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Depiction of the Onvitaikayan in Yamato.

Onvitaikayan (オンヴィタイカヤン) is the name of a god worshiped by the Shakukopolu, and also the name of an ancient race of beings according to the people of Yamato. The Onvitaikayan were in fact human beings.


In Tuskur[]

In the various countries of Tuskur the Onvitaikayan are personified into a single deity who is credited with the creation of all people and then later replaced by Uitsualnemetia, but the nature of this myth is divided into two religious traditions. According to the teachings of the Onkamiyamukai priests, which is the most popular tradition in Tuskur, Onvitaikayan was a cruel deity justly deposed by "the liberator," Uitsualnemetia. The other tradition, which is practiced only by the Shakukopolu, reveres Onvitaikayan as their Great Father who protects his chosen people, and consequently they see Uitsualnemetia as a usurper and "god of misfortune."

In Yamato[]

In the religious tradition of Yamato the Onvitaikayan are an ancient and mythical race of beings revered as the creators of the people. They ruled the whole world in an advanced civilization, and shortly after creating the people they vanished mysteriously. There is no mention of Uitsualnemetia in the Yamato tradition.