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Waabe (ワーベ) was the Oruyankuru, or head priest, of the Onkamiyamukai at the time of the rise of Tuskur. He was the father of Ulthury, who would inherit his position, and Camyu.

Physical Appearance[]

Waabe wore the full formal garb of an Onkamiyamukai priest. Like most of his Onkamiyaryu tribe, he had white wings on his back. At the time of the rise of Tuskur, he had white hair and a white beard of medium length.


During the rise of Tuskur, the Onkamiyamukai understood the proceedings better than most. Waabe attempted to remain neutral, and to keep the secrets of his master. He was however shocked that the country was named after Tuskur, an acquaintance he had known long ago. He therefore dispatched his daughter and heir apparent Ulthury to Tuskur, to the side of Hakuowlo, and his younger daughter Camyu snuck along as well.

Although the Onkamiyamukai derived significant sway from its position as the religious center of all Uitsualnemetia-worshipping Tuskur, neither neutrality nor faith would save them from the attack of Kunnekamun. As that nation was provoked from a stance of consolidation into one of aggression, its competing worship of Onvitaikayan made the rival Onkamiyamukai a ripe target to demonstrate the Shakukopolu state's true power.

Under the orders of Kuuya Amrulineulka, a force of Abh-Kamus descended on the Onkamiyamukai. With this unstoppable force led by Hauenkua and Hien, they succeeded in penetrating to the mountain itself. Waabe deployed a series of sacred mirrors and the Ohn-Riyaak, the Great Sealing itself, in an effort to contain them, but his best efforts were stymied by Dii's protection.

When the invading force reached the sanctum, Waabe saw Dii's eyes and knew him for his master. Gone now was the curious scholar who had tutored his daughters.

Dii captured Waabe and imprisoned him at Sahalan Island for no-doubt nefarious purposes unknown. The sweltering heat and the monsters there might have claimed him, but Hakuowlo's vanguard made a bold expedition to take him back. With the advantage of Genjimaru's assistance, and with Dii's reluctance to lay hands on his friend, the rescue was successful.

Back in the safety of the palace at Tuskur, Waabe's survival seemed uncertain--but he was just tired. The old man, finding his successor matured and himself exhausted, passed the crown of the Oruyankuru on to Ulthury.

He survived through the Great Sealing that reunified his Onkami, although he was not present at the event.

His health and whereabouts from this point on are unknown. His age at the time of the rise of Tuskur may suggest that he would have been deceased by the Yamatan Civil War, but demihumans are famously long-lived.