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Mukkuru is one of Aruruu's animals and is almost always seen with her. He is Mutikapa's son and was rescued by Aruruu after his mother was killed by Hakuowlo and the other villagers in self-defense.

Despite his mother's attitude, Mukkuru is sweet and playful and although he loves to eat he does not eat humans. Like Aruruu, he is easily cowed by Eruruu's scolding.


Although Mukkuru started out as a tiny cub, he is large enough for Aruruu, Camyu, and Yuzuha to ride at once without any visible effort on Mukkuru's part. Despite Aruruu often riding him, he does not have a saddle. He looks identical to his mother, being a large white tiger with black stripes, black pupils, and red sclera; the only difference are the eyes in which he has blue irises and Mutikapa's red. In fact, he looks similar enough to Mutikapa to be mistaken as her by Benawi and Kurou.


Like Mutikapa, weapons cannot pierce his fur, rendering him mostly invincible in battle. He was able to take a direct hit by the claws of Hauenkua's Abh-Kamu without any visible injury. Just like his mother, water also renders his defensive fur ineffective. He also has a strong sense of smell, able to track Camyu after she slipped into Tuskur's capital and find Kucca Kecca's hidden bridge by tracking the soldiers.


Episode 2:[]

Mukkuru was first introduced at the end of this episode, Aruruu having smuggled him into Yamayura under her shirt. When the villagers see him, they recognize his fur and realize he is Mutikapa's cub. They are wary and want to kill him, fearful that he will become a man-eater like his mother. Hakuowlo speaks in the cub's defense, claiming that new lives are born pure and that the cub had done nothing wrong. The village decides to accept him, Aruruu promising she will be his mother.


He has the same name as the Pokémon Starly's Japanese name.