A mikyuum is a small furred creature about the size of a ferret with two long tails. They also have long sweptback ears and a small white horn at the center of their forehead.


They are considered sacred beasts that live in ravines man cannot enter. It is said they bring good fortune and protect against calamities. Their liver is also a valuable medicinal, able to cure any illness. Normally they are very quiet creatures, but when it senses danger it releases a sonic wave to disorient foes long enough to escape. A mikyuum considers the one that gives it a name its master.

They are rare enough that Kamyu, an Onkamiyamukai princess, had never seen one before, showing surprise that they really did exist. Chikinaro also mentioned that mikyuum were very rare, and when he sold Gacatara to Hakuroro the price was evidently quite high.

One famous Mikyuum is Gacatara, Aruruu's pet.