Nuwangi (ヌワンギ) is a childhood friend of Eruruu and an antagonist for the first few episodes of the series. He is the son of Sasante, the nephew of Sasante's brother Inkara, and the cousin of Inkara's daughter Kamuchatāru.



Arrogant and reckless, Nuwangi believes himself to be above the "country hicks: of Yamayura. He believes he has a right to get everything he wants, including Eruruu . However, he is also a coward, fearing death and especially fearing Eruruu whenever he sees her sad.

In the past, Eruruu said that Nuwangi was not always like he was as he was kind yet clumsy.


Eruruu mentioned that in childhood Nuwangi was a kind person whom she liked, but in present time he changed in a bad way, likely from growing up with his father. It was he who destroyed the shrine devoted to Mutikapa, thus enraging the tiger into attacking Yamayura.

After his father's death, he replaces Benawi as Samurai General of Kenashikourupe by Inkara. However, with no experience in battle, Nuwangi quickly loses a battle and is banished by Eruruu upon his capture.


Eruruu -He is obsessed over his nonexistent relationship with Eruru. He is driven crazy when returning to the village many years later to find out she is now in love with Hakuoro.


  • In the game, he is killed by bandits and beheaded to bring to the rebellion forces but in the anime he disappears and wanders off, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • In the visual novel, it is revealed his father had murdered his mother and Nuwangi kills him for that. In the anime, Hakuoro kills Sasante while Nuwangi escapes.


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