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Rulutieh (ルルティエ) was the youngest princess of Kujyuri and the daughter of Ozen, one of the Eight Pillar Generals. While traveling with Ukon's group of mercenaries to the imperial capital as a messenger for her country, she met Haku and Kuon when they joined the group during the journey. She was always accompanied by an abnormally large Hororon bird named Cocopo, and remained in the capital with Haku's group in order to cure her timid personality.


Rulutieh was small and frail-looking, with long black hair and ruby eyes, ears resembling an Ezo squirrel's, and a long, fluffy tail. She preferred to wear a white and black kimono, with a red sash keeping it together at the waist. Near her ears are pink bows, and her sweeping sleeves are the same color. The hair by her eyes was braided partway down, leaving the rest unbraided to flow freely.


Rulutieh was shy and timid and could barely speak her mind in front of strangers. She cared for everyone's safety and wished for them not to get hurt, even going as far as warning Moznu's thieves about Cocopo during an attempted holdup. She fainted easily over anything that worried her. She was scared of fighting and did not like killing; she had Cocopo defend her instead. Her personality was the result of years of coddling from her family members, particularly from her sister, Shis.

She had a passionate love for reading about love between men (BL; "boys' love") and was an expert artist.



Haku - Rulutieh began developing some feelings towards Haku from the day of their first meeting but never realized that she has been seeing Haku in a romantic way until she was told that Haku had apparently died in a confrontation against Vurai. Every time Haku gives a compliment about her, she always blushes and becomes quiet. She also becomes jealous if other girls are wanting Haku’s attention more than her, usually from Saraana & Ururuu.

Atuy - Her fellow princess and friend, Atuy was the first to witness Rulutieh's desires, which she found unsightly and frightening.


  • She likes seeing or reading about love between men (BL; "boys' love").
  • She is very skilled at drawing.
  • She is also a great cook.
  • In the game, Aruruu stated that Rulutieh is the same as her, a Yaana Mauna (Mother of the Forest), which grants her the ability to understand animals' thoughts.
  • In Mask of Truth, she is the first of Haku's group to discover his secret identity.
  • Rulutieh was apparently a very weak child when she was young, easily getting sick from the most feeble of things or scraping her knees when running. Her family members are overprotective of her well-being to this day, though her brother, Yashmah, and father have eased up a bit.