Torikori (トリコリ) is the mother of Oshutoru and Nekone. She lives alone at the outskirts of En'nakamui. After her husband's death, she raised Oshutoru and Nekone by herself.


Torikori appears to be a young woman but in reality is older then she looks.


She shows a humble and calm personality. A motherly nature and full of compassion.



Haku - She maintains a healthy and good relationship to Haku, who was in disguise of her deceased son. Yet even after she revealed she knew of his true identity since the beginning, she never once blamed nor hated Haku for Oshutoru's death. She considers Haku her second son as she sees much of Oshutoru in him. Haku in return calls Torikori his mother as she hugs him in comfort, releasing his grief over Oshutoru's death and Haku's responsibility to impersonate him.


  • She is suffering with sight problem.