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Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面, The One Being Sung: The False Faces ) is a Japanese anime television series produced by White Fox. A North American subbed version of the anime is licensed and provided by Sentai Filmworks. It is an adaption of the video game, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen by Aquaplus.


Waking up in a mountain deep in snow.

Neither the past nor a name can be remembered, the world wasn't kind with the man who wanders in such condition.

A creature which possess a large fang started to attack, coming out from the darkness and cornered the man.

A hand of a beautiful young lady was held out to him....The moment he reached out to those hands, a tale had begun.



# Title Air Date
01 Curse
Tatari (タタリ)
October 4, 2015
A man awakens in the snow with no memory of who he is or where he came from. He is soon attacked by a large red centipede creature and is chased down a mountain. Just before it catches him, the man falls into a hole where a giant red slime creature resides. When the creature tries to follow him, it is swallowed whole by the red slime. A woman with cat ears and a cat tail throws a flash grenade into the cave and rescues the man from the red slime. She introduces herself as Kuon and takes the man to a nearby village where she is going to deliver medicine. As the man cannot give his name, Kuon names him Haku, mentioning that the name has a long history.

Haku helps Kuon with jobs in the village, and is sent to work a broken grindmill. Rather then waste effort grinding grain manually, he fixes the broken water wheel so he can sleep. A man named Ukon discovers he has fixed the grindmill, but Haku asks him not to tell anyone so he won’t be requested to do more repair work. Later that night, a group of villagers that have left the village are attacked and killed by an unknown entity.

02 The Righteous Man
Gikyou no Otoko (義侠の男)
October 10, 2015
03 The Road to the Capital
Teito e no Michi (帝都への道)
October 17, 2015
04 The Imperial Capital
Teito (帝都)
October 24, 2015
05 The Pirate Girl
Kaizoku Musume (海賊娘)
October 31, 2015
06 The Master of the Inn
Roukaku no Jyu (楼閣の主)
November 7, 2015
07 The Young Princess
Osanaki Ojou (幼き皇女)
November 14, 2015
08 Imperial Capital Detective Stories
Teito Torimonochou (帝都捕物帳)
November 21, 2015
09 Messengers from the Land Where Gods Sleep

"Kami Nemurishi Kuni no Shisha" (神眠りし國の使者) 

November 28, 2015
10 In Love

"Renbo" (恋慕)

December 5, 2015
11 The Princess Plays With Fire

"Ōjo no hiasobi" (皇女の火遊び)

December 12, 2015
12 Kamunagi of the Chains

"Kusari no Kamunagi" (鎖の巫)

December 19, 2015
13 The Eight Pillar Generals

"Hachi hashira shō" (八柱将)

January 2, 2016
14 Master of The Blade

"Kengō" (剣豪)

January 9, 2016
15 Masks

"Akuruka" (仮面)

January 16, 2016
16 Banquet

"Utage" (宴) 

January 23, 2016
17 Afterglow

"Zanshō" (残照)

January 30, 2016
18 Invasion

"Shinkō" (侵攻)

February 6, 2016
19 In Flames

"Enjō" (炎上) 

February 13, 2016
20 Warrior

"Bujin" (武人) 

February 21, 2016
21 Death Of The Emperor

"Hōgyo" (崩御) 

February 27, 2016
22 Rescue

"Kyūshutsu" (救出)

March 5, 2016
23 Escape

"Dasshutsu" (脱出)

March 12, 2016
24 What Makes a Ruler

"Hashataru mono" (覇者たるもの)

March 19, 2016
25 Who Carries On His Will

"Ishi wo Tsugu Mono" (意志を継ぐもの)

March 26, 2016