Vurai (ヴライ) is one of the Eight Pillar Generals of Yamato and one of the four masked ones. He is the main antagonist of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen.

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Personality Edit

Vurai is blindly loyal to Yamato and its Emperor. He has an extreme view regarding power and has always believed that power is the main factor in ruling Yamato because the Emperor himself has shown power far beyond those of any mortals. Thus, he considers anyone who doesn't have power to stand up against oppression or those he deems powerless to be disposable, a prime example is when he destroyed Maruruha, enemy and civilian alike.

Despite this extremism attitude, Vurai is nonetheless honorable as he only wished to protect Yamato and die a warrior's death which Haku as Oshutoru gave.

Biography Edit

After the emperor's assassination, Vurai plans to become the next emperor of Yamato as he firmly believes that Anju is not capable of ruling the country. He challenges Oshutoru in their Akuruturuka forms but is defeated by Oshutoru, who dies as a result.

However in Futari no Hakuoro, he is still alive and being nursed back to health by Entua. Later in the game he captures Nekone in an attempt to have a rematch with Oshutoru. Haku fights him and wins, giving Vurai the satisfactory death he was looking for against his equal.

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Oshutoru - Vurai and Oshutoru are designated equals to one another and each admires the other's strength and valor but the former seeks to best the latter as he deems his defeat to be a shame that must be erased or die trying.

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