This is a story that was told by Tusukuru to her granddaughters Eruruu and Aruruu. It is where the sisters get their name from and is where the Eruruu Flower ans Aruruu Flower also get their names from.

Eruruu told Hakuoro the story in "Violet and Amber" when she told him the name of a flower she put at Mutikapa's shrine. It is revealed that the Eruruu in the story is in fact Tusukuru's older sister and the story is true.

The Story: Edit

A girl, long ago, was sacrificed to the forest and became one with it. The girl's name was Eruruu. Her younger sister Aruruu, waited forever and ever for her sister's return.

Aruruu flower's bloom alongside Eruruu's so it is said the two flowers are sisters.