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Mikazuchi (ミカヅチ) is a general of Yamato, referred to as the Imperial General of the Left and the younger sibling of Raiko, one of the Eight Pillar Generals. His combat abilities are on par with Oshtor's, making both generals unbeatable when fighting together. Similar to Oshtor, he also wears a disguise as Sakon, an old man who sells candies.


Mikazuchi wore dark brown hakama with arrow stripes on both sleeves and bottom, long vest, orange scarf and obi, also leather gloves and boots. He wielded a massive and instantly recognizable greatsword with a large semicircular section cut out from its blade near the hilt. The Akuruka he wears covers the left side of his face. He has pointed ears with left one shorter than the right.


Mikazuchi shown a cold and very rational expression and behavior, very opposite to Oshtor. He doesn't speak much, and if he does speak the accent sounds thick and heavy, and very strong intonation. His subordinates perceive him as a strict, cold, and distant.

As Sakon, however, Mikazuchi is friendly, easy-going, and loves to make jokes and surprises here and there, such as when he revealed himself to the group.



Oshtor - Rival and fellow general. They are popular among the people of Yamato and wear disguises so as to be with them. They always seek to compete with one another. They have known one another even before becoming generals, along with Munechika.

Nekone - Mikazuchi thinks Nekone is adorable. He likes to spend time with her, but rarely gets to, as his frightening countenance tends to get her hissing or even scared to the point she hides behind someone else and uses them as a shield.

Munechika - Mikazuchi has known Munechika even before becoming generals in their own right. They traveled with Oshtor together.


  • Like Oshtor, he also made his disguise name from the Imperial General of the Left (左近衛大将 Sakonoe Taishou).