Tusukuru (トゥスクル) is the grandmother to Eruruu and Aruruu and the village elder of Yamayura. It was she who healed Hakuoro from his injuries and took him in to her house. Her accidental death sparks a battle between Yamayura village and the local lord, Sasante, eventually leading to a full scale rebellion against Inkara. When the rebellion succeeded, her name becomes the name of the country formed after Kenashikourupe falls into Tuskuru.


An elderly old woman with silvery white hair and baby brown eyes.


Tusukuru is a very kind person and is respected by everyone in the village and even some outside of it, a case being Oboro. She healed and encouraged those who lived a miserable life to stand up which resulted them being better in the end. She was never afraid to stand up to those who believed themselves higher than the common people.


Some time before the events of the main series, Tusukuru spent some time among the Onkamiyamukai, as both Urutorii and her father, Waabe, were personally acquainted with her.


Hakuoro - Tusukuru was the one who gave Hakuoro his name, as well as the clothes he wears. In her final moments, she pleads with him to take care of her two granddaughters.

Eruruu - Her granddaughter and apprentice to healing. Eruruu often worries for her whenever she goes out.

Aruruu - Her youngest granddaughter.



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