Urutorii (ウルトリィ) is the crown princess of Onkamiyamukai. She later becomes the Oryankuru when her father, Waabe, passes the position to her.


Urutorii is a woman with long blonde hair done in a loose ponytail. She has blue eyes and white bird wings. She wears a circlet with a green jewel and has a green hair accessory. Urutorii wears a white leotard that she covers with green pants. She fastens it with a belt and sash. She also has a green scarf and arm warmers that match her outfit. She wears simple shoes that look like white tabi socks.


Urutorii has a kind, caring personality. She is very mature and understanding. Wise and perceptive, Urutorii often gives advice to the other characters. One of Urutorii's greatest wishes is to become a mother, as she has a fondness for children. However, Urutorii can sometimes be stubborn and selfish, particularly when she attempted to kidnap Fumiriru.


After the establishment of Tuskuru, Urutorii volunteered to act as a mediator for the country. After seeing the beauty and energy that it had, she decided to stay against Munto's wishes. After Hakuoro was sealed, Urutorii and her people would stand guard over his resting place and wait for his return.

In Itsuwari no Kamen, she continues this role as the Oryankuru. She is mentioned in episode 6 to have come to Yamato and help Karura and Touka set up their inn. Later, she appears to tell Woshisu, one of the Eight Pillar Generals, that Tuskuru will not give out information regarding Hakuoro's resting place.

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Utawarerumono Futari no Hakuoro (PS4)


Kamyu - Little sister. Although she can scold her at times for her mischievous behavior, she deeply cares for her.

Karura - Childhood friends. They are often seen drinking sake together.

Hakuoro - The two are great friends in the anime. In the visual novel, they spent a night together and enter in a relationship. It is implied that Urutorii knew that Hakuoro was Witsuarunemitea's good half.

Eruruu - On her first visit, Urutorii revealed she knew of Tusukuru, Eruruu's grandmother. When she heard of her passing, Urutorii comforts Eruruu to let out her concealed feelings of sadness in order to move on. She also provided counsel to Eruruu in terms of her feelings for Hakuoro and advised her not to let her pact put limitations onto her.

Kuon - She was one of the mothers who raised Kuon. In episode 7 of Itsuwari no Kamen, she is shown discovering Kuon sneaking outside to play instead of doing her studying.

Fumiriru - An abandoned baby that Urutorii took care of, she grew very close to the child until she was forced to give it away to the real parents. She knew that what she did was necessarily right yet still grieved over it.


  • Urutorii and Karura have known each other since they were children, as shown in the picture drama.


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