Ougi (オウギ) is the brother to Nosuri and one of Ukon's mercenary fighters.


Ougi has salmon-colored hair and feathered ears like his sister Nosuri. He is shorter than Haku, but still taller than the majority of the cast. He wears a black cloak with a large collar over a form-fitting military uniform with white gloves. He carries two short sabres.


Unlike his sister Nosuri, Ougi is calm, cool and collected. He seems to excel in organization and is sharp and intellectually capable. Despite their differences, Ougi is completely loyal to his sister, and follows her every command. And despite being so professional, he is frequently seen joining in the cast's revelry, drinking and relaxing with Mikazuchi and Ukon. He is known to appear out of nowhere in Haku and Oshutor's private quarters, oftentimes with critical information.


Like his sister Nosuri, Ougi was born in Izuruha as a member of the Evenkuruga tribe and his father was the disgraced Pillar General Genho. He has been by his sister's side since they were young, training and fighting with his sister's righteous criminal gang, The Nosuri Thieves. After their gang is dissolved due to his sister's plan to kidnap Anju, Ougi joins up with Ukon's mercenaries and eventually acts directly under the command of Oshtor as a spy. He uses these positions continually to assist his sister as well as Oshtor and Anju with every mission they had on the way to bring peace to Yamato.

After the war, Ougi pledged to support his sister when she was given a position as one of the Eight Pillar Generals. He, too, was honored for his great personal achievements, and continued to serve in governmental affairs under Anju's authority. When his sister left to go find Haku after the war, Ougi opted not to go with her, stating "a baby bird has to fly from the nest someday".


Nosuri Edit

Ougi is Nosuri's younger brother. He is very loyal to her and agrees to whatever she decides, usually enjoying and finding no fault in her antics.

Haku Edit

Ougi, along with Nosuri, join Haku's party under Oshtor's command after Nosuri kidnaps the Mikado's daughter, Anju. They become close friends and confidants, and train together when Haku replaces Oshtor as the Imperial Guard of the Right.

Oshtor Edit

While frequently following his own sister's commands and working with Haku, Ougi is also under the direct employ of Oshtor. He commonly acts as his own personal spy, performing reconnaissance and helping Oshtor infiltrate the secrets of the corrupt Pillar Generals.


  • Ougi's "Shiden Issen" action chain is one of the longest action chains in the game. Including hidden criticals, there are 10 critical hit points in the chain.
  • Ougi's connection to the Evenkuruga is first revealed near the end of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen in a conversation with Touka before attempting to rescue the endangered princess Anju.


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