Saraana & Uruuru (サラアナ & ウルゥル) are priestesses of Yamato and daughters of Honoka, the Emperor of Yamato's personal servant. The emperor gave these priestesses to Haku for saving his daughter, Anju.


Saraana has tan skin with white clothes and black edging. Uruuru has pale skin and has black clothes with white edging. They both wear a similarly colored horned headband, matching dresses and go barefoot. Other than that their physical characteristics are almost identical including brownish eyes and white hair.


Neither appear to be bothered by the fact that they were given to Haku as a gift. They both swear their lives to him and have no problem doing anything he would ask of them. While they seem to behave similarly, there is a difference between them in the way they speak. Uruuru usually speaks in short sentences and uses informal speech and even slang, while Saraana speaks in longer sentences and uses formal speech.


They are also called the Kamunagi of Chains. They are apparently the (foster)daughters of Honoka, who also has a horned headband. Because of their priestess training they can dance as well as use water and fire magic.


Haku- They are shown to be loyal to him.



Saraana & Uruuru
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