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Oshtor (オシュトル) was Yamato's Imperial General of the Right in the period of the Yamatan Civil War. He excelled in both literary and military arts and was greatly trusted by the people. In order to interact with the citizenry in ways that his high station made difficult, he often assumed a disguise and the alias Ukon, concealing his true identity.



Oshtor possessed a strong sense of justice. According to Nekone, he didn't trust people easily, but he immediately recognized the talent of Haku and Kuon and took a liking to the pair. He was firmly loyal to Yamato, willing to be executed for a crime of which he was innocent if it would maintain the peace of the realm.


Oshtor came from a low-ranking family that was noble only in name. Wanting to become a soldier like his father, he left his hometown and became a rank-and-file guard. He intended to return home after rising through the ranks, but instead was promoted to the Imperial General of the Right after his deeds caught the Mikado's attention.


Haku - Ukon befriended Haku after seeing him fix a water wheel. He quickly grew fond of the kid and guided him like an older brother, finding him very interesting. While he enjoyed messing with Haku, he trusted him so implicitly that on his deathbed, he entrusted Haku with his mask and his legacy: to take over his identity as the General of the Right and protect Anju during Yamato's civil war. And even beyond death, Oshtor gave Haku the strength to carryon on the name and keep going, even providing Hakuowlo's mask in the afterlife.

Nekone - His younger sister for whom he cared very much. He loved to tease her, even when she demonstrated a bossy attitude.

Mikazuchi - Friend, rival, and fellow general. The two always competed with each other yet were greatly trusted by the people; together, they were known as the Twin Shields of Yamato. They had even known each other long before becoming generals, alongside Munechika.

Vurai - One of the Eight Pillar Generals, Oshtor's strength seemed to rival his. Both respected and admired their strengths and were very similar until Vurai attempted to become emperor of Yamato, resulting in the two fighting in their Akuruturuka forms.

Munechika - Another of the Eight Pillar Generals. Munechika and Oshtor, along with Mikazuchi, have known each other for a long time before they became generals of their own right. Oshtor trusts Munechika greatly to the point he told her about his involvement with Haku.


  • His undercover alias, "Ukon", was taken from the first part of the Imperial General of the Right (右近衛大将 Ukonoe Taishou)
  • While it is indicated in the anime that he does not tend to trust people easily, he comes to befriend Haku almost immediately after meeting him