Oboro (オボロ) is the older brother to Yuzuha and current emperor of Tuskuru after Hakuoro sealed himself away. Once a general serving under Hakuoro's command, he was promised by Hakuoro to take over while he sleeps. He is often seen with Dorī & Gurā, his two archers.


Oboro wears white pants that droop downward. The ends of his pants are brown and the rest of his pants are cream/off white. He wears a sash hanging in front of his crotch with a red symbol on it. He has bandage wraps covering his ankles and his shoes are red boots with bandages covering the middle of his foot. His short consist of a brown sleeveless top with a silver choker-collar. His fingerless gloves are brown with sliver cuffs on the top. His hair is brown and spiked up and his ears are perked upward. He can always be seen with two swords being held with a belt on the back of his pants.

In Itsuwari no Kamen, Oboro has grown up with longer hair and bears a mustache. He also wears a blue cloth to symbolize his position as emperor.


Oboro can be a very hot headed individual with a battle ready attitude. He will always be the first to suggest an assault on enemies of the realm. Despite his rash hot headed manner he has a deep well of caring for his sister and those he holds close.


Oboro was in the beginning an impulsive and somewhat egotistical bandit chief of a fort near the village which Hakuoro dwells in. He is very caring for his younger sister, Yuzuha, to whom he would bring Tusukuru to oversee her health. Sometimes he can be overbearing in his protectiveness towards her sister which annoys her quite often. When Hakuoro becomes the leader of the country's rebellion, Oboro joins forces with him and swears eternal allegiance, with revenge for Tusukuru among his reasons, calling Hakuoro his brother. Oboro's main weapons of choice are two katanas that he uses in balance with his good agility, making him a deadly fighter but quite inexperienced compared to the other main and supporting characters. In battle he is quick to charge in and can be reckless. He takes losing a battle as a personal failure but does learn from each fight. Later on other characters start to acknowledge his prowess.

Futari ending

In Itsuwari no Kamen, per Hakuoro's request, Oboro becomes emperor of Tuskuru and places Benawi in charge of repelling the Yamato invasion, having anticipated this outcome after refusing to give the location of Hakuoro's resting place. He is also shown with Aruruu to have found Kuon and embrace her as she cries over Haku's "death."


Yuzuha - His younger sister whom he cares so much for. He is overprotective of her and often seeks to end her illness permanently by any means necessary.

Hakuoro - At first, he deemed him hostile and untrustworthy, especially when he was around Yuzuha. But after being saved by him twice and shown the error of his thinking, he comes to respect him and call him Anija, a term for brother. In doing so, he entrusts everything, including Yuzuha, to him. This trust is built up to the point where Hakuoro pleads with Oboro to take over as emperor until he awakens from his slumber.

Tusukuru - He respected Tusukuru a great deal since she had the medicinal herbs to help Yuzuha. When he learned of her death, he became enraged and vowed to avenge her by going after Sasante which almost resulted in him being killed.

Kuon - He raised his niece and showed her around the world in his travels. Kuon calls him her father.


  • The name Oboro (朧) means haziness, gloominess, and dreariness in Japanese
    • Boroboro (ボロボロ) means tattered or beaten up in Japanese. This is a play on how Oboro is often injured or beaten up by opponents, and is referenced in the scene where Aruruu and Kamyu make nicknames for everyone.
  • Oboro’s grandfather was a previous emperor of Kenashikourpe, and fought along the White God in the previous Great War. After the defeat, his family fell into ruin and Inkara’s father took the throne.[1]
  • In Utawarerumono: Tusukuru-koujo no Karei Naru Hibi OVA, it's revealed that he is just wearing a fake moustache.


Oboro end 1
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