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Sakuya (サクヤ) is Kuuya Amrulineulka's personal servant and close friend. She is also the granddaughter to Genjimaru and little sister to Hien.


Sakuya is a young girl with light brown eyes and short hair. She wears golden hoop earrings much like Kuuya, but her ears are upright. She wears a dress with various shades of blue, with white stripes and a yellow sash with a red string.


Sakuya is known to be a shy, yet compassionate character who always looks out for her friends' best interest. As such, she is very much loyal to Kuuya.

She also demonstrates a great amount of determination and selflessness when she cripples herself to save Kuuya. Sakuya puts herself before others, even if it is at the cost of her own safety and well-being.


Being a close friend and trusted servant of Kuuya, Sakuya is introduced when she is sent to retrieve Hakuowlo for a meeting. It is later discovered that Kuuya, wanting to create an alliance for Tuskur and Kunnekamun, offered Sakuya as a bride to Hakuowlo.

Later, when Genjimaru defects to Tuskur, it is revealed that Sakuya requested Genjimaru to have the tendons in her legs cut to gain Hakuowlo's trust. This action, however, only happens in the game, as the anime adaptation does not mention Sakuya's actions.

Once the war with Kunnekamun ends, Sakuya undertakes the task of caring for the newly changed Kuuya.


Kuuya - Sakuya's best friend and the one she serves. She is unquestionably loyal to Kuuya and will do anything to protect her

Genjimaru - Sakuya is the granddaughter of Genjimaru. When he defects to Tuskur, Sakuya accompanies him. Unfortunately in the visual novel, Genjimaru cuts her ankle tendons so as to prevent her from running away.

Hien - Sakuya's brother. Though there is no interaction between either of them, Sakuya is known to show concern and care for her brother. .

Hakuowlo - Sakuya was once a prospective bride for Hakuowlo due to a misunderstanding on Kuuya's part.


  • There is a minor difference in her dress design between the visual novel and the anime, as her dress has different stripe variations in the latter version.
  • In the small spinoff game, Utawarriors, it is revealed that Sakuya is actually controlling the Degukapa despite the silhouette showing Mizushima on the character select screen.