Yuzuha (ユズハ) is the little sister to Oboro who has been bedsick for most of her life. She is best friends with Aruruu and Kamyu and the mother of Kuon.


Yuzuha has sleek navy blue hair that flows down to her waist. She wears a light orange robe with dark blue sleeves and a white scarf.


Yuzuha is a gentle hearted girl who is bedridden because of an unknown illness. Despite her debilities, her attitude is always cheerful and positive. She dislikes doing things unnecessarily, especially for her own health as she refused to let Gacatar die for the sake of its liver to be made into medicine.


Yuzuha is Oboro's little sister and a friend to Aruruu and Kamyu. She has been very sick with an unknown illness all her life, and is blind. Although bedridden most of the time, her senses of smell and hearing have been whetted by her lack of sight, and enabling her to recognize a person by their scent or even the manner of their footsteps. Yuzuha possesses a gentle persona, which she made especially apparent when dealing with her older brother, and in the fact that she refuses to let an animal die in the hope of obtaining her disease's cure.

Sadly in the ending of the last episode (set unknown time after the events of the main series, but with the characters similar in age and appearance) she is presumed to have passed away. Her brother Oboro visits her grave and brings the bell she likes. In the game, she's able to bear a healthy child by virtue of Hakuoro's divine blood which can control her illness for some time. Oboro cares for the child in place of his late sister and leaves on a journey to show it the world.


Oboro - Her brother who takes care of her. She knows he means well for her health yet knows when he will take things too far as was the case with Gacatar's liver for medicinal purposes.

Hakuoro - It is unclear mostly but Yuzuha feels more relaxed and at ease whenever Hakuoro is around. Because of this, her last wish was to have a child with him. Whether she had feelings for him or not is unknown.

Kuon - Her daughter. It was her wish to have a child from Hakuoro to leave a mark on the world for all she had experienced and thus gave birth to Kuon. She died some time later when Kuon was still a baby and raised by everyone else.



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