King Orikakan

Orikakan (オリカカン) was the king of Kucca Kecca until his death at the hands of Niwe. He had at least one unnamed sister was the brother-in-law of Rakshain. When Rakshain killed Orikakan's sister and his own children, Orikakan ordered his death. Although Rakshain was grievously injured, he escaped.

Orikakan was later tricked by Niwe into believing that Hakuoro was Rakshain, and he invaded Tuskuru under this belief in an attempt to avenge his sister and the people Rakshain had killed. He even recruited the help of Touka, an Evenkuruga, to bring the evil Rakshain to justice. Once he had served his purpose, Niwe shot him through the throat with an arrow, killing him.