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Touka (トウカ) was an Evenkuruga loyal to Tuskur. Once in service to another country named Kucca Kecca, she was Tuskur's enemy before realizing she had been deceived. Afterwards, she switched allegiances to Hakuowlo and served thenceforth as his bodyguard.


Touka cut a slim figure in a yellow-and-tan kimono with white trim. Her skin color was pale, her eyes a deep blue. She kept her purple hair in a long ponytail that extended down to her lower hips, but her most notable features were her ears, which resembled a falcon's wings.


Touka was headstrong and extremely devoted to her duty. Unfortunately, she was also easily flustered and congenitally clumsy, a trait that manifested itself in every aspect of her life and was most glaring when she was at her most focused.

Touka possessed a strong weakness for cute things, including a wooden doll she had since childhood; Gachatara, Aruruu's pet Mikyuum; and last, but not least, Aruruu herself.


Touka was a warrior of the Evenkuruga, a tribe of highly gifted swordsmen who lived by a strong code of honor and dedicated their lives to the eradication of evil. True to her tribe's traditions in swordsmanship, she wielded a katana as her weapon of choice. That, combined with her abnormal agility, made her a deadly opponent on the battlefield. Touka was a lightweight when it came to alcohol and hot baths, over-heating and passing out easily if subjected to either. It would seem that her hobbies included fishing.

After the rise of Tuskur and the sealing of its first owlo, she and Karulau traveled to Yamato together and established an inn to observe the country. She worked as a servant because she found Yamato to have tight security with its bodyguards.


Kuon - She was one of the women who raised Kuon, and Kuon called her Mother Touka. Touka obviously cared for Kuon, sometimes to the point of overprotectiveness.

Hakuowlo - After mistaking him for Rakshain due to Niwe's deception, Touka swore servitude to Hakuowlo in order to repay her debt and regain her honor. She was zealously protective of him, guarding him even during the nighttime. In the tradition of Evenkurugan women, her people saw it as her duty to have a child with a man like him, but this dream did not come to fruition—in part because Touka did not fully understand the process. She did blunder her way into some kind of special relationship with him, albeit less smoothly than Karulau, Eruruu, or Ulthury.

Karulau - The two were once great enemies until Touka defected to Tuskur's side. In the aftermath of the events of the first game, the two became wandering mercenaries before coming to Yamato and establishing an inn so as to analyze the country. Adding to Touka's endless run of bad luck was the fact that Karulau found her fun to tease.

Haku - Haku reminded Touka, like Karulau, of Hakuowlo, to the point that she found it difficult to say his name the first time they met. She initially thought Kuon and Haku were a couple until she found out she was tricked by Karulau.


  • In situations of extreme stress, Touka bawks like a chicken.