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Nosuri (ノスリ, Nozuri) is the sister to Ougi and one of Ukon's mercenary fighters.


Nosuri is a pretty young lady with a curvy figure.


She is brash, short-sighted, and hates to lose, especially when the situation involves a bet.


She is actually the daughter of a previous Eight Pillar General who was shamed for his misconduct during a mission transferring an object for the Emperor. As a result, she strives to restore the honor of her family name, though she's not uninterested in obtaining a seat among the Eight Pillar Generals.


Haku - Despite their first encounters she seems to get along well enough with him. She was also shown to be close to him when he was pretending to be Oshtor and eventually it's shown she's fallen in love with him.


  • It was revealed in the game when conversing with Touka that she is part of the Evenkuruga race.
  • Nosuri is a good woman.
  • She apparently has a bad case of seasickness