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Munechika (ムネチカ) the Guardian is one of the Eight Pillar Generals of Yamato and is in charge of Anju's education. She is a brave woman who guarded the country from a barbarian attack and is often swayed by Anju's selfishness.


She has white hair and silver eyes. She's usually wearing her uniform.


Like any other general, Munechika is a loyal soldier to Yamato. She takes her duties seriously and does not allow a single one of her enemies into the capital. She is also cruel in terms of punishment, especially towards Anju whenever she misbehaves as she often spanks her for her behavior. Nevertheless, she is honorable and always gives her gratitude for taking care of the princess.

However, Munechika can also be flustered as she, along with Anju, began to enjoy reading stories about love between men and asked Rulutieh for more drawings.


Munechika is one of the generals leading the invasion of Tuskur. She remains behind for the soldiers to retreat after the invasion had failed. She remains a prisoner of war in Tuskur from here on out but returns to aid Anju and Oshtor at Rumoy Pass while escorting Fumirul. Afterwards, she resumed her position as Anju's caretaker, even as she ascends to become the next Mikado.


Anju - As her caretaker and guardian, Munechika has to often find and spank Anju for her mischievous behavior whenever she ventures outside the palace. She cares deeply for her and speaks on her behalf at times.

Haku - She was informed of Haku by Oshtor and trusts him to take care of Anju should she come back to the inn. She also trusts Haku enough to be her strategist in the invasion of Tuskur.

Oshtor - Munechika has known Oshtor even before becoming generals of their own right. They traveled with Mikazuchi.

Mikazuchi - Munechika has known Mikazuchi even before becoming generals of their own right. They traveled with Oshtor.


  • She and Soyankekur are the only generals out of the Eight Pillar Generals to have met and befriended Haku before he took up Oshtor's name and mask.
  • Following the events of Mask of Truth, she's one of the few who retains her position among the Eight Pillar Generals.
  • She has a hobby of making plushies by herself and made enough to fill an entire room during her captivity in Tuskur.