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Onkamiyamukai (オンカミヤムカイ) is a country located father west of Tuskur. Its inhabitants are called Onkamiyaryu.


Onkamiyamukai is also known as "the land where god sleeps." Its priests are devoted to the worship of Uitsualnemetia. It's considered one of the Three Great Countries. They act as mediators between countries in order to keep the peace between them and keep watch over the provinces. They do not pick sides, thus an Onkamiyamukai mediator should never enter battle of their own free will.

Approximately a decade ago, there was a huge battle for dominance of a hidden power within this region, which nearly resulted in its destruction. It is the center of worship in Tuskur, and many pilgrims come to pray at its shrines. The deepest parts of the Onkamiyamukai are considered a place of peace by the citizens of Tuskur. Something within this land drove the Mikado to declare an invasion of Tuskur, in an attempt to acquire the mysterious prize in question.


The Onkamiyaryu tribe consists of people with beautiful white (occasionally black) wings, capable of flight, and many of them have an affinity for powerful magecraft. Unlike most humans, they have human ears and lack tails. They live together in the land of the Onkamiyamukai, and it is rare to see them living in other countries. With their powerful magecraft, they are often found as mercenaries. Some use their knowledge to work as scholars of magic, or teachers in other lands.

Ulthury and Camyu are two notable members. Hakuowlo, as Uitsualnemetia, is also sealed deep beneath the ruins sleeping while the priests watch over.

It is suggested that Mutsumi, the daughter of Uitsualnemetia, is the founder of Onkamiyamukai. Thus anyone with black wings would have strong ties with her, a case being Camyu.

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