeing group. Maroro began to stick to Haku and considered him to be his benefactor, always wanting to help him out in return, and explicitly said that he's Haku's best buddy though the latter did not consent to it. Maroro would occasionally get into a comical rivalry with Rulutieh's giant pet bird, since the bird really cuddles to Haku, and Maroro sees this as "stealing" his best buddy.

In Futari no Hakuroro, he was brainwashed by Raiko to become a pawn in his grand schemes. Implanted with a parasite that both boosted his overall magic capabilities and foisted with false memories of Oshtor killing Haku, Maroro became a constant menace for Oshtor, as his talents unbridled from his good nature became a powerful weapon. Many a time did he manage to push Oshtor till his back was to the wall before the pre-planned strategy actually came through.

In the end, after Oshtor won and reclaimed the capital, he confronted Maroro who had soon managed to look past the false memories and eject the parasite infecting his mind. His make-up gone, he apologizes to Oshtor for all he had done under Raiko's control but that is when he learns of Oshtor's real identity, that Haku was still alive all the time. Unfortunately, he was forced to take this revelation to the grave with him after he saves Oshtor from Shichirya's blade. Maroro soon dies in Oshtor's arms yet has no regrets, knowing that his best friend was still alive.

After Haku died from overusing the Akuruka, Maroro was present with Oshtor when he accepted the burden of becoming the new Onkami and saving Kuon.


Haku - He had always considered Haku to be a friend that he was unworthy of having but was more than happy to try and be closer to him. When told of Haku's apparent death after witnessing a full blown massacre of the army commanded by Dekopompo at the siege of Ennakamuy, he was so heartbroken that he barely had any will to continue to live on. However, this proved to be an exploitable weakness for Raiko as he was later captured and brainwashed by implanting a parasite in his head to later become a continuous menace for Oshtor until he died saving his best friend.

Dekopompo - He never really liked this Eight Pillar General for his recklessness and unwillingness to listen to any advice. Due to be contracted to his service for the greater good of his family, he had no choice but to obey him on his whims.


  • He was the fifth person in learn Oshtor's true identity in the aftermath of his battle with Vurai on the cliffs, as Haku told him right before his death.